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Divorce Cake 1

by Kimberly A.

I had this idea from the famous Shanna Moaker divorce cake but specific to my friend's ex-husband, who was a musician. I was bringing it to a restaurant for her Divorce Party.

The purple trim is icing. The blood is red icing with some corn syrup to make it more liquidy to pour on cake. The cake topper is actually a store-sold bride dragging the groom but when separated it looked like she pushed him off the cake.

I smeared the icing to look like he fell of the cake and the bride smashed his guitars. This table centerpiece was a big hit!

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LINK to Original, Un-Blurred Photo
by: Anonymous

CLICK HERE to view the original, un-blurred photo of this cake...

Thanks for all your input below!


P.S. I explained my decision for blurring the cake in THIS issue of our newsletter...

How Sad !
by: Anonymous

As I was looking for a cake for my granddaughter, I came across this one, and my heart was grieved that such a cake would be made.

Marriage is a very sacred thing that is a covenant before God and to break it up is bad enough but to make a cake this distasteful is more than awful.

I certainly hope that this does not become a cake that is praised. Your talents are wonderful in decorating the cake, it would be so good to use them for a much more better cause.

It is what it is!
by: Anonymous

While I agree with the guest that marriage is a sacred covenant, people do get divorced.

I've been blessed to find the right guy the first time and 19 years later I can say it isn't always easy but we made a promise "for better or worse"

I'm the child of divorce and it is sad but this is a site about people's creative cakes and if this fit the "celebration" it served it's purpose.

You are a very talented cake decorator and I'm sure you've made many for much happier occasions.

this cake rocks
by: Anonymous

Who knew a cake could be so controversial? No one is denying divorce is sad but the comments from the Grandmother are completely inappropriate. This is a cake web site for goodness sake!!! Back to the cake...This cake is clever and funny. Very creative indeed!

by: Anonymous

This is very disturbing! I understand that you may want to make light of the situation but divorce is such a serious tradgedy in one's life - its anything but light hearted and should be treated that way.

divorce cake
by: kirsty

this cake is so amazing and very funny

Awesome cake!!!
by: Anonymous

My God! Do you people have lives?
It's a cake for Pete's sake!

Awesome cake! Love it!

Right on Grandma
by: Anonymous

The grandmothers comments were not inappropriate. Divorce should not be taken lightly and be laughed upon, especially with a cake. The "cake" was decorative and unique. But could have used her talents elsewhere.

cool cake
by: Nat

I'm recently divorce, it was a shock and very hard to live through... but I came out stronger and I simply LOVE the cake... if it brought a smile to someone during of after the divorce (difficult time, with enough tears shed), then it serve it's purpose... to bad, I did not see this cake before, because I would have made one for myself!!!
Great work.

by: Anonymous

I understand some people are a bit sensitive over the divorce issue but this brilliant, imaginative and inspired cake design could also be an "I'm sorry we argued" peace offering. I think it is a very clever and new idea not just for divorce. . . . it's funny! I'm definitely going to adapt it, I love it!

It's a cake people!
by: Traci

I'm sure this woman didn't want the divorce and didn't enter into it make the best of it and move on....I LOVE THIS CAKE...its a friend making another friend feel better and laugh during a hard time!

by: Anonymous

This cake is AMAZING you are extremly talented...

Let's be realistic...
by: Anonymous

Yes, we may say for better for worse, but it really is a two way street. Most of us who have gone through this, didn't expect our mate to beat us, didn't expect our mate to cheat, didn't expect to be put down all the time, didn't expect our children to get hurt, didn't expect to lose our life savings etc etc...

People go through tough times that they didn't expect, and most do reach a point where enough is enough. Anything to lift that spirit up, is a good thing!

Plus, the cake is really creative and it IS a cake site after all. Keep up the good work!!!!

Wonderful cake!
by: VerotheGoddess

Your cake looks wonderful If I get divorced I am sure to have one like this, but with video games and military stuff ;-) marriage is a blessing but stuff happens no need to be down about it

Too Funny!!!
by: Dawn

I am a mom of girls ages 5 and 7. I am currently waiting for my divorce papers. In the middle of it all some times we do think exactly what your cake depicts. It is funny. People need to lighten up.

Love it!!!!
by: jennifer

I am a very happily married woman and I love this cake. I even married could sometime use a cake like this one!!! haha!!! Wish it was a real cake but love the fact that it has a heart shape on the top. my Friend is at the end of her very hard divorce and I will be using this Idea for her but it will be NASCAR instead of musician!!! thanks for the idea it ROCKS!!!

cake+divorce=reason to party
by: Anonymous

Yes yes divorce is sad and horrible. But it happens and sometime both parties are happy about it and ready to move on. My parents are splitting up after 20 years and having a divorce party, TOGETHER. I'm looking to make them a cake. Well this wont work, I'm sure my dad wont find it as funny, I may just make two. :o) Thanks for the inspiration, great work.

So Sad
by: Nicole

This is so sad to see. A wedding cake is a symbol of an ongoing feast that husband and wife partake in together. I cant believe someone has created such a macabre rendition of something so sacred.

by: Simply

Wow. I agree w/ all the comments of marriage. but I am sure this person did not mean to make fun of marriage. While we praise marriage. Lets also remember that not all marriages are as Perfect as yours. & I seriously doubt it is perfect. If my friend was going through a divorce. i'd probably do the same thing. I'd even do it if I was going through one.
Amazing Cake. & Amazing Talent.

by: Anonymous

I'm sorry, but I LOVE this cake! I wish I would have had one when my divorce was finalized from my abusive husband. GREAT WORK!

by: Livi

This cake is the coolest thing ever!! Great idea!! The other comment about the woman who was upset about it...chill out..its just a cake...if you dont like it then dont click on it to view it!!! praises to the chef!@!

by: jakki

this cake is fantastic keep up the good work!

I love America!
by: Laura L.

America is still free speech so no matter what you have the right to make the cake and show it and people have the right to like or dislike it. I think the concept is valid and the cake is not a bad thing!

Too cute!
by: Anonymous

What a creative cake!

by: April

This cake is fabulous! Some people are GLAD to get divorced, and want to celebrate! To those people saying how distasteful it is - well don't make one. There are people out there who might think making a cake that looks like an animal is distasteful... To each his own.

Divorce cake
by: Anonymous

Why not? Divorce party I am having as soon as I have the papers. Some of us had drug addicts for adios to my marriage and hello to a better life for the kids and I....

A cake...I sent it to my new found divorced friends...they will laugh.


Celebrate and begin anew!
by: Really thought about it!

I'm a christian and I believe God can save any marriage with the cooperation of both parties. Divorce is what it is. So, if it takes cake to move on from a failed marriage...then celebrate and begin anew!...Sometimes, we have to swallow the truth....It's cute!

So Sad
by: Bernadette

Yes, I think we all can agree that marriage is a sacred bond, a partnership that should last "until death do us part". But, beside all that, the image this cake projects is very sinister. To wish such a horrible thing to happen to someone and celebrate it with a cake is pretty ugly. I can appreciate the pain, anger, betrayal and frustration that comes from divorce, and I'm am sorry for this persons obvious pain, but this is not the way to move on. He may be a creep, granted, but be bigger then that.

Killing someone isnt funny
by: Anonymous

I don't care about a divorce cake one way or the other. But making light of killing your ex spouse out of anger is not funny nor should it be acceptable on a cake! People were appalled when OJ Simpson and many other men and women have been accused and found guilty of it. If they made this cake people would be outraged!!!! I cant imagine friends standing around a table at a party and somehow finding this amusing. I have met people who were dragged through the gutter during a divorce and so were their kids. It is all sad and heartbreaking for anyone. BUT this specific cake with the blood on it has gone too far. I cant imagine what their children (if they have any) would think about their mother knowing and expressing their hurt about their father in that way. This is not someone who has healed from their divorce nor do I think it is a positive way to move past it! It will be interesting to see if someone else in the future will be able to create a divorce cake with more class, creativity, and dignity.

Before and After
by: Anonymous

I saw one of these types of cakes a few months ago (more on the comical side and not nearly as graphic)and felt that it was lacking in taste. That was when I thought I was happily married. Since then, I found that my marriage was a sham, have gotten separated and am now in the process of divorce, but I still feel the same...a cake such as this is incredibly negative. It just hits me the wrong way. I have definitely been down a very dark road filled with lots of tears, heartache and uncertainty,and I know I will feel a sense of relief when I am through with the process. But I won't be celebrating with a divorce cake.

by: Anonymous

Perfect! I love it!

I am just killing myself with laughter here!
by: Heather

I love the cake. I wish I had it when I got divorced so I could have sent it to my Ex. Anyhow, there are so many other things to worry about complaining about other than a Divorce Cake. Are you making a divorce cake 2. Have it be a cake with a beach scene with the bride drowning the husband. That would be great to see, since I got married on a beach. Have a great day.

What is this site for?
by: Anonymous

I have a friend who is a professional baker and makes and decorate excellent cakes so I am going to show this too her. I think its amusing and decorated well. No I'm not pro divorce I will be celebrating my 10th anniversary in 15 days. Sometimes marriages end. But this is a site about cakes not about the social aspect of divorce.

divorce cake
by: Anonymous

I think a divorce party with a cake is a great idea; if it help put everything behind and start all over. BUT it can be done without the blood. Pushing the groom down the cake or some stairs on the cake would be great and breaking the guitars is awesome. I love it except the blood.

by: Anonymous

I was in a relationship for 15 1/2 years and I learned after our break up that People need to deal with their separations in their own way and I have to say, this is funny! I love to bake so this would be a great way to deal with the pain. But I must suggest not always does the bride be the painful one the groom should have some of her stuff on this cake and he should be on top! I LOVE IT !!!! Everyone has their own opinion

Very disappointing that you put this on your site and try to bring publicity to it.
by: Anonymous

Divorce is nothing we should be celebrating! You should remove it from your site.

Divorce Cake
by: Been There

I think it is awful! The blood, fallen husband and chaos of the scene is so bazaar! Divorce is nothing to celebrate ... it is a blowing up of the family and is a result of selfishness, disregard for children and unwillingness to compromise and keep commitments on both the part of women and men.

If you do a divorce cake, maybe focus on healing, not destruction. may of us have been burned by a unfaithful spouse (I have), but our focus should be moving on and forgiveness, not revenge!

It's Just A CAKE!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I understand the issue from both sides. No God does not condone divorce,but it does happen. He also does not condone SIN! but we still sin. Halloween is not God ordained, but most Christians celebrate it, some even changing the festivities to fall feast to make it seem that it is not really a Halloween celebration.

People have divorced from the beginning of time and will until the end of time. I am an ordained minister, but sometimes we can make a mountain out of a molehill. Like someone stated previously, It is ONLY a cake.

There are more serious and important issues to worry about than if a CAKE is appropriate.

Trailer Park
by: Anonymous

Very distasteful, no class, why all the blood?! Sure hope there were no children involved in this
consumption and divorce. Come on use your creative head - think a little!

by: Anonymous

REally cool....I don't want to have this event either but what a cool fake cake.

It's Up To You
by: Anonymous

What do I think? I think it is up to you as to whether you host this or not. If it was my site I would not host this cake. I don't think there is good reason to encourage others to celebrate a failed marriage anymore than there is a reason to celebrate any other painful event. Glossing it over with a macrabe cake that shows hate for their former spouse does nothing to heal. It seems to me that it is just a display of bitterness. Yes, America is the land of free speech, but it doesn't mean that all speech is good and edifying. Shall we add to the decay of our society by making light of that which tears us apart?

by: Margaritaville Bound

17 years ago my high school sweetheart turned cheater & beater walked out on our 6 week old and I. My divorce from him made me a stronger person, and this one would have made a nice ending to my celebratory 'divorce luau' which was made complete by the main course-a pig roasting over an open spit, nicknamed by all party goers as....yes, the name of my ex! Life is too short, although I believe in 'til death do us part-he walked, not me. As I look back, I realize that I was lucky that he did, the abuse could have escalated-divorce is not a solution, but it is certainly better than raising a child in a hostile, unhealthy environment.
Life is short people! Celebrate it and all it hands you, good or bad. When life hands you lemons, grab the salt & call me, I'll be on my way with the tequila!

Divorce Cake
by: AnonyMouse

First of all - wonderful cake design, and beautifully executed (no pun intended). To the skilled decorator: Congratulations on a fantastic creation. Well done.

Secondly - People - this is a forum in which to showcase cake designs - ALL cake designs. This is NOT the appropriate area for discussing YOUR personal beliefs. Period. If you are unable to provide feedback of the CAKE itself without making a personal social comment on the ills of present day society, perhaps your views would be better suited to another forum.

Please, think about this on another level - if my personal belief system is against war, for example, does that give me the right to comment on current events underneath a submitted cake picture depicting a tank or an army truck?

Please let's just comment on the cake itself, and leave the social commentaries out of it.

It's a CAKE!!
by: Marie

I have had similar cakes made to order for several friends who have went through a divorce. I shared in their pains and helped them trade tears for laughter. Divorce rates are so high many still consider it 'sacred' anymore? I do and my friends (all guys by the way) did when they stood in church and said their vows. The divorce cake is not a new concept for me, and the guys? They enjoyed their cakes and ate them too!!! Two have even remarried and going on 6 years now!! No damage done and it wasn't because of a cake. Cake is cake. I love cakes!

Not something I'd want to take a bite of!
by: LAJK

While divorce may be common and people want to "get over" the failed relationship this particular cake is pretty gross looking. It's obviously meant to be very nasty to the "groom" and I think anyone that could have that much hatred toward someone needs more than cake therapy! It's one thing to have a happy cake (good luck in your new life as you go forth) but this is just flat out obnoxious. What's next.... a coffin cake with a body inside for funerals? Or one for someone that's just lost a baby (pink & blue headstone)? What about something for getting fired or if your house burns down?
Also, If the bride and groom on this cake has been in reverse positions I'll guarantee lots more people would have found it offensive and sexist but it's okay to bash - in this case literally - the man (and no, I'm not male!).

Some wear white shoes with black hose
by: Anonymous

We live in a very FREE country and like my Dad always said; to each his own.

by: Anonymous

Divorce is not easy for anyone, both parties included. I would have enjoyed a "new beginnings" cake when I got divorced. By the time the acutal paperwork came thru the anger was gone, just sadness, feeling failure and needed a desperate lift to start over again.

Great job!
by: Anonymous

Divorce IS a very nasty prospect and horrible thing to have to go through. But, humor has gotten me through a lot of bad times in my life, and I'm glad this lady found humor to help her through hers. Bit on the gross side with the blood, but I do see the humor!

by: Anonymous

It is sad that this chaos reflects the devastation divorce wreaks on families, especially children.

However, as a cake, I think the concept is just gross and I don't think blood or murder is appetizing or funny.

no need for the blood
by: Shell

I'm sure the cake could have been made without the fake Blood!

Don't like it at all
by: Christine

I am divorced and have been for 8 years, and over time my ex and I have become friends (mostly in part because of the kids). I can't believe that such a cake would exist - to be glad the divorce is over is one thing, but to make it about hate and hurting the other person - not what a celebration should be about!

thumbs up
by: AudraLM

I'm sorry to all of you are disgusted by the idea of the cake, I sympathize and do see your point, but I really like it! It gave me a good laugh and I passed it on to friends. I don't think the creator had any intention of insulting anyone or downing marriage. Life doesn't always work out the way we plan and we have to find some humor when it goes wrong to keep us sane.

If it gets ya through it
by: Alicia

Divorce is sad, yes, but it is a part of today's world. If a cake like this helps someone through something like this with a laugh, then I say more power to ya! It may not be for everyone, but to be able to look at a sad event (or not so sad for some people) such as divorce with a smidgen of a sense of humor about it can be cathartic. For those who don't like it, well, you don't have to have one. I'm glad that this site is open minded enough to include another category such as this.

by: Anonymous

Oh my, what else can we say. The cake is very interesting. Hope I never have to have one.

And I agree with others, it was to make a friend smile when life was not so easy! Learn to relax and have some fun.

Leave off the blood
by: Anonymous

Well the idea itself is fine, I think it is funny and just like anything else people can take it or leave it. However... the bloody groom is kind of gross. Personally I would have kept the humor in it, maybe put the groom in upside down or missing altogether, but that's just me.

What has our world come to?
by: Tina Barnaby

Maybe the cake should ad broken hearts that are bleeding with agony to represent the children affected.

awesome cake
by: Anonymous

I love this cake!! man ppl need to loosen up and be more open minded... Divorce for some isn't the worst thing in their lives, sometimes its the best thing that has happened to them..

Get Over It
by: Anonymous

It's really no one else's business what goes on in someone's life. Sure, it's sad but if people are already divorced/divorcing, what harm can a cake do? I think it may be the blood more than anything that's upsetting to some people. I hope that if I were to divorce, I wouldn't want my ex bloody but who knows what happened between these particular two people?

Sometimes people do awful things to each other. If something as simple and HARMLESS as a cake makes a person feel even a tiny bit better - or even just bring a smile to his/her face - it's worth it.

Maybe they should just put a disclaimer on or below the cake: NO GROOM (or bride) WAS HARMED DURING THE MAKING OF THIS CAKE. ANY SIMILARITY BETWEEN THIS CAKE AND REAL PERSONS IS UNINTENDED...BUT HILARIOUS! These people just need to move on - especially you, Grandma!

Divorce cake violent
by: Anonymous

I had a "Congratulations on Your Divorce" party. when my first husband and I divorced. I like the idea of an appropriately commemorative cake. Wish I'd had one! I DISLIKE the blood and violence depicted on this particular cake. Divorce happens (for better or worse), but I don't think hatred and violence are healthy ways to "move on". Moving on is the whole point of a commemoration of a divorce, isn't it?

Stuff Happens
by: Anonymous

Marriage should be a happy time but it doesn't work out for everyone. Sometimes people go through terrible things with their spouse so I don't judge. Nice cake. The blood may be a little over the top though... :-)

by: Anonymous

Yes, divorce is a sad fact of life these days. Sometimes, it is necessary and even welcome, after a period of what might have felt like a little slice of hell. But, why all the blood and murder?

Seems like a large percentage of what comes on TV during prime time is all about murder and gore, and now enter a celebratory cake with the same?

We are constantly bombarded by these scenes. No wonder more and more children wind up either dead or orphaned by their parents who decided that since they couldn't get along, they should just kill each other, and maybe the kids too, just for good measure.

I think this cake is a sick, sad, sign of the times.

love it
by: Anonymous

Lighten up people, it's a cake. A funny one at that, and I feel bad for people who cannot see the off the wall humor in it. They must have very sheltered souls.

by: Anonymous


Luv it!
by: Ronda

I think it's great and look forward to seeing more.

This is the place to respond to a social issue
by: Anonymous

Yes, this is the perfect place to discuss social issues if the object in which is being shown IS a social issue! If you posted a cake which had a war scene on it and it had little army men laying all over it with their heads blown off, their arms crushed, blood all over the cake AND something that looked like terrorists on it laughing or plotting out more death or the world trade center on fire then YES this is the place in which people should comment on the outrage of something so callous being celebrated or advertised!

The major problem with this cake is the fact that it depicts a woman pushing her ex-husband or ex to his DEATH! That is NOT something funny! If he was in the back of trash truck and she was driving it then fine no one is killing the other and there is a bit of humor to it! I bet too all you women who think this is funny would be OUTRAGED if it was a man pushing his bride off the top and she was laying on the bottom of cake in blood!

You can have the finest skills as a decorator but there are some cakes you just need to say NO to! Pass it up, there will be another one on the way to show off your skills AND to make money on!

It is NOT JUST A CAKE, it is about who you are, who you want to be, and what you are going to stand for!

Very Creative
by: Nicole

Very creative! I'll admit that the blood might be a little disturbing but if the cake brought a smile to the person going through the rough time (which divorces obviously aren't easy) then so be it. It served it's purpose! You can't mope around for the rest of your life, so if nothing else, you might as well try and get a laugh out of the situation. For some people, that's their way of coping.

Great idea
by: Anonymous

As someone who is going through a divorce, I have always loved the idea of "divorce parties" and a divorce cakes are a natural extension. People who are going through this need all the support, humor and perspective they can get. Those who don't see it that way have a right, but there are lots of us out there who would not have chosen divorce for all the world (I spent a year in counseling trying to convince my unfaithful husband to "work on it"), but here we are, trying to live with it while keeping some sort of sense of humor.

