Cake by Christa T., Hudson, NH

My niece asked for a puppy cake for her 8th birthday. I thought about a sheet cake with a cute puppy drawn on it but I decided I wanted 3-D!(And I can’t draw!)

I could not find a puppy cake pan anywhere. I don’t think they exist. So I baked a "3-D rubber ducky" cake and cut off the beak and tail. It worked well. I used fondant to form paws, a tail, ears and a cute little pink tongue (all were attached using toothpicks). I also used fondant for the eyes and nose.

Dog Bowl Cake

I then baked a small round (6") cake and scooped the middle out to make the dog’s food bowl and covered that with fondant. I used regular cake writing gel for the words and paw prints and filled the bowl with cocoa puffs and there it was a 3-D puppy!

Thanks for all the great dog birthday cake recipes on this site!

Cake by Marc D., Menlo Park, CA

Dog Bowl Cake

I used three layers for this cake: one 10" and two 9". Tapered the sides then scooped out the top a bit. I then added buttercream to smooth. I put fondant over the top and some fondant decorations.

This cake is a redesign of the other bowl cake I found on this site for dog birthday recipes.

Cake by Jackie W., Huntington Beach, CA

Dog Bowl Cake

I made this cake for a friend’s daughter’s fourth birthday. She wanted a Dog themed party so I searched for dog birthday cake recipes and came up with this. I made a dog bone out of six cupcakes and the dog bowl out of a 5 inch cake round. The dry dog food was Cocoa Puffs cereal.

The dog bone is six cupcakes lined- two in the middle then two on the ends. Secure the cupcakes onto a cake board using double sided tape or glue gun. Frost all the tops together to look like a bone.

To make dog bowl cut out a round center (I used a tumbler and used a sharp knife to cut around) of a 5 inch round cake and scoop it out until deep enough to hold the cereal. The frosting is regular white tub frosting tinted red (use color GEL not food coloring – it will dilute the frosting) and black decorating gel to spell out the name on the bowl. Use one box of cake mix of your choice- don’t forget to serve the extra cupcakes too!

Cake by Tobie F., Davis, CA

Dog Bowl Cake

This dog bowl cake was actually pretty easy to make. I made it three layers and then tapered the sides to look more like a dog bowl. I scooped out a very shallow circle in the center and frosted the whole bowl. I used fondant and alphabet cookie cutters for the name "Roscoe" and Cocoa Puffs for the dog food.