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Coolest Puppy Birthday Cake 78

by Melanie L.
(Decatur, AL US)

Homemade Puppy Birthday Cake

Homemade Puppy Birthday Cake

Homemade Puppy Birthday Cake

I made this Puppy Birthday Cake for a friend's daughter for her 4th birthday. She had chosen dog-themed party supplies, but couldn't find a cake, so she asked me to make one. I searched the internet trying to find ideas, and I came across a picture of a Yorkie that inspired me (although I chose not to do it black & brown).

I built the cake from a 13x9, a football cake, and a 6 inch round. I froze the cakes to make them easier to carve, then went to stacking. First, I cut off the ends and shaved down the sides of the football cake (made with a Wilson football pan), then stacked it in the middle of the 13x9.

From there I carved around the edges of the 13x9 to make the legs and snout. Finally I cut off about a third of the 6" round and placed it upright on top of the "snout" to make the face. I crumb coated the whole thing and put it in the fridge to set up.

Then I colored my icing brown and went to work on the "hair". After trying out several different tips, I went with a #16 star tip, and just piped long strings of icing all over her body. It was actually kind of fun, because unlike most of my cakes, I didn't have to worry about it being perfect.

I made her eyes and nose from black fondant, and the bow from blue fondant. I lucked up, because it turns out the birthday girl's favorite color is blue! This cake was a design challenge, but such fun to make. I love how she seems to have a personality!

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Coolest Puppy Cake 34

by Kay C.
(Frankfort, KY)

Puppy Cake

Puppy Cake

My niece received a Malteshon (half Maltese, half Bishon) puppy earlier in the year, so when she got ready to have her fifth birthday party she wanted her cake to look just like her little dog Isabelle!

This puppy cake was so very simple to make: I just made a sheet cake and some cupcakes. After icing the sheet cake, I arranged seven cupcakes on the top center of it (three rows two cupcakes wide and one centered on the end). I used basic white buttercream icing and a very large star tip, starting at the center and pulling out and down each side to resemble the dog's hair.

I went all the way around both sides and the back, shaping the dog's "body". I did the same thing on the front, building up the "ears" and making little swirls on each side of the face for "cheeks".

I used more pink icing to make little ribbons that looked as if they were tied on the dog's tail and ears. I then finished off the face with black eyes and a nose, as well as a little pink tongue. I used the darker pink icing to make little paw prints and white icing to shape little dog bones all over the sheet cake.

I iced the leftover cupcakes pink and placed them around the larger cake for the really little kids. It was a hit and definitely looked like my niece's little dog Isabelle!

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Beautiful cake!!
by: Cara

WOW!!! That looks so adorable, what a great idea. You did a wonderful job, I love how girly it is also, just LOVE it!!

So cute!!!
by: Jamie

Love it! So girly & froo-froo :)

by: Anonymous

i might actually use that on my tenth birthday

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