Great cake!

I'm disappointed and shocked
by: Anonymous

Wow, this one was a shocker.

I'm thinking this was a cake that shouldn't have been put onto your website. Sure you're going to get traffic from it, sure you got controversy which is going to lead to viral mention of your site.

And having a section for divorce cakes probably isn't such a bad idea. But still I wouldn't allow cakes like that particular one into your collection.

Sure its just a cake but what kind of message does it send?

That violence is OK? That husbands are always the bad guy in situations?

The fact that people are getting a kick out it shows just how far our society has degenerated. You have a right to capitalize on that I suppose but it sure shocked me that you would.

by: Anonymous

First off, I just want to make clear that I was "invited" to share my opinion regarding the "social issue" at hand here, by Elad.

That being said, I agree with previous posters calling it distasteful. Yes, divorce happens... but it is an unfortunate thing in general and I do not agree with the idea of celebrating something that destroys families. Do I think it destroys all families? No. But overall I think it is a horrible thing that few people benefit from. It should not be celebrated or encouraged by cakes like this.

Divorce Cake
by: Debbie

Thanks for making me laugh during a very difficult divorce. It was exactly what I needed and hits my feelings right on the head. It's good to know that although someone must fall off the cake in a divorce, the bride is still standing and still smiling.

Thanks! People need to lighten up - we're talking about a cake!

yes to divorce cakes / no to this cake
by: mary

I am not a fan on this particular cake. It depicts a murder! However I have no problem with you having a "divorce cakes" category as it something that happens in many peoples lives (just like weddings and birthdays and baptisms) and if the persons involved in it want to celebrate it then why not. I bet you will see new entries in this category that depict positive things about divorce too...this one I think bothers people because of the 'Murder' theme, not the divorce theme!

Great Cake!
by: Anonymous

This cake is great however I would probably make one that was more about kicking him out than actually killing him. (Some people might get an idea!) :)

Maybe an open door and her kicking him in the rear through it. Also there could be dead flowers, a bed with cobwebs on it etc. It could be macabre with bad marriage stuff, but the woman should definitely be smiling widely.

Your cake was great too, but these would be my ideas if I made one for me or a friend.

A divorce cake doesn't neccessarily celebrate divorce or imply marriage is disposable
by: kelly

Divorce stinks, marriage should last forever, but sometimes you choose your spouse poorly and even if you're willing to stick it out, they aren't.

Why not celebrate the fact that while you may have married a jerk, you can come out on the other side of a bad situation, be a stronger person and still have your sense of humor? (And learn from your mistakes and if you do remarry, choose more wisely next time!)

by: Anonymous

I know that it's just a cake, but it says a lot about how society views marriage & divorce.
I think it's very inappropriate.

NOT Funny
by: Anonymous

Yes, it is just a cake. But honestly...this cake is disturbing!!! The fact that it appears as though she has KILLED her ex-husband is a little extreme! That's the part that bothers me. Whether you are christian or not, that should bother you!

People who make comments like "get over it, it's a cake", or "that is an awesome cake" I feel like are just saying that to be "different". Kind of like someone who is still in high school. When is murder something to joke about?

But that's just my opinion!

by: Anonymous

A beautiful cake that "celebrates" divorce and murder in one. Coulda' used your talents in a better way. Ugh. Awful.

It's a Cake
by: jay cee

The blood is a bit gruesome for me but I totally understand the sentiments behind it and appreciate it's creativity.

Kudos to! You guys never cease to amaze and you're awesome!

by: Amanda

I think celebrating divorce in anyway is terrible. I think making it look like the groom was laying in a pool of blood is even more distasteful. So we are now encouraging spouses to do physical harm? I would hate if I was looking at this website with my children, which I have done in the past and came across this cake to have to explain how this is right or OK.

divorce cake
by: Anonymous

Yes, divorce is painful and tragic. We do not know how the person who received that cake was feeling. It may have been just want she needed. Each person will know if it is a situation that more tact is needed or if making light of it is ok. Everyone is different.

The cake is funny and well made not to mention sooo creative. Whomever made it knew the friend it was for would be OK with it. They were after all having a divorce party!

Different Strokes For Different Blokes
by: Anonymous

This is a funny looking cake. But it is a controversial piece only because you have people standing in two different corners about the subject matter, divorce.

The person who made this has a great sense of humor and good ability to put it together.

Im not a big cake fanatic but i say to each his own.

My personal opinion is that I'd never give this to someone who just got a divorce and is grieving about it. That would be very distasteful. But I'd give it to someone who was glad to finally separated with an "abusive" spouse. (Get my point?)

Note to the artist: Make one with the man pushing the women off the cake too because not all wives are saints either. lol..

Great Cake!!
by: Lilly

We all need to laugh, especially during difficult times. This cake would definitely bring a smile to my face.


by: Anonymous

I have made many cakes in my day and I would never make a cake like this. Divorce is sad enough but think of the many people who couldn't cope with the separation and the many children involved in one... it takes years to get over especially for the children.

I would never make a gravely cake either. Cakes are for enjoyment and kids of all ages love it. For births, baptism, holy communions, birthdays and weddings. This cake is to dramatic with blood and all, but that's only my opinion.

I ask you this then, would you make a suicide cake of someone who has committed it... I SURE DO HOPE NOT!!!

Misery for Dessert
by: Anonymous

Next, how about a "Death of your child" cake, or a "Wow!!! Cancer!!!" cake? I'm sure someone will feel good about being able to "smile, after all those tears."

by: Anonymous

I find this cake very nasty. Even though a divorce now-a-day is part of our daily living - the cake sort of ...advocates the killing of your partner for whatever reason. I do not think it is funny at all or a master piece, it's rather disgusting. On the other hand any cake decorator can decorate a cake like this, so decoration is not a big deal but rather the "bloody killing" issue is.

Bravo to the divorce cake
by: Haidee

My husband and I celebrated when he divorced his first wife and have been celebrating ever since...after 17 years together, is it too late to get one of these cakes? What a fabulous idea!

one of the best ideas yet
by: missa

I think that a divorce is a very hard time but with a cake like this, it may bring a smile in place of a few tears. Please people its just a cake don't be so negative, if you don't like the idea then don't use it. For the rest of us who do rock on.

Divorce Cake
by: Anonymous

I love it, at that time in someone's life a laugh is needed! I'll use the idea!

by: Heidi

Ok, the argument continues...

There are too many people with no sense of humour! While I agree that number of divorces in North America is growing rapidly and SOME people may not take marriage as seriously as they should, this doesn't make this cake any less funny. A lot of divorces occur for a reason; abuse, neglect, growing apart, whatever the reason, some people need to celebrate their feelings of liberation that come with divorce. While some people may be offended by this cake, the recipient obviously wasn't. And that is all that matters. If you don't like the cake, don't look at it.

The creator was very clever! I had that exact cake topper on my wedding cake! Although I hope that I will never have to split it up! LOL Alot of thought and time went into that cake and that should be all that anyone comments on. Leave the preaching for other types of websites... talk about the cake! It is fabulous!

Message to Elad
by: Anonymous

The controversial Divorce Cake has struck up a very heated argument on your site.

Now, I welcome discussion of any kind, provided both sides of the argument make concise, educated, and well thought out points. However, as this topic seems to be based more on one's own moral compass, I personally see no reason to continue this debate as it stands.

Dear Elad, as your wonderful site continues to grow and take on a life of its own, I would like to suggest a way of dealing with this, and other pictures that are sure to follow in time. Instead of posting cakes such as this in a general category where anyone is apt to stumble upon them, why not create a "CONTROVERSIAL" or "ADULTS ONLY" category in which one would be forewarned that some images may not be suitable for everyone. Perhaps even "by Permission only" clause (whereas you personally can grant the viewer access only after he/she complies with any necessary clauses).

We may not all agree on whether this cake in particular is acceptable, but I'm sure we can all agree that not everyone should be able to view it.


DISGUSTING and APPALLING TO SAY THE LEAST!! They could have at least made it without the gore. I do not think you should "celebrate" a sad occasion such as a divorce. Although you might want to put a smile on a person's face, you could do a better job by taking them out to dinner. You could even visit them and talk over coffee and COFFEE cake. NOT TO CELEBRATE WITH A PIECE OF BLOODY DIVORCE CAKE! This is distasteful and unnecessary!! It makes divorce a celebration of being broken apart and that your partner was killed!!BAD BAD BAD!!

Divorce cake
by: Anonymous

OMG... tooo funny.... I think this is great... I probably would not have added the fake blood, but I LOVE the idea! Great job!

Interesting cake!
by: Anonymous

I think unless you are going through the divorce you may feel the cake is in bad taste. People handle things in different ways, and if the relationship was abusive, maybe this was something that made her friend laugh and stop shedding tears. I'm sure she didn't start out her marriage with the thought she would be getting a divorce. We don't know her circumstances and so no one should be judging her about what she did for a friend. To each his own. As someone said earlier it is creative and she is talented and if you can't agree that is your choice.

To each their own
by: Anonymous

There are those who don't believe in divorce or find it terrible. I agree it is sad to hear about when someone ends up divorced, but everyone looks at it in a different view. To some they may be very glad to be out of the situation. So they want a way to celebrate, why not a cake? I think it is a great idea. A way to let it go and move on. Very creative.

Divorce Cake
by: Marge

I think this Divorce Cake was great except the blood. You can make a really nice cake and show a symbol of something with out killing someone. No wedding is that bad. It is only as bad as you make it. So, lose the blood and enjoy your new life.

A bit too far
by: Anonymous

Celebrating a divorce may be a good thing. It may help you get through a difficult situation, especially if you are in an abusive marriage. But, I believe it should be done with out the showing physical violence against the spouse (man or woman). This is going a bit too far.

Regarding the cake, creative idea but the blood is going a bit too far in my opinion.

The Divorce Cake
by: Anonymous

Yes. Marriage is a sacred, wonderful blessing in people's lives; however there is much more divorce going on these days then there are anniversaries. The cake is classic simply b/c we don't all have wonderful happy endings and nobody knows how difficult it is to go through a divorce - the cake could be therapeutic. LOL. Unfortunately, when things aren't done the traditional way - there will always be someone speaking up. Job well done! Very creative!

Black Widow is more like it
by: Anonymous

Take out the blood, and I may like it. But the way it is, I think not.

This would be a black widow cake, because that's the one that kills her mate. And this one is killing, not divorcing.

It would've looked better showing the guy outside the house with his guitars and suitcases, and the bride with a sign saying: "get out of my life CHEATER!"

Now that's what I call divorce.

Great Divorce Cake
by: Anonymous

There is a cake for everything else so why not for divorce, but I do think those who have been divorced are the ones who will find this cake great.

Now a days anything goes!
by: Anonymous

I like! A good way to vent! As I said anything goes now a day?

Great Cake
by: Anonymous

Okay, I'm married & hope it lasts forever, but, I don't see anything wrong with this cake.

Better to kill the groom on the cake than the
man who made you feel like killing in the first place!

Divorce Cake
by: Anonymous

Doesn't matter that it's a divorce cake... it's just gross.

Not Sure...
by: Anonymous

A divorce cake... Seems like there are sooooo many divorces today.. It used to be for better or for worse, now it's about... You're OK for right now, but when someone else comes along I like better, guess what?? YOU'RE OUT OF HERE!

If having a divorce cake makes them feel better, so be it... I truthfully don't care for the blood shed this particular cake shows...

Maybe something more in the line of a broken heart/ Butterflies, for better days ahead..

by: Anonymous

Divorce is all around us, a part of life. I get that, but this is harsh and the blood is disgusting. I agree that talents and time could be better spent on something more positive. Like a new hot man for the divorcee to cheer about! Not against the idea of a divorce cake, just the blood etc.

by: angelick

Although I am very happily married, I think it's a cute cake! I read some of the comments below, and I can understand why people would detest the idea of a divorce cake. Unfortunately, the reality of it is, divorces DO OCCUR. Why not celebrate your freedom again? Is someone supposed to just sit and cry their eyes out and not live again? Ya right. I think it's a funny cake, and I like it. Great work.

by: Lizette

The cake is has a funny and charismatic touch to it....nice job!

Sad reflection of Society
by: Lisa

I see this is a sad testament from our warped society. I have lived through the Trauma of divorce. It is nothing worth "Baking a Cake" for!! Ever!!

This cake should be in the Wax Museum of Horrors!! Divorce is Horrible!!! Not something to be celebrated!!

The cake appears to advocate Violence and destruction.

I think it should NOT be a category on your Web site.

by: Debbie F.

I am happily married for 10 Years and I think this cake is great!

by: Anonymous

This cake really would be a great thing to have at a party as a gag! I love it! As long as everyone took it as a joke and did not get upset of course!

by: Anonymous

I think that this is such a great idea. I do believe that you should celebrate divorce and since I am in the process of this myself and really looking forward to it. I plan on having a party when I am finally divorced and the cake is such a wonderful idea.

Good idea, too graphic
by: Anonymous

I think it is a good idea, however I think this one takes it a bit too far, its too graphic.

A good idea!
by: Anonymous

I like the idea of a divorce cake. Divorce makes people depressed and its good to have a cake to eat to help ease your pain. Yeah, it may be a bit gorey, but I'm sure this cake was intended to cheer up someone who has a sense of humor and would not be offended by the subject. If it were from me to my best friend or the other way around, I wouldn't think twice about the appropriateness of this cake because I know that she would find the humor in it! It depends on who the cake is for. Its not for everyone... I know it would be inappropriate for half of the people on this page!

My husband would like this cake. He got divorced by his cheating wife who left and took his kids away... it was sad for him, but he was happy to be free from someone who had no love or respect for him. Its not like HE would actually kill her, but I can see how it would be humorous if the bride was down in a pool of blood, only under the circumstances that the bride was the one who fowled up the marriage!

I think with the combination of what kind of person you are and the circumstances of the divorce, its appropriate to help someone cheer up! Adults only though. I think that while I am amused by this, it would be confusing and damaging to a child who is not old enough to understand the irony. Also, I read many comments about how this shouldn't be publicized on the internet. OK, are we forgetting that there are naked people in videos and photos doing unimaginable things all over the internet! This is pretty innocent when you start thinking about the overwhelming amount of smut at the click of a button.

And in conclusion, why would anyone make an "I lost my baby" or "I have cancer" cake? You make a good point, but that's a little drastic. Again, only for people with a sense of humor and the ability to take a joke!

About time!
by: Anonymous

A friend of mine had a divorce party - not all marriages work out - this would have been a great cake to have there! Sometimes people are better off getting out of the marriage, and this is such a good idea to bring smiles to the faces that would otherwise be shedding tears. Well Done. Its a pity some other people are criticizing your work - they need to wake up the the 21st century.

by: Anonymous

This does not look like a divorce cake to me. It is tasteless and unnecessary!! Just flat out GROSS

What is wrong with you people, how could you find humor in something like this?

This is all wrong!
by: Anonymous

To me marriage is a gift from God! What God has put together let no man take apart. If you ever feel that you must get a divorce then why would you want to celebrate it with a cake like this.

I personally don't like this and it is wrong and I would not put this on my website. I would not want this kinda of cake to ever be known. This is my view and my comment.

The only way a marriage will survive is if you have God first in your marriage. And if you do and you put your marriage in his hands then you will not have the need for this kind of cake.

by: Anonymous

I agree that this is a disturbing cake. A murder is not something to be celebrated. This is not just a "divorce" cake, but a woman killing her ex. I think the humor is lost with the image of the groom in a pool of blood. Try being less graphic if you want it to be humorous.

love kit
by: tammy

geeze guys...its all in fun.

Idea - Great, Cake - not so much (for me)
by: Anonymous

I was e-mailed this article talking about a divorce cake. I was intrigued, since I was just invited to a divorce party, and thought I may make a cake to take. I was shocked to see this cake. It is a little shocking, the groom in blood. I think the idea is fine, divorce happens. I tend to have a dry sense of humor and just about anything goes, but the blood? Then again, I don't really know the circumstances around this particular ex-couple. The cake itself is done very well though.

Its a Winner
by: Sonja

Great cake, for the person that added the comment how children suffer during divorce.

The grief suffered is worse for children staying in a family that is dysfunctional.

This cake is great and celebrates the power that a woman feels in letting go of the guilt and sadness and generally getting on with life. We can't all live a fairy tale or lie.

In the end its just a cake.

Live life, love yourself and others and laugh if you spend your life saying tutt tutt you miss a lot. Nice work I say.

Sonja from Australia

Edible Art
by: Clay

Whatever your opinion is on this cake, you have to say this defines the concept of 'Art' at its finest.

It invokes an emotion, whether it is of laughter, sadness or whatever. It has raised a lot of controversy and possibly some reflection of ourselves as a society. One of our long held beliefs, which has become over time a sacrosanct institution, in part due to the image portrayed by Hollywood and our media is showing signs of decay.

With divorce rates climbing to over fifty percent maybe we as a society should reexamine this institution and see how we can mitigate the direction that so many marriages are going instead of the way we try to ignore it with the belief that it will never happen to me.

Maybe we should make marriages tougher and divorces easier.

Whatever, it gave me a laugh! From many a woman's point of view, a vent of all the perceived injustice suffered. From many a man's point of view at the time of divorce, poor sap never knew what hit him!

by: Anonymous

OMG - The people who are outraged need to get a life! It's a funny cake. These people need a sense of humor! I love it!

by: Anonymous

This is a murder cake, not a divorce cake. I take my kids to this site and recommend to my scouts for our cake decorating contest. Is this really something you would want a kid to see? Grow up. Divorce is part of society, murder should not be.

Pretty funny
by: Anonymous

hopefully I'll never need one but it is funny

Divorce cake
by: Tammy V.

It is just a cake! It is going to eaten anyway. I bet it is fun and somewhat healing for the person who wants it.

pure genious...
by: Anonymous

Brilliant! I'm sure he got what he deserves!

by: Anonymous

Each of you that has decided to impose your moral values on this poor woman's cake are hypocrites.

Marriage is sacred. God tells us to love and be kind to each other. Do unto others... Would you want someone to criticize you like that in public? Why do you need to try to publicly disgrace her? Doesn't God say "Do not judge" How dare you?

And the fact that it depicts murder... HELLO... Everytime we walk in church we look at a great big statue of Jesus being murdered.

Give me a break! Stop being self-righteous hypocrites and call this cake what it is... ART!

:) Kudos to the artist

So Sad
by: Anonymous

While I agree with all of you that this is just a cake, it is simply sad and hurtful. If the shoe were on the other foot and the cake was made with the woman being pushed off the cake, I think a lot of you would probably feel differently. People don't stop to think about the other person and that is what leads to divorce in the first place.

needed ritual
by: Anonymous

This particular design is a little dark for my taste but I support the idea. There are so many rituals involved in getting married but nothing to help let go when a marriage doesn't make it. Applause for the idea.

No harm!
by: Monica

I agree with most of the people here, marriage is sacred. Although the rate has decreased, it's the sad truth that some marriages dissolve. What better way to take out all that "bottled up anger" than to eat a delicious cake! No harm is being done to anyone and it actually looks cute!

divorce cake
by: Anonymous

I think the cake is humorous. I don't know why people get so bent out of shape because of the cake. It is a way a person deals with the stress of a divorce. It could help someone get over a difficult situation.

Great cake!
by: Anonymous

Been there done that! Yes marriage is sacred, and beautiful yada yada... but lets face it with the divorce rate where it is we might as well see the light of day and not be so shocked! I think if someone can come out of a marriage and be stronger for it then celebrate it! Want a divorce cake! Go for it! I plan on making myself one... maybe not with the blood but a cake nonetheless! Great job!

divorce cakes aren't THAT new an idea
by: romich8309

Divorce cakes have been around for a while but I think they are becoming more violent in theme than originally intended. They used to be themed as "I'm getting along fine without you" and were done strictly in sheet cake style... never tiered. They are meant to give a smile to someone (male or female) who has been through a bad divorce but I think lately they look more like a wedding cake that celebrates a marriage which is supposed to end in murder. Very Macabre.

by: Anonymous-and divorced

Divorce is not the best of situations and the range of emotions is vast - from relief to despair... and each of us goes through the grieving process: denial, anger, depression to finally acceptance.

