Are dinosaurs extinct? No way! We’ve spotted them among these cool dinosaur cake ideas.

Kids are fascinated with dinosaurs and often request birthday party themes based on them. Don’t be intimidated if your children asks for a stegosaurus, triceratops, or t-rex cake. You can make it happen.

Jurassic Park awakened these prehistoric creatures with some DNA and splicing, so why can’t you? Simply clone them with some baking supplies, incubate them in the oven, and bring them to life with colored frosting and fondant like these five cake makers did.

1. 3D Stegosaurus Cake

Coolest Dairy Free Stegosaurus Cake

Jodi’s stegosaurus cake is an edible 3D model of herbivore perfection. We especially love her attention to detail on the dinosaur’s skin. The texture was achieved with a special rolling pin and really enhances the overall look of the cake.

This cake was a hit at her son’s birthday party. Can you guess what part of the cake was most in demand? Find out here.


2. 5th Birthday Triceratops Cake

Coolest Triceratops Cake

Coming face to face with a triceratops could be frightening, but Bronwyn’s triceratops cake is so cute, you’ll just want to eat it up. From the ice cream cone horns to the Tic Tac toe nails this cake is creative, fun and relatively easy to make.

If you haven’t mastered fondant yet or you just don’t like the taste of it, you’ll love this chocolate frosted delight. Brownwyn provides simple tips for making it at home. Learn how to create your own frosted 3 horned dinosaur cake here.


3. Dino-Mite Two Tier Dinosaur Cake

Coolest Dino-Mite Dinosaur Birthday Cake

Melanie’s dinosaur cake is so cool that it got an unexpected reaction when she delivered it. We love how she layered fondant cutouts to create a look similar to paper tole. The dinosaurs really pop and make this cake truly special and unique.

The entire cake is edible from the dinosaurs to the scattered rocks and bones. Learn how to clone it here.


4. Funky 11th Birthday Dinosaur Cake

Awesome Funky Dinosaur Tree Birthday Cake

How do you celebrate the birthday of an aspiring paleontologist? With a dinosaur cake, of course. Heather decorated this funky dino cake with a sharp modern design. The clean, precise lines make this a real showstopper. We love every little detail of this cake and the dinosaur is adorable.

Heather’s step by step instructions with images can be found here.


5. Jurassic Park Erupting Volcano Dinosaur Cake

Jurassic Park Erupting Volcano Dinosaur Cake

Crystal added an extra wow factor to her 3rd birthday dinosaur cake by including an erupting volcano. The effect was so impressive that the family she made the cake for kept it long after the party to enjoy the fun of making the volcano erupt over and over again.

Crystal shares her tips for making an erupting volcano here.