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Coolest Darth Vader Birthday Cake 21

by Dara Y.
(Gettysburg, PA)

Homemade Darth Vader Birthday Cake

Homemade Darth Vader Birthday Cake

My stepson has gone crazy for Star Wars this year and wanted a Darth Vader themed seventh birthday party. I looked through tons of cake ideas online and could not find a design that I wanted to work with. I have had terrible experience with black icing, not in the decoration but in what color it leaves in peoples mouths!! I love working with fondant, but saw the effort putting together an elaborate 3D Darth Vader a little wasted on the mini-jedi crowd!

So it was on to pictures of Darth. Most of them were very intricate, really needing more of an airbrush to get the shading right to look 3D. Again, a little too much. I found a coloring page of Darth and immediately saw the potential. I used a basic 9/13 double layer cake. Iced in buttercream to achieve the flat effect but also to make it easier to draw the picture in the cake with a pointed skewer, the buttercream can be smoothed out so nicely when you make a mistake!

I then used brown and white cookie icing for the mask. The cookie icing smooths out itself and leaves a very polished look. You have about five minutes to work with it until it sets up. That was it. Just looked at the coloring page (looked up Star Wars coloring pages Darth Vader) and went at it! The light sabers are colored twizzlers with chocolate cookie icing for the handles.

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What is cookie icing?
by: Star Wars mom

Thanks for sharing this cake.... it turned out great! I agree, the 3-D darth heads are cool, but with much potential for disaster as well. I like this design and the coloring sheet idea. I have to ask... what is cookie icing? I am not familiar. Different than a normal buttercream icing?

Thanks in advance! And nice work on the cake!

Cookie icing
by: Anonymous

Cookie icing comes in a pouch that looks like a pastry bag. It sets or spreads out then sets. It's great to fill in the black sections. You can pipe lines then fill in the voids. It's s super easy way to make pictures. In the frosting isle.

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Coolest Darth Vader Birthday Cake 20

by Michelle C

Homemade Darth Vader Birthday Cake

Homemade Darth Vader Birthday Cake

First I'd like to say thanks to all the people who gave their ideas on this site. I made this Darth Vader birthday cake after looking at your lovely cakes for my son Jake on his 6th birthday.
I borrowed his Darth Vader helmet and placed 3 layers of tin foil over it to make my mold. I placed the cake mold in a roasting tin supporting it with crunched up tin foil. I then poured a Madeira sponge mixture in and baked it for about 4 to 5 hours. It took ages because the mold was so deep.

Arranged the cake on a board, sliced through the middle and added butter cream icing. Then proceeded to add any missing detail to the face using fondant icing. Covered the whole face using black fondant icing and used various sugar crafting tools to sharpen the detail. Using edible silver powder and vodka painted in the nose piece and also used it to give the eye area more definition. Molded the knobs for the mouth piece and used cocktail sticks to attach to cake then painted silver. I cut a potato into a triangle shape and cut out the mesh work to be used as a stamp on the lower mouth piece. This was the only way I could think of to get the mesh detail.

Anyway, I think it turned out well and it was a big hit with my son, which is what mattered.

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by: Mary J.

This is awesome! The design is very clean. I am impressed with how you made the cake mold. Did you have any problems with it collapsing? Well Done!

Thank you Mary
by: Michelle C

Thanks for the kind comments. I used the extra thick tin foil and it took me a couple of tries to get the mold into a stable position. I scrunched up loads of foil and pushed my mold into that while the helmet was still in it. Once it was stable I took the helmet out. The mold held its shape really well and the only problem I had was when I was trying to remove the cake as it stuck in some places.
I was really pleased with how it worked and will use the tin foil again much cheaper than a cake tin.
Anyway good luck to you if you give it a go.
Once again thanks.
Michelle C

darth vader cake mold
by: lin

awesome cake! can you please email me a video or some sort of visual instruction (pictures) on how to make the mold. I kinda got the picture but don't want to mess it up. thanks. it's for my son's 9th birthday.

Re video
by: Michelle C

Hi Lin

I'm really sorry but I only took photos of the end product. The helmet I used was from a rubies child's fancy dress costume. Tescos do the really thick tin foil and when you cover the helmet I found using a large clean paint brush helped to get the foil into all the nooks and crannies. I hope this helps and good luck with yours. Just a reminder because the helmet was so deep the cake just took hours and hours to cook. I cant remember exactly it must have been at least 3 though.

kind regards
PS i will take photo records of my future cakes

Vader cake baking time
by: Anonymous

I love your cake! I am making my grandson 1 for his birthday. What temperature did you bake the cake at? Thanks!

by: Chantal

That is so clever! The cake looks fantastic and I love the way you've made the mould. I'm not sure I have the skills, time and patience to do it the same way but it's very inspiring!

mold question
by: Anonymous

ok this may seem obvious....

did you leave the plastic helmet under the foil for baking? or did you remove it and just use the foil form?

Remove it
by: Michelle Coldwell

Hi no I had to remove the plastic,
you just use the foil shape you created and prop it up with other pieces of scrunched foil.

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Coolest Darth Vader Mask Cake 22

by Petra S.
(Helsinki, Finland, Europe)

Homemade Darth Vader Mask Cake

Homemade Darth Vader Mask Cake

This was for my son's fifth birthday. A huge Star Wars fan, he asked for a Darth Vader Mask Cake... and I took the challenge. I needed a basic plastic Darth Vader mask (sold in every toy shop).

The cake itself is basic sponge cake, divided into three layers, and filled with frozen berries and cream-sourcream mix. I just crushed frozen raspberries and cranberries with sugar into a berry sauce, and added a mixture of whipped cream and thick sour cream. This makes the cake fresh-delicious and very much to both kids' and adults' taste! Cake is iced with cream-sour cream mixture without berry sauce.

Darth Vader mask is made by coloring marzipan paste black. I guess they sell ready-made black paste as well. The black paste is made into a thin sheet with a rolling pin.

Line the plastic mask's inside with plastic film. Carefully press the black sheet into this DIY "mold" so it fits every detail of Dart Vader's face. Then fill the mold with bits of sponge cake and some berry sauce. Flip onto the iced cake and carefully remove the plastic film.

The cake was indeed pretty easy to make and a huge success!

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