Although I can certainly appreciate the humor that one can add to finally come to the acceptance part, and the positive energy flow of such a cake to "move on" with your life.... I am not sure about the blood and violence portrayed on this cake.

Certainly a different approach could have been taken?

I like the idea of celebrating a new chapter in one's life, but hey, pushing the guy off the wedding cake when you once really loved him seems rather a bad reflection on the bride... no matter what the groom might have done to deserve it.

Just my two cents. I still believe in the sanctity of marriage and hope to re-marry some day. Keep having fun, ladies! :)

by: Stacey

Okay, I've read a lot of "to each his own" and bravo to the artist who made this. You're right in that you have free will to do what you want.

My issue is that this appears to be a family friendly website with animal and character cakes. So to come across this seems to not fit what this website is about.

If Elad wants to publish this picture, I suggest he include a disclaimer considering the violent nature depicted on this cake. I hate being shocked by other sites where they have cakes with body parts that are inappropriate to viewers who aren't looking for that. That has happened while I was looking at other sites with my kids.

Personally, I don't get the humor of a violent cake. Not everyone wants to see this side of how awful divorce can be.

by: lushious

fan bloody tastic. I just LOVE the divorce cake, it is the best yahoo!

Ammicable maybe
by: Anonymous

To me this cake shows that not all divorces have to be really nasty. I like the humor in it and hopefully they shared it.

Not just a cake!
by: Melissa

Obviously it is not just a cake. Just a cake is made out of flour, sugar, milk, etc. and topped with icing. Decorating this cake in such a manner has gone beyond something yummy to eat at a party and seeks to make a statement about this woman's broken life. It is a work of "art" in cake format.

I can understand the negative reactions. I personally would not want such a cake dripping in blood to represent my broken life. But I'm sure that's the way many people must feel after going through divorce. What would the reaction have been if this was painted on a canvas and given to the woman to hang up in her living room?

If you are trying to cope with such a difficult circumstance, there may be better options. Nevertheless, I would keep it on the site, but perhaps not in the "Holiday" section.

divorce cake
by: Cassie

Creative but sad. Just like I wouldn't celebrate a funeral as a joke, I wouldn't with a divorce. It just encourages people to be bitter and take their divorce lightly. Yes, it's just a cake, but what does it symbolize?

divorce cake
by: Tonya

I in a way think its funny. But maybe with out the blood scene. Could have gave him with a black eye, broken arm or leg and not so graphic. I do not agree with divorce it is a sacred thing and I am very lucky I have been married to my best friend going on 24 years now. I hate to see a marriage come to this but I know things happen and it does.

To each his own
by: Anonymous

Don't give me that "Divorce should be treated as a very serious matter" crap. It's his divorce and he deals with it in the way that he needs to. A painful marriage, physically and/or emotionally, is not going to necessarily be a tragedy to get out of.


I find this cake hilarious. It's light-hearted. If you're insulted, STOP LOOKING AT IT. DON'T MAKE IT. Try not to judge someone you don't know, as hard as that might sound.

Divorce Cake... should be FUN!
by: Ellie George (


Although, I've never been married or divorced - I would like to offer these observations...

In my opinion, a 'divorce cake' should be the letting go of something that didn't work out - and venturing ahead into the FUTURE. The 'divorce cake' should be positive and fun... focusing on the future of the separated party (and, not the past).

Let it go and let it be... a plan for a more happy life and relationships. It should be celebration with balloons and fast cars and new wardrobe, lots of friends, etc.

Very Creative!
by: Anonymous

I agree with all points. Divorce is a terrible and sad thing; however, it happens. It's just a cake and if someone feels the need to celebrate a new beginning, then by all means...celebrate. No one is forcing anyone to make a cake exactly like this. I find this site to be a wonderful resource. It gives many great ideas for us beginner or experienced cake decorators. You can either adopt what you see or adpat it to what you'd like. I agree that the blood is a bit much, but lighten up people... it's a cake and I'm sure there were many at the party who found it amusing and no one was thinking...hmmm, I'd like to physically do harm to someone.

blood to much!
by: Anonymous

The blood is a little much for me. There is enough violence in the world. I would hate to think how she would actually feel if something real bad happened to her ex.

by: Anonymous

This cake is awesome I only hope when my divorce becomes final someone's nice enough to do this for me but make it real so I can bite the A** that "literally" bit mine so many times!

divorce cake?
by: Anonymous

Looks like a "I committed murder cake" not divorce cake!

Let's Keep it Positive!
by: Denise G.

Just say "no" to the divorce cake. I think more people would be offended than delighted.

Divorce Cake
by: Anonymous

Although I'm not opposed to the idea of a divorce cake, I don't think it's necessary to make it look so vicious, even if some divorces are that horrible. It's just unsavory and unsightly.

Great Job!
by: Anonymous

Happily divorced & loving the cake! I've been divorced for 7 years and when I went through my divorce it was a very painful and disheartening experience. However, once I dealt with it and moved on it was time to celebrate. This cake is more than just a cake. It was a chance for that individual to celebrate & move on & know that life does go on after divorce. There are some people who want to complain about it not being in good taste & it's so inappropriate but guess what? It's not & wasn't their cake! So I say "Bravo!" Those who can take it will and those who can't - Oh well!

by: Anonymous

I have a friend who will be going through an actual divorce very soon and I think I may make a cake for her, maybe not this actual cake but another That would apply to her. A divorce is not actually a celebration but should be for the ones who have terrible husbands or a bad divorce. We are already planning a celebration outing and it will not be official until Jan. These cakes are hilarious!

Not Seeing The Red
by: Sandy Sanchez

I too have been thru not one but two divorces! I think the idea of a divorce cake is great but the only item on your cake that I didn't like was seeing blood (him DEAD) you could have had him cut in two or something else.

It's just a cake!!!
by: Honey

I think a way to make someone feel better is great. Especially as creative as it is. Cakes can be decorated for anything not just the traditional weddings & birthdays. Divorce, get-well, promotions, lay-offs, there are all kinds of reasons to cheer someone up or celebrate. This site is about creativity & whether it was creative or not & whether it would be something you would use. The way it was made, it could of been a April Fools cake, considering the decorations.

It is a great idea
by: Sandra Azud

Some can't wait for the divorce to be final so the beating stops so hells yea I would celebrate it like any other event! Divorce is closer to a horrible chapter in many peoples lives! I can speak from experience. I waited 5 yrs for a divorce! It is a celebration!

TO "Disclaimer"
by: Anonymous

T×™is is clearly a "Cake" site. How can you know opening a cake site that their won't be boob and penis cakes for bachelor or bachelorette parties?

Come to think of it... Elad... I think you need to post a few of those! :)

They're just cakes
by: Sheri

Ah, yes. Marriage is a sacred thing (I know I meant every word I said when I wed my husband). But reality is that loads of marriages end in divorce these days.

I completely agree with people celebrating a divorce for the right reasons. I have two friends who each married men they thought were wonderful, only to find out that prince charming wasn't so 'princely' after the wedding. One woman was physically abused before she got the courage to get a divorce. And the other was controlled and lied to by her husband before she finally filed (and had to go into hiding so he could not locate her). Was it each of these women's faults she got tied up with the wrong guy?... I don't think so... both men put on oscar-worthy performances before the weddings. No one could have known what each woman was in for. And knowing every person's situation is unique, I wonder how anyone could revile a woman for celebrating her right to stand up for herself and be treated properly.

I haven't seen any vegans complaining about the hamburger cakes... because they're just that... cakes.

Please don't remove this well-decorated and creative cake from your site. We're all free to express ourselves creatively. If someone doesn't like it, they should move on.

by: Anonymous

The creativity is great, people are jealous because they did not think of this themselves. This is 2008 get over it...

too much red
by: Anonymous

Divorce is a very sad thing, but when it happened, then a very good reason must be behind it. Some getting married, some getting divorce. That's life!
The cake design was a good idea, but too much red make the cake looks like bleeding, not too happy with it :-(

Divorce is part of life
by: Anonymous

I love it, I think it is great, particularly for the divorcee. Nowadays, 50% of marriages fail... Why not celebrate the beginning of a new chapter? After all, the lady this was made for was having a DIVORCE PARTY. What kind of cake should she have?

Ha ha ha
by: Anonymous

I love it, I think its a great idea. Although divorce isn't always a good thing. It helps to have a sense of humor and I think this cake accomplishes just that.

include the divorce cake
by: Mandy

For many, marriage is very painful and ugly so divorce is cause for celebration. A cake is a great way to celebrate. The bloodied groom was a little shocking but then amusing - we are surrounded by much more shocking scenes real or not real in life and 'entertainment'. Perhaps another alternative less shocking cake design (without blood!) could be added to balance. Well done for including this cake - some people need it. I just hope I won't ever need to make it.

Divorce cake....Great Idea!!!
by: Anonymous

I don't really like the blood on the cake nor having the groom dead. BUT... I have always LOVED the idea of a Divorce cake. Wedding cakes symbolize two people uniting in marriage. A divorce cake symbolizes the New future of the divorcee. I think that is very special that that person is moving on with their life!

I Love it!
by: SAL F.

This is a great looking cake, but mine will have the groom on top... I read most of the comments about this cake, Wow!

divorce cake
by: Jill

That is great! How funny is that! If that doesn't make you laugh after a divorce I don't know what will!

its a good thing
by: Anonymous

I think the cake is a good idea. Divorce will always be painful but I think the cake could kind of act like a release if both parties agree to it.

Yes divorce is a horrible thing. My parents divorced when i was 6 yrs old and I blamed myself for it. now that both of my parents have moved onto new partners I do realize that they would have been very unhappy if they were to stay together. Sometimes people fall in love and sometimes they can fall out of love. And if something like a divorce doesn't happen then the couple will only be hurting themselves causing them to live in such pain. I'm glad my parents have moved on, they both love me very much and I love to see them happy.

Good idea and a great relief
by: Anonymous

Although the day of my separation is each year a day of bitterness, my brother went through a terrible time when his wife left him playing stupid psych games and just childish that by the time the divorce papers came through... He just bought a bottle and made it a celebration. A special cake would have truly worked for him - though not this one. But these sort of things are needed to finalize the situation. I think it is a good idea, and the dramatic creation tops it off.

Divorce Cake
by: PartyMom

I think the idea of a divorce cake is great, regaining one's freedom after a bad marriage. Divorce is a reality for many, and some folks really are better off getting one, so why not celebrate it.

I do, however, think it would have been so better without the blood. The blood sort of represents ill-will, I don't believe that should be part of the celebration.

Anyway, nice idea.

What doesnt kill us...
by: Anonymous

I think the saying "what doesn't kill us will make us stronger" is very true. As the actual action of divorce is not to be taken lightly the cake is meant in good fun. This cake is just a cake... Funny & Creative. If your offended by it, don't look. Not everything is for everyone. Some of us enjoyed it & its creativity. (I am married & still find it amusing)

Kudos to the baker!

Cake, Controversy, hmmm...
by: Anonymous

Wow. As always I am amazed at how vehemently people object - on both sides. Seems that a lot of things can create very deep feelings and convictions, including cake.

Hmmm.... I can see both sides to the issues raised, but this is a cake site, so I think I will restrict most of my comments to the actual cake.

Elad, having been asked what I think, I agree with the person who said that the cake could be put in a section where you have to agree to disclaimers, or at least be warned that the cake may not be suitable for all viewers, etc... I say this mainly b/c I would not want my young kids to see me accidentally stumble upon something a bit too bloody for my taste. Of course, that being said, I do not think I would enter a search for a divorce cake, so most likely this would never be an issue.

The creator is obviously talented and I hope her creativity served to make a friend's difficult time a little better.

Interesting idea
by: twinmom112

I guess that I wouldn't have so much of a problem with this cake if it didn't appear to depict murder. I think that the idea of a divorce cake is inspired. I just think that it could be presented in a less violent manner - perhaps having the cake look as if en earthquake struck, physically separating the two, with the person for whom the cake was made laughing and pointing at the other stranded all alone. I don't know - just an idea.

comment for Elad
by: twinmom1120 has a section of inappropraite cakes that you actually have to log into in order to view. I look at these cake decorating sites with my children present and would be very upset to come across a cake with a violent theme in the HOLIDAY section. Perhaps a separate section with a secure loin might be needed. I have no problem with all kinds of cakes being presented, I just think that perhaps some preventive measures are in order. Thanks for considering this suggestion.

by: Anonymous

That cake is the greatest... I would love to make it for a friend of mine...

by: Mark

It looks like the divorce was bitter and the cake was an act of revenge. One wonders what the next step will be if the cake does not bring the desired effect.

Coolest Birthday Cakes, stay cool and leave the vengeance alone.

What's WRONG here...
by: Anonymous

While I believe strongly in the marriage covenant before God, there have actually been times that I "celebrated" a friend's divorce, but it was more of a celebration of them getting away from an abusive situation... so on one hand, I could see a use for such a thing.

However, what's DREADFULLY WRONG here is not that the cake is depicting a divorce, but a MURDER... and that shows a very deep, darkened heart that someone would make it, and others would praise it.

Why not ask the children how they would feel if they saw mommy celebrating her divorce from daddy by having a murderous scene on top of her cake?

Oh... and if you're going to make one killing the husband, why stop there? Why not have one killing the wife, too? Gee, considering all the women that get savagely beaten and murdered by their husbands, I guess that wouldn't be too funny, would it?

Perfect, when necessary.
by: Anonymous

I am married, pregnant and have 6 children already. My husband and I have been married almost 7 years. While I don't wish a divorce on anyone, it does happen. My husband was married twice before me. His first wife left him and their two sons for another soldier/friend from his own unit. The divorce cake would have been perfect.

Sometimes, marriage doesn't turn out all happy and blissful as you would hope and expect. In situations such as those, I think if a person wants to celebrate an ending to a probably horrible part of their life, then so be it: celebrate with this cake and enjoy.

by: Mabel

it makes you sit back and think of what the world is coming to. When 2 people get married it is because they have seen that special something in each other that makes them want to spend the rest of their lives together. Problems come in every relationship; mother-child, sister-brother, best friends - not only a marriage. Yet marriage seems to be the easiest to walk out on. Divorce is no longer a "bad word" but the easiest option to take when the going gets tough. In fact it seems to be such a good option that people actually "celebrate" it. Kudos to your creativity girl - just wish I had seen it manifested on another subject?

Divorce Cake
by: Tank

I love it. Won't people just liven up a bit and see the funny side to it. Divorce can be a very upsetting, messy situation to go through but this person has shown us that they have come through it all and has risen above it to give us and I'm sure, themselves, a laugh.

Let's keep this in perspective
by: Lucie

I thought this site was for ideas. I don't think any of us are supposed to love all the thousands of ideas we come across... there are tons of them so we can pick and choose what is right for ourselves.

Laughter is on the road to healing and if you can laugh even when you're feeling your worst, you can only go uphill. If this cake inspired you to cheer up a friend... awesome... go for it...

If you didn't like it... move on to something else you did like, but please DON'T try to decide what a personal choice should or should be for the rest of us.

I've seen much more graphic and lewd cakes that didn't get nearly as much hostility. Please direct your passions towards saving the world rather than condemning those trying to do their best to get by.

God bless everyone (no exceptions).

Divorce cake gone wrong
by: Anonymous

I can see a divorce cake with broken guitars, etc. could be funny for very few couples, but the corpse and blood is messed up. There's kidding around saying "I want to kill him" and then there's making an art piece of actually doing it. Really scary.

A fact of life
by: Rhee

Divorce is unfortunately a fact of life, I thinking its much better to make a celebration and move forward than hide away thinking life is over, this is a humorous way of doing that, my only bad is WHAT NO CHOCOLATE < its a divorce you need chocolate cake , :-) LOL

Divorce cake
by: Anonymous

I have just read a book about divorce debutante. In the book the one girl had a divorce shower with bridesmaid and all. The party was arranged for her. Some divorces are sad but I do think lots of women would like a cake like that.

Great Idea
by: Anonymous

I think that it is a great idea, for many woman, divorce is actually the beginning of their lives and why should that not be celebrated!?

I love the humour that goes with the cake, and someone going through a divorce needs lots of humour. I don't think that the cake was meant to mock the sanctimony of marriage at all.

Two thumbs up
by: Anonymous

Yes I love it, why should we not have a cake for divorce, we have one for everything else.

Not that I ever want one, but if I did then what a way to go. I was on the phone to mum and described it to her and we all laughed our heads off.

THUMBS UP from me.

Divorce cake?
by: AnonymousJ

Humourous yes, but oh so tacky. I've seen divorce cakes before, but this one has far too much blood! Let us hope no children from this marriage saw it.

by: Anonymous

I don't view marriage as a sanctimonious institution, but what I see on this cake is violence and bloodshed between two human beings. There's nothing positive about that. We don't need that. "Coolest" is all about good vibes. I don't want to see images of bloodshed when I visit a "Coolest" site.

Divorce Cake...
by: Anonymous

It is sad that a divorce cake has to be made, but divorce does happen and why not make your self feel better?

I am getting divorced and I decided a long time ago that I'm having a divorce party with a divorce cake, I just need to decide what to put on top... I think the blood is a bit much though!!!

What an original cake
by: Anonymous

I think this is the most original cake I've seen. Well done!

Divorce Cake
by: Ria

I am married and very happy but I must say this is the best self therapy I have ever seen. This is a good way to get rid of the bad things in life.

by: Natalie

I love this cake! Even though a divorce is a very sad occasion, I honestly believe that one needs closure. This will make the perfect picture to put at the end of the wedding album of the divorced couple.

Yes and no, but mainly yes!
by: Anon

I do understand the point of those who think that marriage is a sacred institution - it is, if you meet the right person. And yes, divorce can be a traumatic time - but for others - like my first marriage to a wifebeater, it was a time of relief, release, and hell - I'd have had a cake!

I'd have had bunting in the street and a brass band! If a person feels strongly enough to want to have a Divorce Party, they should have a cake. If they're sitting at home sobbing over their Decree Absolute - don't show up with one for them.

It's common sense, we're all different. Very well done.

Divorce Cake
by: Anonymous

Pretty creative and cool! No one likes divorce, do they? Of course not! But it is a cake! If some of you are so upset by this, wow, I wonder what little else would get you upset? Some people do come out of a divorce with a sense of humor, why not?

by: Cross

For starters, I visit this site with my children so I also agree with some of the others that this should be put in an ADULTS ONLY section.

I really don't want to explain to my kids why there is a murder cake on display, because it is NOT depicting a divorce, it is a murder image.

All in all, it's tacky and nasty. A cake should clearly represent the theme - this cake does not. Perhaps a cake of a castle with the groom outside and the bride throwing his things out the window - THAT would represent divorce. This is just violence. Please restrict it from the kiddy cakes that we ALL visit this site to see Elad!

Divorce Cake
by: josh Carter

I wonder why such a thing would want to be 'celebrated'. It is a tragic thing when any marriage breaks down for whatever reason.

Marriage is the fabric that holds society together and we should ALL do everything we can to preserve it.

I feel this cake has no place on a website promoting fun and enjoyment. And should be removed straight away.

This cake......... Priceless
by: Lynz

This cake is brilliant!! Hopefully it wont come to the day I need it, but if I knew of someone would be a definate buy!!

Oh So Sad!
by: Anonymous

I think it is stupid. If you cannot work it out, it is just sad. Why did you rush into marraige then? If you are a Christian, you will not get divorced!

Divorce Cake
by: Teresa Wilkins

It's a bit graphic for my taste. However, as a divorce attorney, I would probably have clients that appreciate the celebration and the new beginnings that a divorce brings. Maybe the creator can put a more positive spin on the divorce cake instead of depicting the hate left behind.

by: Anonymous

If this cake had portrayed for example domestic violence with the groom beating the bride, how funny would that have been?


If that is what it takes....
by: Anonymous

If that is what it takes to help get you over the rough spot OK... so be it. Life is soooooooooo short... sitting around and dwelling about mistakes made (by either party)only makes it shorter. Spend a day and grieve, then move on, have a party and get on with the rest of your life. It is what you make. Let's party and get busy living again.

Just a Cake
by: Charmaine

Hi, I don't think one should take the cake to seriously, cause it is how she felt after her divorce. Divorce is a unpleasant thing and some end with "bad" feelings, so if that's what she experienced, good for her, then he probable deserved it. At least she felt better to see this cake, cause it is funny!

