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Coolest Baby Shower Diaper and Edible Cake for Twins 64

by Abigail K
(Columbus, OH)

Homemade Baby Shower Diaper and Edible Cake for Twins

Homemade Baby Shower Diaper and Edible Cake for Twins

I made this Baby Shower Diaper and Edible Cake for Twins for one of the Vice Presidents in charge of our department. His wife had just had twins (a boy & a girl) after months and months of trying. I wanted to give them something special to celebrate these tiny little miracles and give myself the opportunity to fine tune my skills as well. Practice makes perfect, right?

I searched several sites for ideas and couldn’t decide between a diaper cake and an actual edible cake. I loved the idea of a diaper cake, since after all, who doesn’t need diapers with twins? However, I wanted an edible cake as well. So, I had the idea to combine both of them and stack the two types of cakes in tiers to showcase both ideas. The diapers are Size 1’s rolled and tied with curling ribbon (96 diapers in all). They are arranged in a tight circle on a cake round and the whole layer is tied with a decorative ribbon.

The cakes are from a yellow cake mix with a few ingredients to improve taste and texture. (sorry, but the additions have to remain my little secret!) The cakes were then iced with my own homemade buttercream icing in the traditional basket weave. The top cake (6 inches) has bath toys on top and was sent home so the mom could enjoy it. The diapers were arranged on 14 inch and 10 inch rounds. The cakes were 12 inches, 10 inches and 6 inches.

It took my coworkers a little time to believe that I actually did this, but I’ve gotten a few orders for birthday cakes out of it. It was a big hit and lots of fun to do!

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Diaper Cake 47

by Sarah Koester
(Fremont, CA )

Diaper Cake

Diaper Cake

For my friend's baby shower I made this diaper cake because I thought it would be cheaper than purchasing one pre-made. I started with 72 size one diapers and rolled them all up tying each with a ribbon. I then bundled those together to form three layers and used cake rounds between each layer. I then wrapped each layer in a receiving blanket.

The roses are actually baby socks that I made into roses with silk leaves, wire stems and floral tape. After it was all assembled I topped it with a soft toy and wrapped it in cellophane.

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by: Anonymous

love your sock rose idea!

by: Anonymous

Classy, simple and one of the best diapers cakes I've seen!

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Coolest Diaper Cake 110

by Dez N.

Homemade Diaper Cake

Homemade Diaper Cake

After seeing all the diaper cakes online and thinking about buying one, I decided that I had to make this one for our first grand baby. I had already bought the diapers, so why not try it. I was also not happy about the prices for some of the sparse diaper cakes that I had been seeing on line.

I just bought a few things, booties, socks, bibs, and toys and played with it till it looked great, and I was happy with it. This was my first diaper cake, I am very proud of how it turned out.

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Diaper Cake 43

by Carrie Will
(Waco, Texas)

Brooke's Diaper Cake

Brooke's Diaper Cake

My nieces and I made this diaper cake for my son and daughter-in-law's baby shower. They are having a girl and have named her Brooke. She will be my first grandbaby.

We searched the internet for ideas and then came up with this design. I think it turned out fantastic! We actually set the finished cake on a lazy susan so it could be easily turned and viewed on all sides.

This was a lot of fun to make.

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Diaper cake
by: Eddie P

While I'm sure this is a nice "diaper cake" and just last night was educated on the existence of such, I thank God in heaven that I am a man.

very cute!
by: Anonymous

I think this is a very cute diaper cake!! You and your nieces did a terrific job!

by: Lisa

I came across this diaper cake after just learning about them. This is awesome. Yes, it is busy, and big. I would have loved opening one of these at my baby shower. Great job. I am going to try and put one together myself, wish me luck.

It's gorgeous!
by: Anonymous

As a soon-to-be grandmother, I can see the love that was put into making such a wonderful treasure. I am impressed with your work!

Love It!
by: ethelmae

This is fantastic! I, too, like the simple, more elegant cakes, but the ones that are just stuffed and overfilled are crazy-fun!!!!!

The very first one I ever saw had even more stuff than this, and was FABULOUS. I've since seen pictures of it and didn't like it nearly as well in the photos, so maybe something like this has to be actually seen in person by some people to actually be fully appreciated.

Love, Love, Love It
by: Katheryn

Your cake is fabulous! I love it! Not to mention it would have looked beautiful in my baby girl's room with all the pink & chocolate!
I know how much love you & your nieces put into the cake, because I know how overboard my Mom goes out for my baby girl.

Love it button
by: Anonymous

This cake is awesome!! I love it, very cute with all the little things put on it. I have three little girls and I would have loved to get one like this at one of my baby showers!!

by: Anonymous

Great job on the cake! I love it!!! You and your nieces obviously spent time on this and it's wonderful!!! I'm using it as inspiration for the next shower or baby gift that I get to give! Thanks!! =)

by: Karen

Your cake is ADORABLE!!! I have made 2 diaper cakes for boys, and am making one for my girlfriend's daughters' baby shower this weekend, and its a GIRL! GREAT JOB!!!!

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