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Coolest Motorcycle with Working Headlight Diaper Cake 77

by Joanie B.
(New Jersey)

Homemade Motorcycle with Working Headlight Diaper Cake

Homemade Motorcycle with Working Headlight Diaper Cake

This Motorcycle with Working Headlight Diaper Cake has an actual working headlight! I used a flashlight rather than a baby bottle for total effect! It is easy to reach the push switch to turn it on or off. The switch is just under the washcloth that it is wrapped in.

I decided to make it for my grandson’s first birthday knowing one year olds still need plenty of diapers. I used 40 diapers to make the 2 tires, and also the seat for the biker teddy to sit on.

I made the 2 tires by fanning out the diapers into circles, then securing with rubber bands and covering with large ribbon trim, I placed a crib sheet through the center of both tires holding together with a “link chain” toy. I took the 2 bibs and placed over each tire to look like fender covers. Then I took 2 diapers and wrapped them with the onesie and placed on the crib sheet “band”. I wrapped the flashlight in a washcloth and placed it over the front tire then I added another crib sheet through front tire for handle bars, put a “link chain” toy to connect over flashlight, and then put socks on ends for handlebars, and lastly, placed "biker" on his motorcycle.

I had ordered online 2 bibs and a onesie to match my son’s motorcycle for the fenders and seat cover, and ordered a “biker” teddybear.

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motorcycle cake
by: Anonymous

TOO CUTE! Awesome idea.

really cute
by: Anonymous

This was so easy to make! I made it for my niece
and I used 2 crib sheets,a pack of 50 diapers(with some left over-(size 1)and 3 onesies I used for the seat and fenders instead of bibs, a flashlight and a pack of those ring toys(you only need 2 of those)and 1 pr of baby socks. I've got
about $30 into the whole thing. It is SUPER cute and I know she will love it!!! Thank you for the idea!!

crib sheet?
by: Christine

this looks awesome! what is a crib sheet and where can I get one?

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Coolest Kermit the Frog Diaper Cake 74

by Jill R.
(San Juan Bautista, CA)

Homemade Kermit the Frog Diaper Cake

Homemade Kermit the Frog Diaper Cake

This homemade Kermit the Frog diaper cake was made the same way as Savanna's Coolest Baby Doll Diaper Cake, but just decorated according to my niece's nature theme in their nursery for Ava.

I bought a cardboard cake disc and glued lace around the rim to simulate a traditional cake platform. Then I placed a plastic cake cover on it and glue gunned that down onto the cardboard. I took newborn disposables, rolled them and secured them with rubber bands and placed them around the plastic cake dome, securing them with ribbon to keep them in place and start the next layer. I used a smaller plastic bowl for the next layer and repeated for the top.

I decorated with frogs, butterflies, dragonflies and silk flowers. The green and yellow colors with various frogs and fish went perfectly with her room. I will be making a real green cake for a shower coming up in a few weeks which is for my son (Ryan) and his wife (Natasha) and our newest grandson (Aumi).

This family is REALLY green and will not be using disposables so I will make their cake out of real cloth diapers and (most) everything else will be biodegradable. I might include some plastic but not sure yet. I will post it when it is finished as the "Coolest Environmentally Sensitive Diaper Cake". Stay tuned!

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Coolest Monkey Diaper Cake 80

by Cassandra
(Las Vegas, NV )

Homemade Monkey Diaper Cake

Homemade Monkey Diaper Cake

I had so much fun making this Monkey Diaper Cake! This was actually my second one that I made. This time I was much happier with my outcome. I started off my wrapping my diapers with small clear rubberbands. This cake took a pack of 54 size 1 diapers.

After wrapping each diaper i took the items I was going to put inside and wrapped them up with rubberbands to better hold the shape of I was going for. I then took some curly ribbon and loosely tied the first layer together. And to better hold it's shape I stuffed smaller items in there. I did each layer that way and then covered the curly ribbon up with a cute thicker decorated ribbon.

As I stacked the cake I placed some shredded paper under each layer which added a very cute touch. And then I added the small travel size things around the cake by holding them down with the clear rubber bands as well. I stuffed my cake with an outfit, socks, q-tips, monkey car seat strap covers, bibs, towels, monkey shaped snack cups, spoons, formula dispenser, diaper rash cream, pacifier and pacifier holder.

And the finishing touch was the cardboard cake plate on the bottom and the monkey on top and the monkey teether hanging in the front. Voila!!

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really awesome monkey diaper cake
by: Anonymous

You should be proud! What a great monkey diaper cake. I really want to try and make my own. I love the one on this site: Geez, think I can do it? Wish me luck!

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