Love IT!
by: Anonymous

Love the Cake! Such fun and creativity! You go Girl!

Breaking up is Hard to Do
by: Anonymous

While I think that the Divorce cake can bring a closure to what is usually a very painful experience I was upset at the violence that this particular cake represents. I would rather have seen the groom/or bride at the bottom of the cake possibly head first into it rather than all the blood and gore. It is sad whenever any relationship ends, I believe the blood letting in this cake goes a little too far.

by: Anonymous

You know what? Its a cake... just a cake... there were no men harmed in the making of it. If you want to talk about divorce and your beliefs and morals than google "Divorce forum". If you want to talk about how creative and unique this cake is, or how talented the maker is, then this is the place to do it. I LOVE the cake, by the way!

by: Nicole

It's so funny that people are getting upset over a CAKE. LOL With everything going on in the world today, they choose to complain about a cake they'll never eat nor see in real life? Wait, it might just be pathetic instead of funny.

To Each His Own
by: Angie

While I think that most people who go through a divorce have these thoughts, I believe that the blood should have been left off. Just the fact that she pushed him down the cake is funny enough.

If something like this were brought to a party and then the ex (male or female) were killed in this same manner, who do you think the finger would be pointed at?

I think that the cake is a wonderfully talented piece of art. I LOVE it, but people in society are very critical and political these days. I agree that people need to lighten up, but maybe less blood would have been better, too!

Divorce or homicide?
by: Anonymous

I think Divorce is sad full stop - so many people are hurt in the process, but I am not sure I find all the blood funny! Maybe just a broken heart and broken things - symbolizing the split of property?

Great Idea!
by: Kris

I work in the legal field and have filed and done may divorces for people. Some are easy going, but most are difficult. I often tell people that they will likely see the worst of each other during this process, especially if it appears that it is going to be highly contested.

Everyone handles it differently, just as every divorce occurs for different reasons. This person was elated to be out of her marriage - and it was likely for good reason. Most don't enter into a divorce without thoughtful thinking and good cause.

The cake was a celebration for the end of her ordeal that she just went through. I could have done without the blood - as it was a little gruesome for my taste, but the idea was right on! I really like the idea if the person getting divorced feels that way.

by: Anonymous

I think the cake was very creative. I think this cake is not intended to make a mockery of marriage, it is intended to cheer and heal the divorce. Like the other writer said "It is what it is".

You need a sense of humor - it makes light of a crummy thing
by: Anonymous

My brother was invited to a divorce party for a guy whose wife cheated on him, treated him like dirt, etc. I am happy he is moving on, isn't bitter... just needed to celebrate with some good friends to pick him up.

Anyways, my brother made the divorce cake with groom on top in a lazy boy playing video games on a TV, with an axe next to the chair, a trail of blood down the cake to a bride all chopped up into pieces.

It was clever - yes you need to have a sense of humor to get a cake like this! Anyways, after the divorcee and his brothers cut the cake a huge cake fight ensued. It really helped make his night.

Too Graphic & Coarse
by: Maria

Murder? Blood? This cake is not about divorce; it's about a homicide. Creative, perhaps...but so is Murder on Elm Street or other slash horror flicks - the spirit of which this cake so much embodies. Of course, the same people that would like this cake probably like those ridiculous examples of "creativity."

Divorce Cake
by: Shannon

Marriage, itself, is NOT sacred. It is a contract. With almost half of marriages ending in divorce I think I can say the above without any regret. Marriage for myself, with my husband, IS sacred. But if you get divorced, if you left an unhappy marriage or someone left you because he/she was unhappy, you can have whatever cake you want. Enjoy and celebrate if that is what you need or want. If you don't want the cake, don't make it. Everyone needs to stop pretending that bad things don't happen and stop pretending that we shouldn't celebrate and move on when needed. :) Beautiful cake!

I think the idea of a divorce cake is fabulous!
by: Anonymous

This cake definitely made me laugh. I think it's a wonderful way to cheer up someone who is going or went through a divorce. Of course it could do with the dead groom and all the blood, but it is hard to look at it and not laugh. It would be nice if it had a more positive aspect like promoting a new beginning. A divorce is an end to many things, but there are new possibilities waiting around the corner.

A cake for every occassion!
by: Anonymous

If you can have a foophy wedding cake, then you can have a fun divorce cake. Isn't it great that someone can make a hard time better with cake? No one enters into marriage lightly (we hope!), and no one exits via divorce lightly. We celebrate as best we can, and just try to get through the hard times, and if cake can give someone some fun, and let them express their feelings, so much the better. No one is going to get divorced just so they can make a cake. It's a good cake, and I say no to cake censorship! Thanks for sharing. Some good ideas here - love the use of the bride and groom - really clever!

Divorce Cake
by: Anonymous

Very Sad. Not the way God intended marriage to end. "Till death do us part"

Divorce Cake
by: Anonymous

I too have been through a divorce. It is hard, but after you get to the other side of it, you have to have a sense of humor. I like the ideas that the wife wins!

Was it a Divorce or a Murder?
by: Anonymous

While I have no objection to someone celebrating their divorce in any way they please, even with a cake, I do think the imagery is in poor taste. Broken things, even broken hearts would be okay, but a man lying in a pool of blood on the cake! I hope there were no children involved as this would send a very bad message.

Great Cake
by: Anonymous

Divorce is not a funny issue but to the person receiving this cake I'm sure it brought out a smile. Any person who has gone through a divorce knows its not easy, I know i have been divorced and it was messy. If a friend gave this cake to me I should be so lucky to have friends who are trying to make me smile. After all divorce happens and we need to move on.

She took the Whole Cake
by: Julie

Does This Mean That The Wife Took "The Whole Cake" In The Divorce, I think it would have been more interesting to have a half of a cake to represent the split and no blood. It creeps me out when there is blood or human matter on a cake or people want cakes that look like pets... You are eating your pet - both situations a little too carnivore for me.

just a cake!
by: mocca

Very creatively done! Although I would've gone easy on all that blood... Anyway it is just a cake and after reading most of the comments it seems there are quite a lot of people out there looking to make drama over nothing! PLEASE PEOPLE this is just a cake site... if you don't like it don't look at it! Get over it ;) There are way more things in the world that is worthy of being debated about... certainly not this!

It's just a cake
by: Anonymous

Lighten up people its just a cake and at a time like this a little laughter lightens the load on a broken heart! I love it.

I love it!
by: Kellie

I am married, for 9 years now, and I love the idea! I am from a divorced family, and I have many divorced friends. It is a chance to celebrate the life you had with the "now ex" and put closure on it and move on! They wouldn't be getting a divorce if wasn't time to move on! We have parties for everything, coming of age, proms, birthdays, funeral (sad ones, but they are still parties) so why not a divorce party! If it helps someone to get on with a brand new life than party away! Great cake! (I too don't like the blood look on the cake, but I love the cake and the idea!)

by: Anonymous

What an amazing cake. It's so funny. My husband and I are still happily married after 8 years and both of us thought it is a brilliant cake and idea. He's been married before and says - he would have loved to have a divorce cake.

Well done - very creative and healing lol. If it was my divorce cake - I'd want the slice with his head on it.

by: Anonymous

I would have to agree, sometimes a divorce is a good thing, get away from the abuse and problems... but there is a better way to celebrate.

Go ahead and have a cake, have a party... but do it in better taste. This cake is disgusting and disturbing. I think the creator, and anyone who does like it, has been watching too many violent movies or TV shows. (What is this world coming to?)

I do have a good sense of humor, and this cake just doesn't do it for me, I find nothing funny about it.

Your site has had some really fun cakes submitted to it. Most of them are of a happy, feel good variety. This cake really doesn't fit the feel you are going for on your site. If you feel the divorce cake needs to stay on the site, I would put it in a category for adults only, have a warning pop up beforehand warning of graphic violence, or as containing a disturbing image.

If this were my site, I personally wouldn't post it. I would thank the contributor, but let them know it wouldn't be posted on the site due to the theme of their cake not matching the theme of the website.

divorce 2 married 1 hopefully 3rd try is a
by: Lissa

I love this cake it is hilarious. I know from experience that divorce is not easy I have been divorced 2 times and I am trying again at marriage a 3rd time. I know it is hard to get divorced but once its over you sit and think about it and say wow I am glad that is over and that loser is and it is time to party and start anew. So for whoever doesn't like this cake don't get divorced.

Whatever Helps
by: New Woman

This is great. I think it is a good idea. I've been through a divorce and I wish someone would have come up with this cake idea for me. I just had a divorce party instead and it was wonderful.

Life goes on...
by: Anonymous

I think that the person who created the cake is very talented and the person who received the cake probably smiled and laughed for the first time after their divorce.

Life is not perfect; there is no perfect man or perfect woman. As for marriage, it is sacred and it's a life changing event that occurs in a person's life and so is divorce. Anyone who has ever had their heart broken at one time or another has imagine on all the different ways they can hurt the person that is hurting them.
Some people act on it and end up in jail or even taking their own life and others release their anger through divorce parties and artistic cakes.
At the end of the day, which one would you choose?

Life is hard enough, there are so many decisions that are made for you from the time you are born - do you really want to make another person feel guilty for dealing with probably the worse thing that ever happened to them.

I think it's great that you can go onto a cake website and find a cake for every occasion.
I think the best thing about being in country that values your freedom and your rights - is that you have the right not to look at something that offends you - you also have the right to your opinion - and you also have the right to freedom of expression.

I am sure at some point we all have found something we did not like about a cake on this website - if we sensor the divorce cake then where do we draw the line?

After all it is just a cake and life goes on - when the cake is gone.

The divorce cake
by: Anonymous

I also think it is not a good idea to celebrate something like this as it is very traumatic at some stages from what I have seen. My sister has been divorced as well as my brother, it is not a pretty sight, by celebrating a separation with a cake brings on more memories and sadness.

Well that is my opinion the quicker one gets over it and moves on without bitterness the better one will be, and more healthier. One can't keep hatred inside your heart and it will eventually eat you up, if you know what I mean. But for those who prefer to celebrate it with a cake Good Luck!

by: Anonymous

I find this cake inappropriate and offensive. I was divorced 5 days ago. I would be horrified if my friends or family chose a cake such as this. I would, however, appreciate a cake celebrating my new beginning.

Divorce Cake
by: Erica Willingham

Recently my "hero" fighter husband left me and our three children to be with a woman he met in a bar. I took all of my vows very seriously and family means EVERYTHING to me. The divorce was devastating, but seeing my 3 children hurt was even more painful. When finally there is some relief from the pain, and you're finally not crying constantly and can "see the light," a little comic relief is fun and necessary. I love the idea and plan to do one myself. Marriage is meant to be sacred, and is for most people. But, what are we to do when the vows and commitment are chewed up and spit out? I say, "let them eat cake!"

Do Not Judge Others
by: Casey

Just as "let's be realistic" said, no one goes into a marriage expecting to be beaten, abused, neglected, lied to, cheated on, etc. You have no idea the situation the divorcee was in & you have no idea what the divorce meant to her. It could have literally saved her life for all we know. If this is what she needed, or requested, for her party, then I am glad she got it. Do not judge others by the cake they make (or receive). Be happy for her for accepting her new life with humor & a light heart. Don't dwell on the negative or allow your grief to consume you.

As for the cake itself. Bravo! It is fabulous. The finished product is bakery quality. I would have thought this was store bought! Great work and I hope the decorator continues to have occasions to make a variety of cakes.

This a cake site, right?
by: Laura T.

While I am a little uncomfortable with the fact that it looks like the bride killed the groom, and I agree with those who have said they would not want their kids to see this cake, it is a very well decorated and creative cake!

This is a site about sharing ideas for amazing cakes. I have personally spent many hours on this site and have used many ideas put forth by others. I have also contributed several of my own ideas. That is what this site is about! Not your religious convictions. If this or any other cake offends you, don't look at, and don't put down others who where not offended!

More than a cake, a symbol, and a bad one
by: Anonymous

I have no problem with a divorce cake. After a bad marriage, moving on should be a positive thing in life. Why not make it positive with the woman standing alone on the cake, smiling and other positive things symbolized on it. Being so negative is not a great way to start out a new life.

And it's not "just a cake". It's a symbol. Maybe if people took that into consideration a little more often the world would be a better place. If it were shaped like a man or woman's private parts or some worse vulgarity, would that be OK too, cuz it's just a cake, right? Not!


People deal with things in different ways. I have a friend who rented a limo to drive to court when she was getting a divorce! Anyways, If you don't like the cake, don't make it! Obviously SOME people like it. I think it's great and I've been happily married for 10 years. That's fine if you don't approve but not everyone is going to agree with you and you have to be accepting to that.

by: You've got to be kidding

This isn't a site about morals or beliefs. It's about CAKES! It's not like the cake is the shape of a cross. I think religious beliefs should be left out. People are allowed to celebrate whatever and however they want. If you want to preach about the sacredness of marriage, go someplace else. Sooner or later you'll realize that IT'S JUST A CAKE! Nobody says that you have to make it or agree with it. It's just another idea that someone came up with. Divorce happens. People can deal with it however they want. I like it BTW.

by: Donna

Okay it is JUST A SOME LIKE - LOVE and are PRAISING it.....yes, we are living in America and thank God, free speech still prevails - but don't you tell me or imply to me or anyone else that finds offense or is saddened or in anyway finds offense by saying "please people, it's just a cake, wonderful talent, etc." when BLOOD is oozing down the side of it! I'm all for having a little fun and honestly, if the blood had been left off the cake, would too, have found it to be VERY funny! And talent or no talent, it would be hilarious! But don't any of you demoralize someone else for finding offense with the cake. If YOU want blood on your cake - USE IT! But don't publish it all to see.

by: Anonymous

I don't think the idea of the divorce cake is all that bad. Clever to think of the idea, and it could help people with the whole grieving process, or the fact that the grieving process is over...whatever.

On that note I agree with marriage being sacred and shouldn't be taken lightly but divorce is a fact of life for some people.

I just think the cake is GROSS. Why does it have to be so violent. I know divorce isn't pretty but it doesn't have to be bloody death, YUCK!

That's the part the bothers me, great work just GROSS!

Beautiful Cake
by: Anonymous

It's a cake. And a brilliantly designed cake at that. At some point, this is how you feel during a divorce. Kudo's to you for posting this beautiful creation.

by: Martha

I paused and then chuckled a little when I saw this cake. The blood was a bit extreme. The concept was funny and I'm sure there will be plenty more cake entries in the near future. Having its own "Catagory" section was a great idea. I hope this cake was helpful to the person who received it.

Great Cake
by: Anita Weave

People always have cake at a celebration. And as sad as it is to see a couple get divorced, it could have been a long time coming and what better way to celebrate than with cake!

Divorce Cake
by: Meryl

I have been happily divorced for 4 years. My wonderful children came from that marriage but that was all. My divorce was final on Valentine's day and I will cherish that day forever. Marriage is sacred yes, but not everyone that marries does it for the right reason. People who are married don't need to look at the cake, and pretend everything is perfect in their marriage. Divorcees will love it.

very dissapointed
by: Melinda

I agree with many that believe marriage is sacred and you get a cake to celebrate. I would not want a special celebration cake for a divorce. The cake is just nasty and I am very sad to see it.

We ARE living in a free world, aren't we?
by: Anonymous

I DO NOT have a problem with this cake.

What I DO have a problem with everyone who is basically saying that if THEY find this cake offensive, then NO ONE should look at it.

That is censorship.

THAT is offensive.

No different than Halloween
by: Anonymous

I don't want to drag anyone else's cakes into this heated debate, but I must point out that if you go to the Halloween section you will find 2 very bloody, graphic, gory cakes that no one has any problem with. (eyeball & rats eating brain)

If this cake had been submitted as a Halloween cake, no one would have ever noticed it, let alone start a riot over it.

The "problem" with this cake is not the graphics or "symbolism" but rather individual personal beliefs. I do not want any censorship applied to this (or any other) cake site, so please keep in mind that this forum is for sharing cakes & tips on decorating.

Relabel it or restrict access
by: Anonymous

Goodness me! I actually found the cake quite shocking. I think it had to do with all the blood as I'm extremely squeamish. That might have been "overkill" (excuse the pun). However, I have also found some of the colours and ideas used in other cakes on this website shocking and distasteful. It's a matter of choice.

I loved the idea of the wife figure pushing the husband figure off the cake very funny, although I wouldn't actually have him looking physically hurt! Particularly appropriate if he was the one who hurt her, but there's always two sides to every story, isn't there? On that note, I'll say, Good job. Well done. Each to their own!

I'm a New Zealander - are Halloween cakes as shocking, or is there no such thing?

There are some valid points brought up above - perhaps you should consider your silent and susceptible viewers, particularly children, and restrict access to controversial and/or shocking cakes. Perhaps you could soften the impact a little with some kinder examples of divorce cakes.

If everyone was as creative sharing their cake decorating as their personal opinions, wouldn't that be something!

Divorce Cake
by: Nicky

Hi Elad - I think you should leave the cake on the website and never pull it off - I am not divorced and here is the reason why I think you should leave as it is:

If I like black and you like white, should that make us mortal enemies. I apply this same reasoning to my everyday life that is why I have orthodox Jewish, Christian, Roman Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, and Sikh friends. If they have a different opinion from mine and, for example, like the divorce cake that does not mean that I will jump on them for being distasteful and tell them they can not have a party and celebrate after leaving their spouse with such a wonderful confection.

That is what they choose to do. (Not my choice but theirs) I loved the Ford ad that featured the divorced father being dropped off but most Americans found it distasteful - funny I thought when the divorce statistics in the US are among the highest anywhere in the world and that the nuclear family or cereal packet family is hardly the norm but again my opinion was not shared by others because the ad was soon pulled off TV.

It seems people look for every reason to criticize one another these days. If someone likes the divorce cake and you find it distasteful - there is no reason for you to look at it or consider making one but if you find it tasteful (in design and flavor) then by all means make yourself one. (Whether it is the lady or man at the bottom who cares!)

Now we just need one for the men
by: Anonymous

I'm going through an unwanted divorce right now so this made it a little easier to deal with. Just need one from the man's point of view now.

New beginnings
by: Angela

A bit graphic, but hey, that's life. I am going thru a divorce at the moment, and would like to know something. Can I buy this cake thru mail order or do I have to make it myself? lol. I don't want my ex dead, I see this cake as the death of my marriage and beginning of a new life. Anyway, it put a smile on my face, so thank you.

The person that made this cake has a real talent.

by: Angie

Yes, marriage is not to be entered lightly and it is sacred to MOST, but not everyone. People can change after marriage, marry or stay married because of children or many other reasons. If you want to celebrate a divorce than more power to you, if it helps the healing go for it.

If it offends you than don't go back to look at it and don't talk about it because that will cause more comments and more comments means more people looking - thus you helped maybe 100's or 1000's of others to see it. You are advertising for the cake. Think about how many people you have all ready told. Get over it there are much more important things in life and there isn't a thing you can do about it.

BTW - I LOVE IT!! I would make it for a friend who was divorcing or even getting rid of a crappy boyfriend or girlfriend. My male friends would love this cake when they split with a girl. Laughter is good for you.

Get over it!
by: Nicole D

I am a big cake lover and consequently think that any event can be celebrated with cake! This is not about this person forcing us to love their cake, but a personal contribution to their friend and recognition of the hard time they have been through! By putting it on your website, it might just cheer up someone else who is going through the same situation and putting a smile on their face. For those who don't think it is appropriate "Get over it"

by: Anonymous

This cake is so cool... I wanted to have a divorce party for my fiance when he got the papers through... Would have been a perfect cake to have considering how PSYCHO the ex is! And for those people that are complaining about how bad this cake is, I think they just need to get a life, its only a cake for gods sake.. Love all of your cakes they are GREAT! Keep up all the great work!

I love it ...
by: Sharon

We don't know the story behind the divorce so why such negative comments - not everyone stays together forever and sometimes these people are better off not being together.

I think the cake it absolutely fantastic and certainly would have lightened the mood - I bet even the groom would have smiled if he saw it, I know my husband would see the comic side of it - not that I want to have to go down that road. Keep up the good work you are a very talented person.

Each to their own...
by: Anonymous

Some people don't celebrate birthdays, some don't do christenings, some don't agree with the Easter bunny or Halloween - but we don't see negative comments about the purpose behind those cakes.

