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Amazing Diaper Cake Instructions

I made this Prince of the Castle diaper cake for a friend who was surprising her daughter with a baby shower. When my friend found out that making diaper cakes had become a hobby of mine, she asked me to make one for her daughter. I found out the colors and the theme of the shower and went to work. The theme was a royal one in which everyone would be dressing in royal attire (fake of course). I made the cake and the day came for the presentation.


When I got to the event the parking lot was totally full because she hosted it at a restaurant outside of a shopping mall. I couldn’t find any space close to the restaurant. I literally had to park at the very back of the parking lot.

As I began to walk I not only realized just how heavy the cake was, but also how high my stilettos. Walking with the cake in heels became increasingly uncomfortable. I thought I would never make it to the restaurant. When I finally got there I looked like a hot mess. My curls had dropped, I was sweaty, and feeling as though I were going to pass out.

I greeted everyone and put the cake on the table. Then, I realized the lion’s crown had fallen off. I couldn’t imagine where it could have gone. I looked under the table. I ran to the door and looked outside. Finally, I decided to take a trip back to the car. Of course, by this time my once beautiful brand new black stilettos with the gold chain that goes across the ankle was digging into the back of my ankle. The more I walked the more pain I felt.

I looked and looked and I couldn’t find that crown anywhere so I went back into the restaurant. Again I looked under the table and around the chairs. I ask some patrons, but no one seemed to know where the crown had gone. My only choice was to once again head back to the car. Once I got there, something told me to stand back and look at the car and when I did… there was the crown up under the car. I would have never found it.

To make a long story short the daughter was late. She looked as though she was about to burst and she was not very surprised, but she really enjoyed the cake.

Prince of the Castle Diaper Cake Includes:

  • 154 Size 1 diapers
  • 4 Cans of pringles (assorted flavors)
  • 1 Lovable plush lion

Awesome Submarine Under the Sea Diaper Cake

I was asked to try and make a submarine under the sea diaper cake. I had only done 3 tier diaper cakes and diaper bassinets, so this was something I really had to think about.

  • Awesome Submarine Under the Sea Diaper Cake
  • Awesome Submarine Under the Sea Diaper Cake
  • Awesome Submarine Under the Sea Diaper Cake
  • Awesome Submarine Under the Sea Diaper Cake
  • Awesome Submarine Under the Sea Diaper Cake
  • Awesome Submarine Under the Sea Diaper Cake
  • Awesome Submarine Under the Sea Diaper Cake

I had to find something that could help me form the diapers into a submarine shape.  I used stackable round hat boxes in 3 sizes.  I tied them all together with ribbon and then glued the ribbon so they would stay attached no matter what.  I didn’t want to ruin the boxes so they can be used later to put all the items into the boxes.  I then wrapped ribbon around each of the boxes so I have something to glue the diapers to.  I then tied the diapers in place as an extra precaution to keep them from falling off.

It took a couple of days to get to this point and be happy with the shape.  Then I had to see if it would stay put before I started adding my items. It was fun and I was able to test my talents and creativity with this one. I found a starfish ring that blinks which I thought was cool to use in the front as the light beam.  I used a lamaze pirate octopus for the back end using it in place to form the propeller for the submarine.

I put it on a long baking pan and added light blue shredding to make it look like water.  I added starfish rubber bath toys and lined them up below the cake also.

Junior’s Jungle Diaper Cake Survived the Storm

Well, this was my first diaper cake and it was made on a whim!  This cake was just put together with odds and ends around the house and some baby toys picked up at Target last minute. Yes, you know the story, you feel bad for a coworker and she baits you in to do her baby shower which is at a pavilion in a park. 

  • Junior’s Jungle Diaper Cake Survived the Storm
  • Junior’s Jungle Diaper Cake Survived the Storm
  • Junior’s Jungle Diaper Cake Survived the Storm

Needless to say Florida weather can be unpredictable. Well, after going back and forth on a theme, meaning yes, she kept changing her mind.

She finally wanted a baby jungle theme with a very very limited budget. So, I got my laptop out, YouTubed how to make a diaper cake and well started rolling up diapers one by one and rubber banding them. Then I make cakes so I used a cake circle for the base. After shoving wooden dollies in the cake (not as easy as you would think) to hold the cake together, I took out my trusty glue gun and let my creative side flow and well this was the end product.

The hardest part was rolling up all those freak’n diapers. The coolest part - not only her facial expression but every child and mom and dad stopped and wowed the baby diaper cake and kept asking who made the cake. The best part is that it is 2 years later and she still has the diaper cake and refuses to take it apart.

Coolest Nappy Cake

I was asked to do this nappy cake for one of my husband’s work colleagues. His wife was due to have their third child and money was tight. So everyone on shift put in some money. This was loaded with 3 Dozen Newborn Huggies Nappies, Baby Blankets and wraps consisting of  products baby bath time products, bottles, dummies, rattle , singlets, bibs, onesie suit, face washers, the animal on top was actually a little bag as well.

  • Coolest Nappy Cake

I took a picture of the nappy cake and made a matching card so that they could all sign this and the couple had a momentous of the gift that they had received from the people on his shift. I wrapped it in clear cellophane and used coordinating curling ribbon. I then bast this in a large basket that can be used to hold all of bubs toys or laundry. Wrapped it all together. When they unwrapped and dismantled the cake they were surprised at how much they had received as they could not see in the middle of the nappy cake. They were over the moon with their gift.

Baby Emma Diaper Cake

This was my first diaper cake that I made for my daughter’s best friend. Unfortunately, she lost the baby.

  • Baby Emma Diaper Cake

I tweaked this cake over and over wanting to make it a special one of a kind. This is the end result. 4 tiers- first, second and third size one diapers,  fourth newborn.Pans used were 18 inch 12,9,and 8 .I used a vase in last tier to put the doll and baby items in. Missing one flower on bottom . Rest in Peace Sweet Emma 3/20/2013. May you soar with the angels above.

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