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Some people say sometimes less is more? Apparently I don't say that. Especially when it comes to Dora the Explorer cakes.

This one has nine motors (pushing 15 characters) a train (carrying Dora) and an mp3 player with speaker. The goal was to put our daughter's favorite characters from the show. You will see: Dora, Boots, Diego, Papi, Mami, Tico, Isa, Benny the Bull, Swiper (popping up in alternate bushes), Crocodiles, Grumpy Old Troll, Baby Dino, Baby Jaguar, Chocolate Tree, Gooey Geyser (with bouncy balls) Stars . The second goal was also that the viewer would see something new each time they passed by the cake.

Here’s a video of the complete creation in motion:

The cake is the grass underneath everything. Not much actual cake decoration here. Since we are not great decorators we make up with moving flare. The cake is set up so that Dora moves around the cake seeing each of the characters she knows. The party consists of Boots, Papi, Mami, Diego, Tico and Isa standing around Sydney's cake - click below to watch:

Next to the party on either side Swiper alternately pops out of the bushes - click below to watch:

The Chocolate Tree dances in the background - click below to watch:

Baby Jaguar hops up and down on the waterfall - click below to watch:

The crocodiles pop out of the water in Crocodile Lake - click below to watch:

The Grumpy Old Troll does his dance in front of his bridge - click below to watch:

Baby dino rocks his head and tail back and forth to the music - click below to watch:

Benny the Bull flies above all in his balloon fixed with sticky tape - click below to watch:

The Gooey Geyser shooting out bouncy balls sits in the center. You may also notice 8 stars hidden around the cake.

Good luck with your own Dora the Explorer cakes!


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