I have a friend who recently celebrated her divorce by going out to lunch with her ex-husband - I know this cake would bring a smile to her face.

I think the cake is fantastic and very well done!

by: Anonymous

I know some of you may be offended by this cake because, yes, marriage is sacred but obviously, you've never been divorced. Some people are not fortunate enough to find someone to cherish them forever. As someone who was "dumped" for another woman, this cake would have been a reason to smile and maybe hang out with some girlfriends during the truly horrible time which is divorce. So for all you high and mighty who hate this cake, you may want to put yourself in someone else's shoes before judging and calling out God.

very creative!
by: Anonymous

This cake is very creative, and since this is a cake website (not a forum on marriage & divorce), it should find a place in an "adult" category.

A lot of marriages fail and a lot of people celebrate the fact that their divorce is final. But, to go to the extent of having all the blood and obvious death included in the cake is a bit overboard - especially if there are children involved. The design could have stopped at seeing the groom pushed off the top of the cake and landing on his behind - with no blood! That would be just as comical.

by: Anonymous

well it wasn't what I had pictured in my mind and I am kinda like oh, OK, I guess she was really mad!!! LOL. I think its great, sad, funny all in one its a creative outlook into their situation just like painting a pic yet this outcome is a yummy one!!

by: Anonymous

Celebrating a divorce is not really something I can see doing. Though the cake is very funny, I wouldn't be so proud of this event. Divorce is not something to be celebrated. It's sick that anyone would have a divorce party. But to each their own!

I like it but...
by: Michele Herbon

I like the idea of a divorce cake. Divorce is no laughing matter, but if you are OK with your divorce and someone wants to throw you a party, well then a cake is fine. HOWEVER, I do not agree with the blood. It looks like a MURDER cake and not a divorce one, haha. Seriously though, just shoving him off the cake would have been enough, don't you think?

Divorce Cake
by: Anonymous

I have gone through a divorce and it is very painful. I do not wish anyone to have to go through that. If it helped someone get through a trying time and brought a smile to someone then it worth it. I think the cake is awesome very creative!

I like it
by: Anonymous

While I think the blood is a bit much - I love the idea of the cake. My parents have just recently divorced after 8 years of separation and 37 years of marriage. If I was creative I would do something like this for my dad. (I scoured the internet for an ecard for him but that's about as creative as I get.) I am married and believe in our vows but I also think sometimes divorce is the best idea for everyone involved and I think it is an individual decision. I applaud this woman's friends for standing by her and supporting her in what must be a very difficult time in her life.

by: Anonymous

How great!!! Divorce is hard and sad and many things... but sometimes we just need to celebrate the fact that we lived through it! We rarely celebrate our strength and determination - you go girl!!! I think we should take the cake in the spirit it is offered - bad things happen, and if we can't eventually laugh about them, we'll never get past them.

by: Anonymous

The first reason is a dead husband with blood every where just says you murdered him or you want to so that is awfull! That person has to be crazy to put something like that on a cake!

I think this is sad
by: Heather Ross

I don't know why anyone would ever want a cake with a dead guy on it. I have seen many divorces in my family and none of which we celebrated with a cake. The worst part of this is it makes it all too common. I feel badly for every person who has had any part of a divorce including and much more for the children! they are the ones who get no say and have to deal with it for the rest of their lives. Now to see a cake... I wonder what they would say. Not to you of course because they wouldn't say much to your face.

As a child who went through a divorce you have to teach yourself to keep your mouth closed and be strong for your parents, side with them when needed and never show any real feelings. So to the person who made this cake...

I'm sorry for the pain you must be feeling and I'm sorry that you have to deal with so much more to come. However I don't feel making a cake and trying to make a joke out of it will help anyone. Lets be honest, everyone around you knows you are hurting don't try to hide it just be honest so you can move on and they can too.

The cake is sad
by: Anonymous

I thought this was sad. I would be devastated if someone sent this to me during my divorce. I would never send this to someone.

Divorce and blood don't mix!
by: D from Florida

I think the idea is sort of cute/funny for the right person... The blood was not so amusing and really made me pause for a moment.

Soo Great!
by: Anonymous

I wish someone gave me a cake like that when I got divorced 10 years ago!!! I love it... however, I am now happily in my 2nd marriage.

Too Violent for me!!
by: Anonymous

Violence is never acceptable. In South Africa too many people die every day in similar situations - mostly women.

Get divorced by all means - but murder is no laughing matter. And yes - it is just a cake. Maybe she could have vomited on him!! Equally revolting but a lot less violent.

by: Anonymous

They say laughter is the best medicine. And after any divorce there should be grieving, then healing, laughter should be part of that healing process.

Since Divorce is so common, divorce cakes should be allowed. And anyone who thinks this is a bad idea for a cake should look up the origins on other cakes and festivities, does it make sense that we are still following the pagan festivities our forefathers did - we just renamed some.

Divorce Cake
by: Anonymous

Everyone needs to stop taking things so serious I think the divorce cake is funny, so everyone needs to get a grip!

Depends on the company you keep
by: Valerie

My divorce cake would have had a magic wand sticking out of his behind and his doves pooping on him! It's just like telling dirty jokes... they're fine in the right company.

Maybe cake decorating companies should make a set of bride/groom figures with one or the other sitting with their chin in their hands and the other cheering for divorce/new beginning cakes.

I like the macabre. I love the cake (WITH the blood). You don't have to. So there.

Non-violent cake might help kids
by: Anonymous

I was intrigued by the "divorce cake" headline and had to see it. I don't care for the blood & violence of this cake personally, but I'm sure some find it amusing (I hope humorous adults only!).

I remember when my parents divorced when I was 7 yrs old -- I was confused that there was not some sort of funeral-type ceremony. Since my parents were married in church, it seemed logical to me that they should need an opposite ceremony to get un-married. I wonder if some sort of cake could be helpful to children going through a divorce? Certainly without the macabre humor of the one pictured, but something to mark the end of the family structure as it was, and looking forward to the post-divorce family structure.

Too bloody!
by: Palo Alto, CA

Great idea but could do without the blood and it still would make the point. The blood is gruesome. I guess in this age of violence on TV, people may be numb to it but I think it is too much.

Divorce cake...
by: Anonymous

I love the cake, I am happily married to the guy of my dreams and I am all for marriage. But its just a cake. Divorce is a serious matter, but sometimes laughter is the best way to get over a hard situation. And this cake...(just a cake) is funny! So I love it!

Divorce Cake
by: Anonymous


I personally don't disagree in the fact of baking or decorating a cake that celebrates divorce. People have different ways of dealing with sad situations. I just think the cake is not tasteful, its cheesy and its not creative. Its aggressive and not pretty.

get over the blood
by: Anonymous

everyone get over the blood this cake is AWESOME i love the idea, especially the guitars!

Divorce Cake
by: Chantale

Unfortunately divorce happens. I think this cake was a good idea. Time to look toward the future and make the best of what you have. Enjoy!

better choices
by: Anonymous

I can think of many less violent ways to celebrate the start of a new beginning.

Divorce Cake
by: Kristin

Hmmmm....I'm not sure how I feel about this. I'm not opposed to divorce, and I know that it is devastating, but this cake is pretty extreme. I do have a very well developed sense of humor, but this is an extremely sad cake to me. If I was serving this cake, I would most likely be laughing threw my tears. Maybe that's the point.

Have it Your Way
by: Divorced once, now happily married

As is evident by the huge response received over this cake, everyone has their own opinion on whether divorce should be celebrated or mourned. I say whatever works for the individual(s) involved is the way to go! Everyone handles things in their own way and it most certainly isn't up to anyone else to judge since they are not walking in that person's shoes, so to speak. Back to what this site is about -- CAKE! Technique is very creative and the mere fact that a wedding cake topper is used as a divorce cake topper is quite ironic. Let's discuss the cake and leave the morality comments in the 19th century where they belong.

by: Patty N.

Yes, divorce is a sad occurrence, nobody gets married with divorce in mind. A party and cake like this is a great way for friends and family to show support, while offering a little humor to help get through such a horrible time. Personally, my ex-husband was at my divorce party, and we both had a great time. Of course it is not appropriate for all couples and situations.

by: Anonymous

So, if I murder my neighbor's dog for defecating in my yard and then did a dead-dog cake with blood and all, that would be okay? I wonder if you should also open a "rated x" birthday cake section. I am very disappointed.

Great cake
by: cleveland cakelady

This is a great cake! The ONLY thing I would agree with some or most of the people is lose the blood. Other than that it is a great cake that makes a statement of what most people are dealing with right now, GOOD JOB!

C'mon now.......It's just a cake........
by: Anonymous

Geez...It's just a cake. Sometimes after all of the sadness all you can do is laugh. I think it took a lot of creativity to come up with the design and actually be able to execute it in such a vivid way. People need to quit sweating the small stuff.

Some people are better off after divorce!
by: Anonymous

I love this cake although I don't want the man to die. but its not really the man dying, its symbolic of the man in the marriage dying! My dad was not really there for me I don't really have a relationship with him, and I'm really happy my parents are divorced! So all you people who think its tragic and horrible, you should look at it from other people's perspective.

Yes, it's a cake...
by: Anonymous

Yes, it's a cake. I doubt anyone would think otherwise. Well, why do we usually have cakes? To CELEBRATE an event or occasion?!! I'm sure those that create or purchase such cakes don't intend to offend others, but why contribute to the pervasive view that divorce is a liberation from an oppressive institution, not a break up of a sacred trust? One more thing to think about... do you think the children of the divorced would say, "It's just a cake!".

Divorce cake
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry but I did not like this particular rendition of a divorce cake. It seemed more suited to a Halloween-themed cake. There are so many mean-spirited negative images, songs, etc. out there, that I still feel that cakes should represent the more positive things in life. But if it gave the divorcee some comfort, then more power to her. But I hope this does not become a trend in cake decorating.

Love It!
by: Anonymous

This cake is amazing! I know many people do not like it, and I can see why. However, it's humorous and it's just a CAKE for goodness sakes!

The blessed event of marriage has ended so what is the problem?
by: Anonymous

I have been married 3 times, and not because I don't value the union of marriage. I am presently in a perfect relationship, but the other two well... It was me with the blood on my body and not the man so I think anyway to get over a hard time in life is to try and find humor.

Hopefully everyone will try the humor in life and not be so hard core unchanged. Life changes, God has a plan for everyone. When we get married it is our choice, not God's... so maybe we should admit that we sometimes make mistakes and can learn to start over and try again. Hence this cake is a beginning..

Tooooo Cooool
by: Elizabeth

Ive been divorced for a few years. Where was this when I needed it? I could have used a sweet distraction.

keep it positive
by: ceinwen

Divorce cakes are great part of reclaiming your identity but I must admit I find this one a bit macabre. I personally prefer ones that celebrate going forward and introducing the new liberated you.

It's just a cake
by: Nicole

I think the cake is very well done. If it fit the occasion, I don't see anything wrong with it. Yes, it sucks that people get divorced but it does happen. I really don't see why everyone is getting so upset about it.

Reality bites, but it's still reality.
by: Anonymous

Personally, I love the cake. It's funny and I have heard of people having divorce parties, so now they have a cake. There is an audience of those of us who are a bit jaded who will love the cake. Keep it up.

Sad but too often true
by: Anonymous

Having been divorced before and now happily married I can appreciate the sentiment behind this cake. When one is unhappily married, wishing (as awful as it is to say) that the husband would just die, I can completely see the significance of just such a cake. Is it sad? Yes, divorce is sad and it is often times quite bloody! If someone can embrace this very difficult choice with a little humor, more power to them!

Boody Brilliant
by: Anonymous

Hey Kimberley, Take no notice of all these people getting worked up over your cake. It is amazing, a genius idea, and I'm a child of a divorced family and I absolutely love it! People are taking this way too far. It's bloody brilliant!

by: Nuala

Divorce is a relatively new addition to the Irish circuit so anyone I know who has gone through it has had much reason to celebrate. The grandmother up above is as entitled to her opinion as anyone else and maybe she was one of the lucky ones where marriage was a blessing.

My parents are 84 and 90 years old and they have been married for 65 years. I, however, am the youngest in a family of eight children and two of my sister's marriages failed. One had a legal separation about 25 years ago, she'd been beaten within an inch of her life and lived in terror of him even after a legal separation was granted.

The other sister's husband was a bone idle lazy drunk but her divorce was in the UK and swift.

I never married but have been to many a divorce party and all of them were very upbeat, women who had been through the mill for way too long celebrating closure.

"Let them eat cake!" I say, and if it's as humorous and expertly done as the one above, all the better!

My tuppence worth...
I'm off now :)


on no
by: Anonymous

this seems to be a regret. We seem to laugh at ourselves at the wrong time. Where was the creativity in the marriage? Let's celebrate our accomplishments not our failures. Use these good ideas for good intentions.

by: Tania

I must say that is very amusing and all done in jest. Divorce is a big part of our society now wether we like it or not. I have been to about 5 divorce parties and its good to see a friend with a smile on there face after such a sad time. Not everybody stays happily ever after. Top idea!!!

by: Elad


At this point in the discussion I decided to blur the cake and explained my decision in THIS issue of our newsletter...

You've all been really great in sharing your thoughts!


by: Anonymous

I think this cake is very creative. You may not agree with it, But I am guessing if you don't agree with the cake you may of not been thru a divorce. Not all divorces are the same! I understand.

But in this situation it was probably just wanted the girl friend needed.

Just like we all grieve a death differently, everyone deals with divorce differently.

I know a few friends going thru divorce now and some would love this and others wouldn't.

by: Denise - Los Angeles, CA

It's all in fun. I personally wouldn't have one of these cakes, but I think they're hilarious! It's called "FREEDOM OF SPEECH," etc. You have the freedom to look, the freedom to not look and the freedom to speak your mind, which some of you have done.

You don't like it, I don't care, and we've all shared our views and these are mine... GET OVER IT, and don't look at them.

The words were "DIVORCE CAKES," so those of you that don't believe in divorces, violence, etc., shouldn't have even opened the link and looked at them. You knew when you saw the "D" word that it wasn't going to be pretty. Well actually, they are pretty creative.

by: Jen

I understand that some people's divorce is a devastating part of life, but this cake is very humorous, and sometimes humor can get you through the tough emotional times.. Kudo's to you portraying a lot of women's emotional feelings after a bad divorce, and vice versa for men I'm sure too... Better a cake then a real crime scene.. lol!

divorce cake is great!
by: Anonymous

I thought the cake was awesome. Very creative. I've never been through a divorce but know quite a few who have and this is perfect to take to someone who is going through one and put a smile on her face.

It's Really Just a Cake...
by: Anonymous

In experiencing a close friend of mine right now going through a divorce, it is a hard time on everyone. This cake would be a fun way to celebrate the drama being over in one's life and being able to move on. I wouldn't think there would be children invited to this type of party, so I wouldn't worry on what they are thinking when seeing this cake. Plus I don't look at the cake like the women killed him, the man could have just fallen and is bleeding, heavily. Gotta take every negative situation in life and put a positive spin on it. Life is too short!

It's just a cake. Nothing more, nothing less and I think the idea is too good! I Love the Cake!

U Go Girl!
by: Anonymous

I think this cake is hilarious!!

Not everybody had a perfect marriage...
by: Anonymous

You know with respect to everyone who has very valid opinions on marriage and everything that should go into a good one, I think we all have to agree that not every marriage is a good one and some are REALLY BAD. If you were unfortunate enough to be in a really bad marriage, you should be able to celebrate that you ended it and are moving on to hopefully find a good, healthy relationship. I've been divorced, and a good friend of mine just got divorced this week. I sent her a picture of this cake and she thought it was hilarious. It cheered her up. So live, and let live. It's not for everyone, but that's okay too.

by: Anonymous

I only wish I would have had one at my divorce party!

each divorce....
by: Christine

Each divorce means something different to the people that are involved. Some are angry, some are heartbroken, some are relieved and some are in shock. Either way... you don't get out of a divorce the same way that you got in your marriage.

This cake is a great way for those that are angry to express their feelings.

I'm sure it is NOT intended to hurt anyone's feelings in any way that may have been heartbroken about their own divorce.

Have some humor... these girls did. and laughter is a GREAT way to start healing...

Love It
by: Rene

Sure divorce is a tragedy, but if something like this can put a smile on your face, then so be it.

What a cake!
by: Amie

I like the cake. Sure, the blood may be a little too much for some, but maybe this particular bride had a very difficult time with her ex. Maybe it's not depicting a murder so much as it's just depicting her thought process. I know I felt like killing my ex several times during our relationship as well as our divorce (and sometimes even still).

As for people giving religious advice and lectures here, it's uncalled for. It's a cake. Not a pulpit. Keep your messages in the church.

And the ones who tell you you shouldn't have it on your site, who are they? This is your site. Do with it what you want. How else are you going to let people know that it's something you offer? You've already blurred it on the main page. You warn them that it includes a groom fallen (or pushed) off the cake and that there's blood. If they don't want to see it, they don't need to click the link.

I think it's a great cake and sure, while I celebrated my own divorce by getting married to the best man (what a cake that would have been!) this can be perfectly appropriate for some. Who's to say there were kids in the marriage? Who's to say that the bride and groom weren't the only ones effected directly? It's no one's place to put the judgment down on you for a specialty cake.

Power to you and power to the bride for moving on with her life.

CSI: Las Vegas Divorce??
by: Anonymous

Wow, looks like a crime scene from CSI! Disturbing, but hey, if you don't like it don't open it up to look at it I guess! Married 10+ years, don't know what divorce is like and from the looks of it I don't think I want to know!! Yikes!

by: Anonymous

I think its beautiful!

My wife gave me a dead plant for our divorce... I sold the bottom half of her wedding dress as window toppers!

Think about it..
by: Tams

I'm sure this cake wasn't given to someone that was grieving their divorce. I'm sure the recipient of the cake was happy with it and that's what matters. It's not for any one person to decide if the cake is "right" or not, it's up to the people that are involved with each circumstance. Not all divorce is horribly unhappy or unwanted.

If the shoe fits.....
by: pad113

I have been divorced and that cake hits the spot! I have now been married to my high school sweetheart for over 30 years and we have 5 wonderful children and 5 awesome grandkids.

I see no need to get uptight about a cake. It may not work for you but it does for others just like some people may be upset at an over the hill cake. To each his own.

People who have nothing else to do but complain would be the same ones who would think Devils food cake should not be serves as the devil made it or some such other ridiculous idea.

Just do what you feel is right. It is your site and you are entitled to do whatever you want. When they decide to pay for your expenses - then they can say whatever they want! The end.

Don't Make it
by: DivorcedDiva

Seriously, it is just a cake. If you don't like it, then fine. This world would be a lot better off if people would stop appointing themselves the moral compass for us all.

Yes, divorce is sad. If you've never gone through it, you don't even know how sad. I've been there and believe me, a cake like this might have been the thing I needed to bring a smile to my face when I needed it the most.

wow cool cake idea but
by: Anonymous

maybe minus the blood shed ... Why not take the girl with the hands around the neck or something but ... As I said Great Cake...

maybe, maybe not
by: Kerrigan

I think you have so much talent and creativity. The cake was funny, but maybe a bit too graphic for me, personally, but that's my opinion. When I'm ready for a divorce cake, I will definitely call you. Thanks for seeing the bright side!

by: Deanna

I actually think this is great!
I LOVE Shanna Moakler (get well soon Travis)

I'm sure even he thought it was funny and laughed WITH her over it seeing as how they never really broke up!

Anyway, I think it's great... like the saying goes...

'Sometimes you gotta laugh to keep from crying'

I think this is the perfect example of trying to do that.

Divorces tend to cause a lot of anger and this is a way to make the transition a little easier by looking at it like a 'celebration of a new beginning'.

I do not find anything wrong with that at all!

BTW... I have been happily married for 17 years, but if anything happens, I'll def order one (LOL!)!

Great Job!
by: Tanya

Most of these comments make me ill! IT'S A CAKE! For those of you who are pitching a fit over a cake design probably have never beaten or abused by a husband, let alone divorced! Is the emotional and physical abuse part of a marriage sacred as well?

