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Coolest Dolphin Birthday Cake 13

by Dianna
(Tybee Island, GA)

Homemade Dolphin Birthday Cake

Homemade Dolphin Birthday Cake

Homemade Dolphin Birthday Cake

My co-worker wanted a Dolphin Birthday Cake for her daughter's 6th birthday. After searching this site, I thought I would give it a try. My cakes are made by using a modified box mix. Use 1 cup milk, 1 cup oil, 4 large eggs, 1 box vanilla pudding and 1 yellow cake mix.

I started with a 9X13 sheet cake and 2- 9inch rounds. This required to separate cakes. Cutting the round cakes so that they would stack in one corner, I only used a portion of each layer. I wanted to elevated the dolphin to give the cake a different look. The icing is a standard butter cream.

Once I stacked the cakes, I covered all the layers with blue tinted icing. The waves were made using a large star tip with one side of the bag filled with white icing, the opposite side with blue icing and a strip of blue icing tint applied to the inside of the bag, to give the waves a layered look. ( I use a skewer to get the concentrated icing color all the way down on the inside of the icing bag.) I made several passes on the sides of the cake to make with waves.
The dolphin had been made ahead of time out of cereal treats and covered with buttercream. The beach ball was also made from cereal treats, but it was covered with fondant.

The birds and stars on the cake were also made from fondant. Around the base of the cake I spread a very thin layer of icing and sprinkled lite brown sugar to cover the board for a finished look.

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Coolest Dolphins Cake 6

by Angela
(Turlock, CA )

Dolphins Cake

Dolphins Cake

I got the idea of the dolphins jumping out of the water cake from this website. A friend of mine loves dolphins and asked for me to bake her some dolphin cookies. I decided to try to make her a cake that she would never forget.

The dolphin cake was a plain white cake from scratch and so was the frosting. I colored the frosting blue and left some of it white for the waves. The dolphins were made out of rice crispies and cut out with cookie cutters. When the rice crispies cooled I shaped them a little more. I then covered the dolphins in melted white chocolate. I needed to add color to the dolphins and so I used shimmer dust and all I had on hand was pink and so pink dolphins it was going to be.

When the chocolate hardened I then dusted on the shimmer dust and added the eyes and mouth with icing. I frosted the cake and thin put the dolphins on the cake using floral wire to make the dolphin look like they were jumping out of the cake. For the wave I filled a piping bag with both blue and white frosting and piped it around the dolphins. On the floral wire the I need to cover I just put blue frosting on top of the wire.

My friend loved it and wouldn't let anyone touch it. Next time I am hoping to make the cake look a little cleaner. I seem to keep finding flaws on it. But not bad for a first try. Maybe I need to take cake decorating classes.

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dolphin cake
by: Anonymous

how did you make the dolphins with the rice krispies?

by: Anonymous

It looks wonderfull

by: Anonymous

I think it looks great. And what a GREAT idea using rice cripies treats. I am in the process of doing a dolphin cake now, and I stole this idea. However, I molded the dolphins by hand instead of a cookie cutter since I couldn't find one the right shape. Wish me luck as I'm finishing it tomorrow!!



pretty cool cake
by: tanner

i love this cake i want it for my birthday

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