Getting a divorced was the highlight of my marriage and well worth celebrating. It was a start of something new for me. Isn't new beginnings something to celebrate? New children, new jobs, new homes, etc., etc. Had I not gotten divorced when I did, who knows where it would have ended up. Would you rather see a cake of that? If I had an opportunity for a little bashing via a cake you better bet that I would have jumped at the opportunity. If this is the worse thing this bride did surrounding her marriage, she probably earned it!

I say let's see more divorce cakes!

There was a need
by: Maria

I agree it's sad that people are getting divorced but what better way to cheer up a friend who is going through a difficult time than with cake! Don't we serve cake at baby showers and funerals? So why not at a divorce party. Hey why not make a cake in the shape of a snake with a man's head on it!

by: Anonymous


I've read most of the comments posted and agree with each of them for their own merit. Having said that. NOT ENOUGH VIOLENCE! Reason being that someone's life has been violated. Death do us part is supposed to be the only reason marriage ends. Knowing that your life, your children's has been divorced (a separation for things that were or ought to be connected) for any other reason would make your blood boil!

Art is supposed to express feelings and this cake is pretty tame to the emotions a violated marriage can produce. I would rather see this cake display that violence and anger than that a person would actually act on these feelings.

I'm a Christian, I don't believe in violence, I don't believe in divorce. I'm also divorced and my marriage partner violated me. I think you did an amazing job in creating this cake!

To all those out there belittling this artist who's expression is tame to emotions I personally experienced! I don't think you have ever experienced such feelings at someone else. Thank God for self control at a time when you would not want it.

Divorce is not a reason to celebrate. Surviving a divorce is!! Thank you.

Divorce is what you make it!
by: Anonymous

Love it!

If it is too graphic heck change it up a little. I can remember when a cousin divorce was final she had a limo pick her up at the courthouse with a stream of cans and on the back window was written "happily divorced". The limo took her to a local hotel where she had rented a banquet room for her divorce reception. Life is what you make it! She had been unhappy for so long she just wanted to start fresh! Instead of feeling bad she did something to make her happy and guess what, her ex and her ended up friends and great parents for the kids!

by: Anonymous

I think it is great! But I understand some people are super sensitive and some just don't have a sense of humor!

how violent!
by: Veronica

I think it's a bit agressive, ha!ha! but funny at the same time. I loved the dress but in my humble opinion the blood was unnecessary. I would have made something more hopeful, like a new beginning or something.

celebrate divorce
by: Anonymous

Divorce isn?t sad. It is sad when people stay together and make everyone around them miserable. I love the idea of a divorce cake. A new beginning in life should be celebrated. I wouldn?t pick this particular one. But to each there own. If you don?t like it don?t buy it.

Divorce cake
by: SB

I think it is kind of funny! The blood is a little much for me, but I like the concept!

come down
by: Anonymous

it's only a cake, you see worse on TV. Can anyone take a joke these days?

not really divorce
by: Anonymous

personally i wouldn't use it. Looks more like a murder than a divorce and who says its only the male at fault? Kind of funny cake, though.

All good fun!
by: Aussiemum

Aw come on - it's a good bit of fun. Using humour to get over a painful period in one's life is normal. Just like heading out with the mates (girls or guys) to let your hair down at the pub after a split so what harm is this? I'd probably be the one making it for a friend if they needed a chuckle. Maybe if more people used humour to get over things like this we'd have a lot fewer miserable divorcees!

everyone needs to get a sense of humour
by: Rachael

I got divorced had a party and yes I made a cake. If you've been in a miserable marriage for awhile getting divorced is something to celebrate. You can cry about it or you can celebrate it - life is to short to cry about it. The cake is awesome!

by: Anonymous

i am not sure what all the fuss is if you don't like it don't look at it! People need to face it, People get divorced and if this will make them happy so be it.

Some people have to much time on their hands to sit around and find something to complain about! Good luck with the Web site! Your cakes are great!

Divorce cake...
by: Anonymous

Two thoughts:

(1) Sad you had to slaughter him to get rid of him, divorce is too easy these days!

(2) Did you have to break the guitars? They didn't do it!

Divorce cake, yes! So gruesome, NO!

On the 'yah' team
by: Anonymous

A 'shock', yes - but nevertheless, great. Why not?

After trying so hard and so long in a marriage, you have to move on or life can remain as bad as it was in a bad marriage.

Celebrate every new phase of life with a coolest cake!

divorce cake
by: denise

wish I had this cake when I got my divorce. It would have made a big hit with co-workers!

the DIVORCE cake
by: Anonymous

I think it could be a great lifter upper for someone who has had a raw deal. Just the blood should have been left off - perhaps replaced with rather the ex sitting on a cactus. That really hurts but isn't violent.

by: Anonymous

I don't care for the blood.

It could have been done a little more tasteful especially if kids were involved in the divorce. I still believe in divorce cakes, divorce parties, etc. Its good to celebrate a new beginning.

by: beccabo

I can't believe that someone would make light of such a horrible situation. That just shows how bad society has become!

by: Anonymous

The cake is great... I don't know why people would get upset. It's a cake.

divorce cake? OK
by: Anonymous

I don't see why there needs to be a big deal about this cake. Divorce is never easy, so why not put a little light into such a dark situation?

by: Anonymous


do not look if you get offended easily
by: Anonymous

I understand the controversy, but after all this site is really for adults and no one forces them to look at any cakes they do not want to look at. But the cake is quite nice with all the extra things on it.

Hilarious! you have to make one the other way around.
by: MarieB

Hilarious! you have to make one the other way around. :)

I'm very conservative but obviously this is something to be celebrated with adults only not children around. This is comical, it expresses a lot of emotion and takes the edge off. Humor is the best cure!

Thanks for not displaying the picture for all to see. very tactful, classy. Love you website!
Marie B

Cool, but a bit bloody!
by: Kristen

I like the divorce cake! So many people are ending bad marriages and coming out better and stronger people, that I think this is called for. I don't know if you have to go through all the trouble of putting it in a separate "blurred" section. I believe in personalizing cakes to the customer / recipient; and this sounds like it was perfect!

by: Patti

When I saw the picture of the cake, I almost peed my pants. that is the funniest cake I have ever seen! Way to go! That was some serious thinking on your feet! Great Job!

by: Anonymous


No Celebration
by: Leanne

Divorce is not something to celebrate. An egregious break in a covenant relationship is always a sad thing. It's in very poor taste, much as it would be tactless to celebrate a robbery or a murder or a natural disaster.

Geez, it's a cake!!!
by: Mari G

I think people are taking this way too serious. It is a cake & that's all it is. Like a few people have already said, sometimes one person is feeling grim about their divorce and a cake like this can lighten it up. Yes a marriage can be sacred but that's not the debate here. The wedding cake wasn't sacred, the marriage was and if it doesn't work out, you're either content or ticked off about it in most cases, sooooo why not have a cake to laugh it off. Chill people. Again, it's a cake! Good job to those who create these and put a smile on people's faces!!! I'm definitely adding them on my site! LOL

by: Anonymous

This cake is awesome! Humor has to be involved in every part of our lives so why not divorce! Keep the cake on your website :o) I would have loved to have a cake when my first marriage fell a part... closure! and maybe smashing the cake on my x would have been fun too.

Not too sure...
by: Chris Tobeck

I thought that it was a unique idea, though it just may have been a little exaggerated with the bright red blood. In fact, the whole idea of him kind of expiring was a bit too much. Divorce may not have to go to that extreme, especially as a visual on something that is meant to be more of symbolism of a celebration.

Divorce cake controversy
by: Anonymous

This cake wouldn't be on my list of 'have to make' but it is humorous, but I have never been through a 'bloody divorce' either. I think your site is great with lots of ideas but my thinking is that there would be a lot less stress and conflict if things were taken with a grain of salt. I see this site as a smorgasbord where I pick what I like and leave the rest. Thanks for your efforts!

freedom of speech
by: married momma

I wouldn't make it myself but I respect that others may want it. I am married and I can understand the feelings behind it very well.

I say if you don't like it, stop looking at it. The person who made it isn't making you look at it or serve it. Lets return that respect, don't force them to follow your conservative views. I have a feeling more people then not are using this as an outlet for their anger with the world... Sometimes a cake is just a cake.

Too gory
by: Anonymous

Pretty cool actually just a little too much blood for me!

by: Anonymous

The divorce cake is funny and harmless. To each their own. The person who commented about the cake being a symbol of an ongoing feast that husband and wife partake being a sacred has never been through a divorce. Being recently divorced wherein the husband cheated with a friend, this cake is definitely the thing I needed. If only everyone saw "marriage" as sacred, divorce would not be so common.

Controversial? Whats all the fuss?
by: Marina

I loved the cake. I don't see what all of the fuss is about. I've seen books at my local book chain-store of risque books involving stripping poles, nude breasts, orgies and murder scenes. I understand that not everyone would appreciate the cake but whatever you do, don't remove it. It's still a great cake.

My mom and dad are getting a divorce (hopefully soon because it's turned into a messy and very angry process) and as much as I love my dad I like the idea of the cake and thought it funny. I was thinking about my own variation and as my dad is die-hard hunter maybe I'll use a hunting accident theme? Of course I'll make one for my dad as well but I'll have to think about a good theme for him. He's more reserved than she is. My mother's side of the family always was the more humorous.

by: Anonymous

I LOVE IT! Wish I had one this good at my divorce party.

This Cake ROCKS!
by: Amanda

This cake is by far the best I have seen. It is so creative. I am just upset I did not think of it first. I hope to see more =)

by: Anonymous

You keep saying that marriage is sacred but its not like the person who made this cake divorced anyone, she just made a cake. And who are any of you to say anything about divorce, it happens.

You keep desiging cakes, there will always be need for people who can design like that. You go girl

Divorce Cake? Yes, For Many!
by: Anonymous

Yes, divorce is a very sad situation. But many people feel such a relief getting out of a terrible union and may want to celebrate their freedom. I think a divorce cake is something that is marketable. I say keep it.

Divorce - Yes, Murder - No
by: meeky

Just a tad too much blood for me! I think the idea of the cake is great. Very creative design - especially the guitars. I think it would have been better to have him pushed off the cake without the blood. BUT I haven't been divorced. (My parents are though). I can understand giving him a punch in the face, but it really does look like the groom has been murdered!

Maybe the next cake will be a Death Row Cake? Or an 'Enjoy your prison sentence' Cake?

by: Zee U from Oman

Love the cake and love the idea of you having it on the website.

Great site - great fun.

love it
by: Shannon-Ohio

I understand that people see marriage as a beautiful and wonderful thing and it is but seriously people can you take a joke?

Divorce happens every day and if we can joke about the things in our lives and have a good time making a bad situation into a funny one then why NOT?

I loved the cake.

Great Cake
by: Anonymous

Come on people-its frosting and flour! Everyone has an opinion about something. What some find funny others don't, does that make it wrong, NO!! Everyone is different. What a cake, my sister would have loved it!!!!!

Divorce cake
by: christine


love it
by: Anonymous

Having been recently divorced...I LOVE IT!!!! I have to say my ex. would appreciate it too. There is nothing wrong with a good laugh at the expense of the person who hurt you....besides it is all in fun. I think if your heart gets broken you have the right to laugh whenever you can.


People should lighten up it's a cake!! It is not going to make or break someones marriage if it does then you shouldn't be married anyway LOL WELL DONE CAKE!!! I LOVE IT...and I am married my husband and I both love this one!! I agree with one of the comments I could use this one from time to time too LOLOL

Make Light Of It
by: Anonymous

It's funny. You have to have to have a sense of humor about everything..or you will just be unhappy and bitter.

As an X-Girlfriend of a musician, I can relate to this baker of this cake.

It's just a cake - she didn't actually do anything to the X-husband. Except brake a few toy guitars.


by: Anonymous

The lady just got divorced, what is she supposed to do, sit around and fret about how unfortunate her situation is? About how sad divorce is? About how it was supposed to be sacred? I'm sure she knows all this far far too well. So give the lady a break and let her celebrate any way she wants.

by: Anonymous

This cake reminds me of a poem.

A friend once said a man is like a deck of playing cards, you need:

a heart, to love him
a diamond, to marry him
a club, to smash his freakin head in
and a spade, to bury the bugger


by: Anonymous

I love it, I hate to say this, but this is what I wished I had had when I got divorced. Of course it would have been a big truck running over him...
the lying cheating jerk that he was!

This is an amazing cake, You go girl or guy...LOL

Didn't like it!
by: Anonymous

What a bad idea!!

by: SMISH!

I know i'm only 11 but this cake is absolutely AWESOME. i love the way that the bride is pushing the groom of the edge and i love the smashed up guitars! I understand the grandparent was so upset but it suits the occasion! Over all its AWESOME!

by: Anonymous

loved the cake, too many people who complain are the ones you create the un-needed drama.

If you don't like it, don't look!
by: Anonymous

Cake decorating is an art; an expression of PERSONAL creativity. If you do not agree with the creation of this cake, please don't look at it, and certainly do not make it. It's really that simple.

I actually think that the "kitty litter" cake is less tasteful!

love it
by: Anonymous

hahahha AWESOME cake!!!

i think is a great idea
by: annielou

how cool ,you have a big imagination my dear friend,and don't worry about what people might say,some don't have an idea of what a cake is.great work

get over yourselves
by: Brenda

I agree it is a little gross and I don't agree with divorce.... but.... I am divorced! and at the time when every thing was so yucky and you are stressed beyond belief and if feels like your world is crumbling around you .... This would of made me laugh during a very hard time and that is all it is about! Laughing and getting past it... it may not be a cake that you agree with or the situation that you would want to be in or wish for any one else...but it happens and just remember it is a cake and only cake and nothing but cake... it is very well done!

Why are people so offended!!!
by: Happily Married

I think that the person that made this cake is creative. These kinds of cakes are meant to be jokes but it seems some people lack a sense of humor. It's not like it's an abortion cake with a fetus on that would be disturbing and that's putting it lightly. Get over yourselves.

Get over it
by: Anonymous

Get over it people, it's just a cake!

by: Anonymous

I must say, for a cake this is pretty awesome! :D
Yeah, I'm a child of divorced parents, and yeah, it may hurt to see your parents get divorced, but they're only doing what makes them happier.
I won't say more, but I love the cake. :3

by: Anonymous

That is an AWFUL cake I don't know why you would make such a cake

To each his or her own ...
by: rebecca

I know this cake is being shared here so it is fair to comment what you feel but each person has a way to deal with their emotions. I'm sure this helped her to either move past a painful divorce or allowed her to laugh for the first time in a long time. It may not be my taste and it certainly wouldn't be best served in mixed company but it has a right to exist and to be shared.

I think if I were able to create a "divorce cake," I would make someone coming through a door where they are leaving a dark place behind and entering into new possibilities such as a beautiful garden. It could be done quite well in a Barbie style cake and expanding on it from there. Let's just leave Ken out of the whole situation though, k? Lol.

Everyone needs to just lighten up. I'm sure no one meant to offend you personally. Judge not lest ye be judged and all that ya know.

how funny!!!
by: Anonymous

oh you've gotta have some humor in a situation like cant grieve forever. this cake is the funniest I've ever seen. props to the baker!

Lighten Up and LAUGH a little!!
by: Jennifer W.

This cake is hilarious!! Seriously if you can't laugh at life's disappointments, it will only continue to bring you down. So Granny get with the times no one is saying that marriage isn't "sacred" we are just finding light at the end of the tunnel. Life doesn't end when you get a divorce...a new chapter begins so CELEBRATE!!:)
Happily Married for 8 years, Jennifer

He's not dead...
by: Karyn

I love the cake. It's funny and while I'm pro- marriage I am also pro-divorce if it needs be. When getting out of a bad situation it most definitely is time to celebrate. For those people whining about death and one said the ex-groom is dead; I'm, sure he just had a head wound, and everyone knows how much head wounds bleed...

Cake making is a skill
by: Kris

Ok I understand everyone can not be a Shanna Moakler and absolutely love their divorce cake, but give me a break!! All these bad comments about the cake making fun of divorce are just ridiculous. It's not taken from a real picture is it? No, so just laugh at it because that's what its supposed to do. It's just a cake people, you are looking too far into it.

Grandma, what kind of cake were you looking at that you just "HAPPENED" to stumble across this one.... just curious?

Divorce Cake
by: Anonymous

I thought it was a great cake...if anyone was offended...all I can say is: they have no sense of humor!

If I ever end up in divorce (which I hope I don't)...but if I do....I'm making a cake like that only with deer heads and wild game lying next to him!

by: Anonymous

This is the most amazing, outspoken cake I have ever seen. It is so brave to put this on a website. Good job. It's awesome!!!

Well Done!!
by: Anonymous

I think this cake is great!! I found it because I was looking at divorce cakes, I make cakes myself and my next door neighbor asked me to do one for her (its been my 1st order for 1 of those) I think its a GREAT idea!

My next door neighbor is having a divorce party at the local club for women only and for this I will be doing a pink cake with a broken ball and chain!

So I'm looking forward to this party! Well done and keep up the good work!

This cake rocks
by: Anonymous

I think that this is the best cake on the site.

LOVE IT!!!!!
by: Anonymous


I like it!
by: XvampiraX

Yeah marriage is a beautiful thing but c'mon! You're only expressing your feelings. I think it's pretty freakin funny! I love the guitars! And the way the bride looks on top of the cake. Good for you girl. I love it! :D

Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged
by: Jessica

As a Christian woman who entered into my marriage covenant as a sacred vow, it took me 8 years to leave an abusive, crazy, man because I was afraid of the judgment of people in my church. Afterward, I even had to leave my church and find another because nobody knew what was going on at the time; I hid it from everyone. Grandma, I know you didn't mean to be judgmental against people going through divorce, but sometimes divorce is something to celebrate. Not the end of a marriage, but the courage to stand up and not let another person abuse you and misuse you and torture you anymore. It takes a lot of strength in these situations to stand up for yourself, and my friends, family, and I celebrated my long-awaited strength (that DID come from God) to leave a very very bad situation.

by: Anonymous

I love this cake so much, its beautifully crafted and i love the realistic blood and the awesome guitars. And to be honest, I find the toilet cakes with the little poo's in the bottom more offensive than this.

Divorce Cake
by: Anonymous

It should stay blurred!!!

A bit much...
by: Anonymous

We all know that a marriage is sacred and that divorce is a serious and often very painful matter, particularly for the children involved. But it is also true that divorce happens and it is somewhat funny that anyone would have a party to celebrate their divorce and have a specially decorated cake to add to the celebration. In my opinion, its not that there is a cake but it is the way the cake is designed. The sad, over the top part of this cake is the blood scene, insinuating that the groom is dead. A bit too graphic and shocking. This is the only part that I think could have been left out!

Obviously some of you have never divorced
by: Tara the Terrific


You go girl!
by: Vann

Kimberly! I think this cake is amazing! Where can I buy the cake topper? You rock!!

by: Anonymous

this is an amazing cake
super funny
and a good idea to make if your best friend is hurt about a divorce. this could definitely cheer her up :)

for those of you who don't like the cake, don't make it then. keep your comments to yourself. no one cares what you think.

my compliments go to the baker ;)

this is NOT a divorce cake!
by: Anon E. Muss

This is clearly NOT a divorce cake but a MURDER cake! There are other, more healthy ways to handle divorce rather than murderous imagery. Talent is also beside the point if it is put to such destructive use. If the situation was reversed and a woman was the "victim" on the cake the outrage would sweep the country. Such depictions of violence are part of what is wrong in this country. Murder is NOT funny and should not be made light of, nor should murderous thoughts be celebrated like this. Anyone who thinks "it's just a cake" is obviously clueless, immature, and probably homicidal themselves. Y'all need therapy poeple! How would you feel if your brother or other close family member/friend was the "victim" on a cake like this, and then the murder actually happened? You folks are sick. Get therapy!

by: Shauna

I love this cake. I think it is nice and is lighthearted. When an average of 50% of marriages end up in divorce in our country, embrace it and move on. If some right wing religious people want to get down on a cake, make a difference and volunteer in some school to help restore ethics in america, in the meantime, this is the brutal truth!!

Very creative, a touch macabre
by: Jill

Hey, if the guest of honor has a sense of humor about her divorce and is throwing a PARTY to celebrate it,then why all the hub bub about this funny "cake?"

The blood is a touch much, but I think the use of the wedding cake topper is so clever in this set up!

I also agree with others that stated the kitty litter with doo doo tootsie rolls is way more visually offensive to me.

I laughed when I saw this. Divorce isn't funny, but obviously the recipient of this cake is in a party mood!

It's different!!!!
by: Anonymous

When I first saw the blurred picture I thought it was something really horrible, but then I saw it, I found it amusing. I'm not saying divorce it amusing just the cake. The maker is really talented and I can just image what their Halloween cakes look like. You did a very good job. But I don't think I'd ever need your cake, not unless I got divorced. But it was cute.

by: Anonymous

people need to grow up a little don't you think? its a cake, that all, you look at it and you eat it..

don't like it, don't look, don't buy,

you like it and want it then look at it, buy it, and then eat it with joy.


its a cake not a bomb

C= Amazing!
by: Anonymous

I agree with the other comments below! It's only a cake! If you want to celebrate being divorced then GO ALL OUT! This cake says it all! Made me smile and the comments left on it being disrespectful, it's a flippin' cake! Get a life!

Sense of Humor, Anyone?
by: Melissa

Very funny cake, and you are extra talented.
Some people need to lighten up.
From a Strong Christian with a Sense of Humor!!!

by: Emma

GREAT work !!

Stop whinging this is a bit of fun .. Get over yourselves .. If you got screwed over by the one you loved most you would wanna make this cake too instead of going to jail for actually doing it ..

GREAT work !!

by: Anonymous

Great cake I love it. You are very talented and did a wonderful job of expressing yourself. It's very sad that some people think that they can lecture others about divorce. If you haven't walked a mile in someone else's shoes then perhaps you may want to consider that this is not your life before you criticize others way of expressing themselves. Wow what an amazing place the world would be if people could learn to appreciate others as individuals and remember we are all unique and special regardless of how we choose to express ourselves. I look forward to seeing more of your "divorce cake" creations. Nothing like a good divorce party to send out the old and welcome the new 8)

by: J

First, don't equate red frosting to OJ Simpson killing his ex wife. Its an argument that a retarded 4th grader would make during a mock trail debate. It is one of the stupidest comments yet.

Second, they didn't have -this- cake at the wedding so its not tromping on the sanctity of marriage. Its a cake, my sister had a tiered cake for her graduation. Was that tromping on the sanctity of marriage because it was 3 layers instead of a sheet cake? This is not a wedding cake people, its a divorce cake, a "my ex is a scum bag and good riddance to bad rubbish" cake. Are you not allowed to eat cake if you get divorced? Is that written in the bible? No? Didn't think so. Get over it, don't like it? Then don't ask for one like it!

I'm married, happily. But if my husband were to beat me or anything worth divorce. I'd have a party too, a "I'm moving on with my life" party. It sounds a lot better than wallowing.

Lastly, I'm sure if God really was a woman she'd snicker too. All of you "God fearin' Christians" out there, if you're really Christian or whatever faith you claim to be, how dare you speak for God. How dare you claim to know what he/she thinks and feels.

-end rant

lighten up
by: Anonymous

I think the cake it great! You were just trying to cheer your friend up, way to go!

AWESOME cake!!!!
by: Anonymous

I do not think this cake is about "killing the ex", but about an ending to an unhappy marriage.

Someone said in the comments that they hope the kids, if any, were not there to partake in this party. Why would you take your kids to your divorce party??

Another person had made a comment about if they made the site, they would not put this cake on their site.. Well, it's a good thing you do not run this site then!

Say it with me now... THIS IS A CAKE SITE to get decorating IDEAS! That person had an idea, whether everyone agrees with it or not, and she posted it.

And in response to the person who said "marriage is sacred". BLAH!!! it might have been 50 years ago, but not in today's world it isn't.

My comment on the cake: I love it, great idea, excellent creativity, and excellent job!

My idea for my wedding cake (I'm not married yet), is a black cake with a fountain, the water in the fountain would be colored red (to look like blood). I want my wedding to be on Halloween, with everyone dressed up. I would be dressed like "Bride of Chucky", my husband would be dressed like "Chucky", the wedding party would be monster couples like "Frankenstein" and "Bride of Frankenstein".

by: Anonymous

seriously, its a cake. Its something that will be gone in an hour cuz someone ate it! honestly! people get worked up over nothing! Its an awesome cake, and I think her talents were put to great use. If the divorcee made it, it keeps her mind off the divorce, gives her some closer to the relationship, and some people might even pay her to make them a divorce cake. So you people that think you are all high and mighty, sorry to blow your ego, but its a cake. Get over it. There are a lot better things to do in life than freak out over a cake.

by: Amy

Divorce is a very hard thing but sometimes its the only way for both to be happy! I love this cake...why some may find it "Wrong" I find it right! I LOVE IT! I don't see how anyone could be that mad over this...its a cake!

television and cake
by: Anonymous

You people had a problem with this woman cheering up a friend over a divorce from what was probable a horrible marriage and crummy guy.
Complain about something the fact that every channel you click on has boobs and twenty year old girls bent over in bikinis. Thats distasteful and ruining marriages because television is showering men with ideas of sleeping with hordes of girls(not even women) and leaving wives out to look like rotten balls and chains who only get in the way of husband's sexual frolicking with the half dressed women on tv and in the public. Write the FCC...don't blog a cake site.
This cake was awesome. Wish I would've had you as a friend for my breakup five years ago.

by: Anonymous

its amazing how people celebrate a sad event such as a divorce. I would not wish it on my worst enemy yet some people are finding time to celebrate and even bake cake. pls turn to God, you need him.

get over it
by: amber

you people have to loosen up

by: Tiffany

I celebrate this cake, it's cooky, it's funny, it's honest. When people get divorced it usually isn't all Hollywood and "oh we'll still be friends", people want the other spouse dead.

As said a thousand times you're very talented and this is one of the best cakes you have done.

I salute you and people who don't like this cake can simply not look at it AND NOT ORDER IT IF THEY DON'T LIKE IT.

It has nothing to do with G-d or Jesus. IT'S A CAKE and anyone who fails to see that has some serious mental issues- especially if they bring g-d or morals into it...

by: Anonymous

As far bringing God/Jesus into it, if one believes in Him, He encompasses your whole life, and he should. A person doesn't just walk through life separating God from other parts of their life as that is the exact opposite that God calls us to do. So yes, bring God into it! And it isn't just a cake. The cake was made to celebrate something tragic in ones life. I agree with others that this is awful, especially because of the "murder" aspect of it. I can see the idea of trying to brighten someone's day by making them this style cake, but how about a little more tasteful? What are we teaching young children by making cakes like this and celebrating divorce, the very thing that destroyed their family? Come on. It isn't just a cake. It's the purpose of the cake and the way the cake was done.

Divorce cake
by: sarah

I like this cake it would be perfect for a girl that had a guy do her wrong!

by: Anonymous

I understand that some divorces are sad...but then again some people are happy to get a divorce. It sucks that things didn't work out, but it is what it is. This cake is a funny spin on the occasion.

Love it!!
by: Anonymous

Its a cake!!! Get over it. My mom would have loved this when my parents split up. She was so depressed she had to take a year off from work. Cakes cheer people up and I know my mom would have loved this. You're a great friend and don't let anyone on here make you feel bad for making your friend cake! That cake must have taken you a long time to make and I'm sure a lot of love for your friend went into that. Good Job!!! I'm sure you made the crappy situation a little less crappy, at least for that day.

Cake Without The Blood
by: Anonymous

I agree with the above posters that marriage is definitely a sacred bond, and divorce is not something that should be taken lightly. On the other hand... sometimes divorce is the best thing for the couple and the children, if there are any. So, in that case I can definitely sympathize with the divorce celebration. I like the idea of the cake, it's funny, but the blood could have been left out. I don't think depicting a murder on a cake is a great idea. Other than that.. love it!

Great Work!!!
by: Anonymous

Awesome Cake!!! It's a cake, you people need to lighten up. Great work, I'm sure you brightened up her day. Divorce is sad, no doubt about that but I'm sure this cake made your friend smile.

Relevant now
by: Anonymous

I followed this "Controversy" when it first came about. The cake is an individual kind of thing - whatever you think of divorce. Now that my sister has completed her divorce from a real piece of work I wish I lived in the same town to make it for her. I'd put a smashed up Harley on it instead though. I sent her a link to the picture so she could get a laugh out of it.

I think the blurred image is a great compromise.

Great Stuff.
by: Anonymous

Seriously people, it's a cake, and if that's how my marriage ends up, (we all hope it doesn't) at least I will get a laugh, because in tough times we all need a sense of humor!

by: Ericka

I LOVE IT! good job!!!!

by: Anonymous

I TOTALLY agree with Grandma! Great talent, but my goodness even if the marriage was absolutely horrible and it's over; I don't think that celebrating a divorce is appropriate. Especially the form this cake takes on. This is absolutely disgraceful. Anyone that would make this cake for their divorce would make me question who is the bad one. I don't even think this cake is funny either. When it is over there may be relief afterwards, but please don't celebrate. Divorce is not a glorious thing and it makes me sad that people would imagine celebrating over it. Enough said. My insides just turned seeing this.

take a joke
by: Anonymous

this cake is funny and beautiful! if someone is seriously offended by A CAKE, then they need to get a new backbone. take a breath and go to a different page. i think it is FAR more inappropriate to leave a rude message for the creator of this cake. just like all the cakes on this site, it took hard work to make and decorate. have your own opinions, but don't be rude about it. IT'S A CAKE!

by: Brittany!

Get a sense of HUMOR! Its funny.

Divorce Cake
by: Anonymous

I agree it is only a cake, and some divorced people might find it funny. I personally think it's tacky. If the woman was the victim on this cake would you think it was so funny?

So funny
by: Anonymous

Yes, divorce is sad, but I'm glad this party could see the humor in it. Great idea :)

by: Eden

I honestly think you people are thinking way to much into this cake!

I know for a fact that many women have had horrible husbands and so when they get a divorce it's like a load off their shoulders. My mother being one of them. She would think this cake is disturbing but kinda funny in it's own way.


It's creative!!! It's new and different and served it's purpose! It got your attention! And really if they were "celebrating" her divorce... The guy couldn't have been to great. Because in order to have a celebration big enough for that cake you have to have A LOT of people!!!

So just think next time you speak!!!

Think about it...
by: Anonymous

I'm a Christian grew up in a Christian home and watched my mother go through 2 divorces. She had bad taste in men to say the least. Both of which were abusive, physically and emotionally!!! So my mom had divorce parties one including my mom throwing her wedding band into the ocean...

But the point is not all marriages go the way God planned them to. God has the "perfect mate" out there for us and some people choose the wrong ones first.

I watched my mother get hurt and then myself, my ex-stepsister, and my (at the time) baby brother abused by a guy that was supposed to be our "dad". Now I understand that some of you see this as dark and horrific. Yes a little less blood could have been better but to some women and even the rest of their families it could be the best decision they ever made.

You CANNOT automatically assume that everyone has the perfect biblical marriage it doesn't always happen and for the people it does... good for them! But I know from personal experience that a divorce was the best thing for everyone including her children in those situations. Because he would not get help and would get worse!!! So people grow up!!!

And for all you "Christians" out there. God is the only one that knows what is really going on. And how dare you to call yourself Christians when you yourself are bashing and judging people... To me doesn't sound very Godly! I don't understand how some of you have the nerve to say some of these things. Get your nose out of your Bible and look out into the world!! It's not perfect a world by any means! AND MY MOM DID THE CHRISTIAN THING BY DIVORCING HER EX!!!! So go ahead and keep saying that divorce is awful and "hurts the children" yes sometimes it does. But sometimes it takes those abused and beaten down children and spouses out of horrible situations!



It's just a CAKE!
by: Anonymous

WOW...this cake caused quite the stir! I fully believe in marriage being the picture of God's love and the relationship of Christ and the church. Marriage is sacred and divorce is tragic. HOWEVER, this is a cake...that's it a cake. Sure it's not for everyone. Sure it makes light of a tragic situation. I know some who are divorced...and my one friend would think this was hysterical! It's a cake. It's an artistic expression of the baker's interpretation of divorce. It's creative...evokes a laugh..and shows the decorator's talent. I think it would not have been so dicey had there been no blood though. It's not something I would ever bake or celebrate BUT I'm not everyone.

cool cake!
by: Anonymous

People are throwing divorce parties now. That would be a show-stopper! Very creative! I'm sure most divorced people feel like that cake anyway. You really cant sugar-coat divorce, but at least a neat cake lightens the mood!

good cake
by: Rachel

while I agree that marriage is a special thing! My mother and step father are divorcing. and it has been 10 years of infidelity, physical and mental abuse. And I think that a cake like this would be good for her to celebrate being strong enough to leave. Divorce is a sad thing, but sometimes no matter what someone does it cant be avoided!! So I love your cake!!

by: Anonymous

this cake is so funny, you are very talented. bravo!!

by: Anonymous

this cake is fantastic. I'm currently getting married and can still find the humour in this cake. everyone needs to get over it. its a bloody cake. and its good that someone made this cake, I'm so over super pink princess cakes, how about some creativity. no one died on this cake, and for all you people judging about the kids that got hurt and broken husbands and god, you dont know the full story. I'd rather get divorced and be a lone spinster that stay with some abusive alcoholic man, love or no love, god or no god. get over it all.

keep up the good work!!

Love the cake!
by: Anonymous

I think the cake is incredibly funny and creative. Don't care about what these few people say. It's your site to do with as you please. If you people don't like it, then move on and get a life.

by: Anonymous

that is an awsome idea! I love it way to be creative.

by: Anonymous

ok so marriage is a special thing and we should all be proud if ours happens to last..........but in reality 49% of all marriages will fail, and you have to have a sense of humor about these thing or life is going to suck for you. Its just a cake people!.........chill out and enjoy it! I think it is awesome, the decorator is very talented and I bet everyone at the party enjoyed it........isnt that the point, I know if someone brought me that cake, married or not I would laugh. Keep it up your very creative!

Great Cake
by: Anonymous

This cake is awesome. If people don't like it its because they don't have a sense of humor. I do cakes and this is one I will keep in mind for the future.

by: Beth

I have been married for 7 years myself. No, I would rather die than divorce, coming from a divorced family, like some of you have mentioned. But it happens. To the cake, though it's great to have a creative talent to think up something like this. I think all occasions should be celebrated in someway. (Being mentioned before) getting over it and moving on!!!!

Interesting...I guess.
by: Nikki CY

Yeah...I've heard of "divorce cakes," but this one is pure tacky. I'm happily, happily married for 7 years and believe in the covenant made before God. But knowing that some people must tragically go through divorce, I understand there may be various coping mechanisms. I would suspect, however, that a "divorce cake" theme would be something more hip, like a gal on the beach, either alone or with a girlfriend(s), celebrating her "second honeymoon." Or a guy marrying his new boat or something, with a caption about "isn't she beautiful." But thank you for allowing the alternate link, so we could still be able to comment. I really like your tact on the whole thing. Good job, coolest-cakes!

by: Heather

I plan on making a cake like this and I am not even divorced. Who doesn't want to kill their husband sometimes? It is a cake not a real murder.

(Shh. Don't tell. Some of us don't believe in God or care about people who do.)

Bad behavior 101
by: Kirsten

Guess I missed the point. I figured divorce meant getting on with your life and preparing for what comes next- not holding onto the past. Me? I would opt for a butterfly cake. Something that symbolizes growth and positive change. As a child of divorced (not soon enough either) parents and a Christian- I don't think divorce is always a bad thing- especially when it saves the lives of your children. But, let's be adults about it, shall we? But maybe that bad behavior led to the big "D" in the first place? LOL

by: Anonymous

I believe in God with that being said, I personally would not have a cake like the one above but I did get a laugh out of it! This is supposed to be a site for "crafty" or "un-crafty" people to get tips and ideas for cakes. The person who came up with this idea is very creative and definitely has talent. But the comments that are putting down people that believe in God are just tasteless and uncalled for. I'm sure the person who made this cake was not trying to offend anyone in anyway except for maybe the ex-husband!!

ha! ha! great cake!
by: Anonymous

no matter what anyone says, this cake is hilarious!
I've been divorced, and it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I suppose there are still some people who would rather stay with an abusive, cheating jerk rather than have the "scandal" of a divorce, and anyone who tries to make the best of it by making light of the situation would be a terrible person in their eyes.
don't listen to them, this cake is awesome!

by: Anonymous

Imagine the reaction if a man had come up with a cake like this .... accusations of supporting violence & abuse against women, being threatening & women-hating. I am a feminist and I believe in equality - and having equality also involves taking responsibility. Sexist jokes against women are often 'funny' but are offensive. Divorce is instigated by the women in 2/3 of cases and half of partner-on-partner violence is initiated by the woman. This cake is unjustifiable.

this cake
by: Anonymous

you can barley see the cake but This cake is awesome

It's a cake. Get over it.++I love the cake BTW.:D
by: Katt

These people need to take a joke. Yes, marriage is a sacred thing. But sometimes it just doesn't work out. This cake is a great design, it's beautiful(in a bloody, gorey way ~.~). You must be a great cake designer. Bravo!:D

It's Neat.
by: Anonymous

I'm still a kid and my parents are going through divorce. It is defiantly a very sad thing. And I think the cake is a good idea cause after the long while filled with tears and anger, people need a laugh. for those of you who haven't experienced divorce some way, it's hard but most adults that divorced eventually forget that they did and become friends. I think the cake would be funny to the "divorcies" And I think the cake looks awesome! Good job! (and if people are wondering why a kid is on here, I am an amazing cake decorator.)

by: Anonymous


Lighten Up
by: Anonymous

Why look at it if your going to complain about it cause it surely says click to see it. I think the cake is very creative and that's what this site is all about(CAKES) right. I love my husband dearly but i still think the cake is cool.... Keep em coming!

Marriage is just Marriage
by: Carolina

First of all, people are free to use their creativeness any which way they please! So good for you Divorce Cake!! Very Creative !! And all people should have the right to marry who they love !! And divorce if the need comes!!

Cake people.... Its all about the cake!
by: Anonymous

Let me start by saying that I am happily married and do not take the idea of divorce lightly. However, I do believe that sometimes it is necessary. Many times people get married for the wrong reasons and divorced for the right ones... With that being said I would also like to say that while I don't necessary condone the message from this cake I do like the idea of a divorce cake. If a divorce is something that you have elected to do to better yourself then by all means CELEBRATE! And I must say that this cake, regardless of the message, was very intricate and well done! ((And isn't that the point of this site anyway? To comment on the cake itself-not rag on a person for how the feel or the choices that they make..)) People really just need to grow up! Overall... Great Cake!

by: kira

as an artist myself I have to say this... I am so jealous! wonderful design and creativity. My mom is contemplating divorce and I would love to do something like this for her. This cake just made my day!

by: Anonymous

You people are putting this lady down because of the divorce, not the cake? That's insane! she had nothing to do with the divorce! SHE MADE A CAKE! I think it's great. so funny. something every divorce needs...humor. it lifted my spirits and I'm not even married! Very nice job ;-)

still waiting
by: woman wiating for divorce

I wish she was holding a knife in her hand, I would have enjoyed it even more so then!

by: Leah

I like it.

Lighten Up & Smile!!!
by: Sunshine

My goodness people! Get off your soap boxes! It's just a cake and meant to be funny, which it is! She is promoting violence or anything like that- it's just something silly of the imagination and not meant to ever be a reality. A cake like this would be for a divorce party, nowhere near children. I think a lot of you just want to criticize and act self righteous instead of laughing off a simple joke cake. You guys really need to get your rolling pins out of your butts, laugh once in a while and stop being such sour pusses!

Awesome work on the cake- you have a wonderful talent! : )

Pain in my side...
by: GenXorcist

...from laughing so hard. Awesome cake. Funniest thing I've seen in a while. I can't believe so many people are so upset. How can something as simple as a cake be so upsetting? It's just a cake. Wow. Lighten up.

Who Cares!
by: Anonymous

Shame on those of you that felt the need to judge a situation that you have no idea about! What if someone was mentally/physically abused? You better believe I would be celebrating if I was able to get out of that marriage...shame, shame, shame. Open your minds people-it is NOT about YOU!

Are you people aware that this is a C-A-K-E?
by: Shanah - don't need to be anonymous!!!

I think that this cake is hilarious and I do think that it's amazing that one can celebrate getting rid of an asshole with a bit of humor!!

What I really DON'T get is how SO many people get so p**sed off by looking at a cake??? IT'S A FREAKING CAKE - GET OVER IT!!!

I find most of the cakes in here funny and amazing and this divorce-cake is one of a kind - I hope that you'll get more "crazy" ideas such as this =)

Thanks for an awesome cake for me to look at =)
Best regards

RE: Lighten Up & Smile!!!
by: Sunshine

I meant to say "She IS NOT promoting violence", lol. Sorry, just a typo!

It's okay
by: Anonymous

I'm very recently divorced and it was the hardest time of my life and some days...still is. I am one of those people that thinks marriage is forever - but it doesn't always turn out that way. Nothing about divorce is taken lightly...but after a really tough year and my ex-spouse treating me horrible...I decided that a divorce party with my girlfriends was in order...and yes - a cake is part of's therapeutic and nothing more. There's more important things to get upset over...

great cake
by: Anonymous

I think this cake rocks, ok divorce is upsetting for people. I am pre loved as we call it,and divorced but who honestly hasn't thought like that & I have a sense of humor to. this is all novelty cakes that's it a novelty well done

by: Anonymous

You are very talented! The cake is very cute. I agree with the above though this is a cake site not a debate.

Although I do agree marriage is a special bond between two people who love each other, but instead of debating it on a cake site maybe you should take it to congress. The divorce rate in this country is outrageous!! Which brings me to my point-- do we as a country really believe marriage is a so special?

I like the idea behind the cake. When two people decide they are not right for each other and separate,its as if the person is celebrating their new life and starting over.

by: Anonymous

this is the best cake i have ever seen i might just make it for my birthday.

Better to laugh than to cry
by: SusieQ

Just like to preface with the fact that I'm a Christian and share the belief that marriage is a covenant. But, the fact is that lots of hurting people are getting divorced. This cake really struck me funny. Sometimes when you are hurting so much, it really is better to try to laugh than to cry. The bride pushing the groom off the cake cracked me up. Sorry for anybody who's offended.

Freedom of Expression
by: Anonymous

A broken heart is hard to overcome & expressing your feelings in a constructive manner is a great way to deal with your emotions. I don't think this is so much a mockery of marriage itself but a way for someone to express the hurt and anger in the situation. Let's face it, anger is a part of the divorce process. It is sad when a marriage ends, but the reality is, divorce happens.

by: Anonymous

How many kids actually use this site? And I doubt there were children at the party. So why are people making such a big deal? And when searching this site the cake is clearly labeled as "Divorce" so if it isn't something you were looking for or had a curiosity for, why are you looking at it? As far as the celebration of the divorce, we don't know the situation. It could have been a time of mourning for the relationship that was lost and a time to celebration her strength to get through it and move on with her life. Kudos for the friend who was there to support her friend.

Love it!
by: Danielle

I love this cake great job!

Laughing is good.
by: jaime

Hey, divorce is a horrible, emotional blow for most people - especially if you take marriage seriously, which I do. So if there is something that will make the sad, wounded, emotional, half crazy divorced person, laugh, and feel like their friends care, even for a minute, even if it is totally tasteless, is that so terrible? Condemnation and judgment of others weren't christian virtues the last time I checked. Understanding and love were.

Don't be so serious!
by: Cyndy B.

I can't believe all the controversy regarding this cake. I love it. It's creative and well done. I mean, it's a cake for crying out loud. And this is a cake website! People can celebrate whatever they want in life and choose their own unique way to do! Thank you for posting it!

by: Michelle

Its just a cake, A CAKE! I can't believe there's so many post on here of people making such a big deal about it. If ya don't like it don't look at it, right? I think the cake is great! and it gave me a great idea for a cake I'm going to make my friend whose divorce is final in a few days (whoo hoo for her!).

thats a cool cake
by: tia c.

i actually had the same topper on my wedding cake, and now will save it, just in case! lol no, but seriously, awesome cake. awesome. I'll have to show my hubby

by: Anonymous

hahahaha I LOVE it what a fantastic cake.

Divorce cake
by: Anonymous

When I make my cakes for people, they are meant to bring pleasure and a smile to everyone's faces! Whatever the cause may be. When I was divorced, I only wish someone would have made a cake like this for me! Very funny, very creative. Good Job!

People have no sense of humor and it is sad.
by: Toni Bones

If you can't find humor out of this case you have more problems than I do.

Lighten Up
by: Such Lame People

Who the hell cares! You know what it's a damn cake and those complainers didn't you take the time to post a comment? What a life you have to complain about someones artistic cake design. I think you are lame to give such comments about how it's so hurtful and sad. IT'S ONLY A CAKE! Lighten up worry about other more important things in life. Maybe one might be, why you are on this page looking at cakes?

Divorce Cake
by: Anonymous

For those that think that the cake is distasteful and believe that anyone who would order such a cake to not take the institution of marriage seriously needs to take a step back and think about what it is that you are saying.

First off if someone got married in the first place they DID take the institution seriously, it just didn't work out. Sure, divorce is sometimes ugly and very painful but sometimes it isn't and adding a bit of humor, regardless of how macabre it may seem to someone else, is always a good thing.

Laughing adds years to your life. So all the naysayers, lighten up already!

I'm celebrating my divorce from a man I was married to for 16 yrs. who verbally and emotionally abused me, he also cheated on me most of that time; so you're darn tootin, I'm gonna celebrate my freedom from him!

HAHA I love it!!
by: Anonymous

Some people need to lighten up....besides...if the whole idea of a divorce cake is so offensive...why did they click on the link (that SAYS Divorce Cake)to even look at the cake?! Hmmm...

Anyway..this cake is FUN! You did a great job! Would have loved one of these at my divorce party 4 yrs ago.

by: Anonymous


by: Anonymous

This cake is hilarious. I can imagine this being used with a couple who can laugh about their situation after all the drama has passed.

Or, they are no longer part of each others lives and what he doesn't know won't hurt him. But I would guess he did something way worse than depict his feelings in a cake.

Either way, it's not a statement on the institution of marriage. It's a statement about that particular relationship and I think it's a hoot.

Everyone who got bent out of shape about this cake needs to lighten up a bit. When the choices are laugh or cry, I'll the the laugh every time.

by: Anonymous

it's fabulous

go girl
by: michelle

kudos to all who can laugh at life's 'ups and downs' If the winners had a few more this would be as hilarious to them as it is us!!

by: Anonymous

I wish I knew about this cake when I got my divorce. I would have made it and sent it to him (my ex)LOL. I have to agree with a lot of people here. Lighten up people. If you stop and think about it I bet kids learn more and see more in school and in everyday life than they do on the net. Learn to laugh in life just might be a little easier for those of you that are a stuffed shirt.

by: Anonymous

That's got to be the funniest cake I've ever seen in my life. Good job.

by: Anonymous

Oh MY!

by: Anonymous

This cake rocks!

by: Anonymous


well done.
by: Anonymous

Well done. your very

by: Anonymous

wow good one.

by: Anonymous

lol nice!

by: Anonymous


by: Anonymous

i kinda like it its sooooo good!!! but why would u make a cake like that but i like it - its sooooo good

by: Anonymous

You know; I am divorced from an abusive man, but I still think this cake is horrid!

by: Anonymous

Knowing the pain of betrayal and abuse and divorce, I can honestly say that hatred and bitterness only hurts the one who has it. The other person probably feels better, if they see these things in the person they've hurt. If they cared at all about the person, they never would have done the things they did to them. I was left alone with 4 children, under the age of 6. However, God heals the broken-hearted, and I am SO glad that He has allowed me to forgive my ex, and continues to help me each day!

by: Anonymous


Great Cake
by: Anonymous

I am divorced after 27 years of a rough marriage (but what marriage isn't rough, right). It was his idea, not mine but I was happy to see him go. So happy, that I throw a big party every year. My childhood friend, who was my brides' maid, helps me plan it and we just have a blast! It gets bigger and more popular every year. We are having a DJ, fireworks, games, contests, my traditional marriage license burning ceremony complete with a toastmaster and all sorts of fun things this year. We are also planning to honor those that are newly married and still married. People love to see our creativity and we have so much fun. I think marriage is sacred to, but there's no wrong in making a good time, out of an unfortunate circumstance. My cake is going to similar to this one. So all you people that have problems with this cake, lighten up and help organize a party for a divorced friend to help brighten their day with some comic relief.

Could not see to judge
by: Anonymous

I could not see it.

Oh Em Gee
by: Anonymous

I think these people are being pathetic if they are really complaining about the cake, come on people, don't worry, its not yours so don't complain.

Stop the drama
by: Anonymous

It is a cake for an adult to help bring some laughter during a bad time in their life. I can not believe that some of you have to get on a pedestal and preach about it. I am sure the person who made it and the person it was made for made/accepted the cake in the manner in which it was intended. If you don't like it just go on to view another cake.

"crime scene" cake anyone?
by: Anonymous

While I hope I never have reason for this cake I find it an entertaining way to express one's grief (or joy). The only problem I have is that there are so many negative comments due to the violent nature of this cake and yet there is not ONE single comment on the cake called "Crime Scene" in which a bloody corpse is in pieces in the middle of a roadway.... just a thought.

by: Hope

I find it really funny how so many more of the horrified people posted their comments as Anonymous. The people with a sense of humor that actually understood the point of this cake,they didn't mind putting their names on their comments.

by: Michelle

I'd like one of only with the bride holding a gun and a smashed up Mazda 323 in blue lol

by: Anonymous


oh come on people
by: Anonymous

Wow people it's a cake for goodness sake, why must we all be subjected to your life story and views on God and church...really???
If this cake brought a chuckle to a women who even if it was wanted it still must hurt then bravo to you for making it!!
And for the women that said she would rather "die" then Divorce...that is so sad!!
may god be with you!

too funny
by: Anonymous

coming from someone who was divorced from a creep that was a cheater, beater, child abuser, cursing, drug and alcohol using, loser. This cake is GREAT! fortunately I got out with minimal scars and my children grew up with a wonderful caring man, my husband of 16 plus years who would never be pushed off the cake....laughing!

divorce cake lmao
by: Anonymous

I think the cake is great. There is no reason one can't laugh during a divorce. My best friend had a divorce party I think it was the best party she has ever had better than the wedding lol.

by: Anonymous

Oh my gosh people,its a cake! Don't take things so seriously. I know that marriage and divorce are serious things but this is a cake and only a cake. It looks like to me that the man was playing his guitars and fell down the cake lol ;)

I thought it was funny!
by: Anonymous

I just thought it was funny. I mean it's for adults, right. Besides, better on the cake than to end up on SNAPPED!

my annual divorce party
by: Anonymous

Folks, I posted earlier about having been married 27 years. I had my annual divorce party this year and it went over so well and it grows every year. Most of my guests were my ex in-laws! The cake was a woman holding the guy's severed head by the hair with blood dripping down her dress while the guy was lying face down to the edge of the cake with blood dripping down over the edge. The cake read 'Single Again'. The girls at the local grocery store that did it for me got the biggest kick out of it. We had a DJ, fireworks, tons of food, games, door przie, contests, a marriage license burning ceremony and everyone thought it was the greatest thing and had a blast! We even had a trophy for the contest with a man's head for the top of it. His niece won it and was so proud of it! It was therapuetic for everyone. My matron of honor/best friend & I had the greatest time planning it and since he burned a lot of bridges with his own family, it was therapeutic for them as well. My theory is that when life gives you lemons, throw a party and use the lemons to make lemonade.

by: Anonymous

I can't see this cake, the links don't work. If it's really that bad then why is it even posted. But I have a feeling it's really not that serious.

by: Anonymous


by: Anonymous

The cake is brilliant, very funny and very appropriate for how people would feel after a divorce. its all in a bit of fun, why does everything always have to be about doom and gloom LUV IT!!!!!!!! lol

by: Peaceoutt:)

I think that this is soo darn hilarious! It makes me smile inside knowing that there's a good side to every bad thing!:) Everyone who has been saying this cake is "inappropriate"... this is a cake sight for gods sake. This is a site to show you creativity and passion so if you don't like it then you don't have to look at it... its your choice but don't say its discussing or gory its to make someone smile again!


I think the cake just came out perfectly and again am just trying to get the most good things out of it since i also want to make a divorce cake for my project at school and i know i have the perfect show for it but the picture looked shady to me since i couldn't see it properly.

Awww :(
by: Ashley

I cant see it, the links not working which sucks because I would love to look at a bigger view of the cake :( But from what I can see in the small thumbnail view it looks awesome, and if i ever get married and then divorced (lets hope not) i'm calling you! lol.

by: Anonymous

i find this scary and disturbing.
after someone who has loved you for part of your life breaks up with you it is a sad thing.

oh my gosh!
by: Anonymous

I don't know where to start! Sure this is "just a cake", but the fact that the ex-wife actually killed her ex-husband is disturbing. Are you trying to encourage that kind of behavior? Imagine showing that to your kid! If you got divorced, how would you feel? I would not feel like having a party and a gory cake! Come on! The blood and the scene was very unnecessary! Your talents are simply amazing but not shown in this way!

by: Anonymous

For anyone that could not see the cake, you have to scroll all the way to the bottom and click the big bold link that says it is for the original cake.
I have never thought of making a divorce cake, even though I have been divorced twice. I can certainly understand how someone would want to celebrate the occassion. I can see it as offensive if it were a cake to celebrate murder, but it's not. It is a cake to celebrate the freedom that divorce gives you to start a new life. Lighten up people. Everything is funny. It's all how you look at it.

by: Gill a divorced woman that has gone through hell and back with my ex-husband, I LOVED this cake!! good on you! Divorce should certainly be celebrated when you have freed yourself!
To all those do gooders, lighten up..its just a cake and if you cant see the funny side and all you have to do is whinge about this cake ..what a sad little life you must have!! I cant wait til my ex is out of my dead and I will be having one hell of a party and I will even make a funeral cake for the occasion and submit it here!

Sad times
by: Anonymous

Even though I might understand the theme behind the cake that the marriage is dead, I still have to say it is NOT the type of cake I would want or even suggest to a friend. I think it is a sad time that we live in todays society that would even consider creating this type of a cake...there are other ways of expressing your relief, happiness, etc. for a divorce. I too have my own cake business and I WOULD NOT even consider making this cake for a client...maybe next time you could consider suggesting something a wee bit less graffic....

by: levi

i am not married but i believe in god i was 13 when my parents split it was hard but i like the cake. . . . that's it.

It's a joke
by: mr.Right

it's a cake. are you being serious? can no one take a joke about something that's meant to be fun
some people!!!!

by: Anonymous

I love the cake. You never know what goes on behind closed doors. IT'S JUST A CAKE...

by: Tony

Can you imagine the outrage had the groom killed the bride! NOT FUNNY no matter how you look at it....although there would certainly be room for humor and healing from a non violent theme.

by: Anonymous

too goury for me. if i get divorce, i would like for my friends to give me a cake thats more metamorphoric like a butterfly coming out fo murky water or something...not a bloody ex husband falling to his death because i dont wish that upon anyone. but then again some women are just plain crazy.

by: Sarah (Wales)

I think that the idea behind the "Divorce Cake" interesting, obviously if the divorce in question is seen as a time to celebrate, not to be sad and depressed, because then obviously they wouldn't want a cake! I have to admit when I saw the cake, I thought the blood was going a be far, though I can saw the humour behind it. If I was asked to make a divorce cake, I'd ask the person if they wanted a humourous cake and then think of an idea without over stepping the mark.

Love it.
by: Krystl

I love the cake. My mum is currently going through a divorce and its getting pretty ugly, what with my step-dad (who she is divorcing) making life extremely difficult for her, my sister and I. So I totally understand the cake, I might even make it for my mum when its all over! :)

Funny! Great! Love it!
by: Wendie

I don't understand what there is to be upset about? The cake isn't really graphic. No guts are hanging out or anything! Most Halloween cakes are worse than this.
I think it's a great cake! It looks awesome!

by: LIN

wats the fuss? The idea maybe gruesome but the pic dont scare nobody. i was so curious wen i saw the comments.grow up people it jus looks like a cartoon to me & if the cake is delish i'll eat it.

Hahaha ^^
by: Little doll

Congratulations! The cake looks wonderful and the idea is soooo funny ^^

Divorce cake
by: tia

Hi this cake is so funny...If it is appropriate for that situation then go for it.. It is a cake......

who new a cake would cause people to loss sleep!?
by: Anonymous

First thing the cake looks great!
People need to relax and learn not to take things so serious and leave God out of it! In most cases divorce is the best case.

very good
by: ???

Woooow wonderful cake I apologize for the people who don't like it!If they don't like it all i can say is,DONT COMMENT ON IT!Keep it to yourself instead of hurting someones feelings!JEEEZZ.

divorce cake
by: Anonymous

love it!!

by: Emilyx

This cake made me laugh, and I'm sure it would cheer up anyone who had been through a divorce!

this is great
by: mike

great cake i saw divorce cakes an wonder what kind of theme people would come up with this idea is great im also a cakes dont always have to be pretty they can have ideas as well keep up the good work

Its a cake guys,
by: April

Everyone who is saying this cake is controversial doen't watch the news or know what is REALLY controversial. Its just a cake people, not a war. Great cake! Love it :)

Love the cake
by: Anonymous

I think the cake is great. I'm looking into making a divorce cake for a friend. The two still get along and it will be a cake for the both of them. It's all in good fun..

by: ashleigh


by: Survivor

Marriage doesn't end without a little blood and a whole LOT of tears. I think this is exceptionally symbolic of the love lost. During divorce there is the loss of trust, fidelity, hope AND a lot of so called friends. Good for you for being HER friend and helping her through a difficult time!

by: Anonymous


by: Anonymous

As someone who has gone through a divorce I would like to say that a sense of humour and trying to see the lighter side of life was what got me through a tough time. I would of loved it if I had been given this cake. I didnt get married with the intention of it not lasting forever but not everyone can have the happy ending first time round. Through tough times you get to see the people who really care and they are normally the ones who make you laugh!

by: Anonymous

A little bloody, but very nice. Only those that have been done wrong cant understand

This made me laugh :)
by: Erika

I find this cake to be quite funny. People definitely need to lighten up. No one's gonna go on a killing spree over this. Sometimes when you're going through something bad you have to have a little humor to get through it. Ok...Maybe it could have gone without the blood, but still it's funny. Not all relationships last. It's a fact of life. If we can't laugh a a little then we'll just dwell on the bad stuff. I LOVE the cake :)

Mind your own business!
by: Anonymous

After being married to a man who abused me and my children having a divorce cake like this is exactally what I need! Some divorces are not so sad because in some cases if a divorce does not happen a woman and children could possibly end up dead so just mind your own business and let them have a divorce cake like this,

Divorce Cake
by: Kerri

I LOVED this cake! I am a new decorator, and I had actually thought about making divorce cakes! It brings closure to the divorcee and helps her to move on. There are many ways to do a divorce cake and this is just one of many. Very talented! I'm sure you do many other cakes as well, (as do I) but I wouldn't hesitate to do a divorce cake. Good for you!

are you serious?
by: angela

I was reading all of the comments prior to looking at the picture and I was I wonder exactly how bad this cake is! According to the people that are against the cake you would think that there was an actual body on the cake or that the maker of the cake actually killed someone. Imagine my surprise when I opened the link and saw the "cake"...all of this uproar for that? Really? If this cake truly upset people so bad then you have lived a terribly sheltered life. I was abused..mentally, physically, emotionally and I for one am thankful that I was able to get a divorce..we could live in a country that doesn't allow them...DIVORCE isn't an end it's a beginning!! Thank you for making this's great...GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR! get off of your high horse people!! It's a cake..let's EAT, drink and be merry...not married! lol

by: Anonymous

this cake ir really artistic but i dont wanna order one for my self!!laughs! I can't imagine doing that to my own husband.But everyone is entitled for thier own self expression.

It's just a cake !!!
by: Anonymous

OMG... this is just a cake. It's not a testament to marriage or divorce. I'm sure whoever this cake was for got a kick out of it. Divorce is awful even under the best of circumstances. Trying to make light of it sometimes helps.

Divorced Much? LOL
by: Ms. Outspoken

I looked at this cake and it made me laugh. It's nicely done. I guess when you have such a great sense of humor you can laugh at things like this. Anyway GREAT JOB!

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!
by: Ali

That's hilarious! The cake is great, but some of the outraged comments are absolute gold! I haven't laughed so hard in ages.

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