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Cute Dr Seuss Birthday Cake Ideas

I really enjoyed making this Dr Seuss Birthday cake with Cat in the Hat smash cake for my nephew’s first birthday party. I have always loved Dr Seuss books and this is the first cake I’ve made dedicated to his works. There are so many whimsical and fun characters and objects in Dr Seuss books, so it was difficult to decide which ones to include. These are white cakes with colored jimmies to make them look like confetti inside.


For the bottom of the 2-tiered Dr Seuss Birthday cake, I colored butter cream icing blue and stacked and frosted 2-8″ layers. For the top, I colored my butter cream icing yellow and stacked and frosted 2-6″ layers. I smoothed the icing higher on one side than the other to make it a little off-balance.

I used a combination of fondant and gum paste to make a tea pot with a fish and water splashing out, a green and yellow balloon, a red and white ball with a star, a red and white train front, a mini white and pink cake with a candle on top, a green and yellow tree, a platter with green eggs and ham held up by a hand on a lollipop stick, a red and white kite, a gray elephant trunk, and a train track.

I used colored butter cream to pipe on a red border, a green border, Thing 2 from the Cat in the Hat, 2 trees from the Lorax, Horton’s face from Horton Hears a Who, and an umbrella. After I got to the party, I placed all of the fondant additions by attaching them to the cake with butter cream frosting.

For the Cat in the Hat cake, I colored some butter cream icing red and some black. I frosted the cake in white, then added red stripes and piped black icing between the stripes to outline them. I piped on the name, “Levi”, and added a number 1 candle.  I love how some of the decorations are piped on with buttercream and others are 3-D with fondant and gum paste. 

The train track going through on cake and onto the top of the other is one of my favorite parts, along with the tiny pink and white cake and candle on top.

Everyone at the party loved this whimsical cake, and I loved the look on my nephew’s face when he saw it…which was even better when he was able to dig into the smash cake!

Cool Cat in the Hat Cake

This is a Dr Seuss Birthday cake I made for a little boy’s first birthday. Everything is edible (minus the tooth picks). 

  • Cool Cat in the Hat Cake

The hats, fish, thing 1 emblem, the lorax, and the trufella tree trunks are made from melted chocolate. The most difficult part of this cake was keeping the cotton candy from melting! I had to change the cotton candy three times to ensure the trufella trees were still fluffy and pretty for the party!

Bottom tier is triple chocolate, top tier is white vanilla, and the icing is butter cream! I also made a smash cake in the form of the the Hat from The cat in the Hat. This was a very fun cake and I learned so much while doing it! Not too bad for a novice, in my opinion!

Coolest Dr Seuss Cat in Hat Cake

I had gotten an email from a customer to do a Dr Seuss Birthday cake. They wanted it to look like he was coming up through the cake. I studied and studied other ideas and how I could make this happen. I am no expert on fondant. I rolled up my sleeves and went for the challenge. I did have to study techniques from YouTube a lot. I had no clue how to make this Dr Seuss Birthday Cake and was nervous about it. But with a little practice I figured it out.

  • Coolest Dr. Seuss Cat in Hat Cake

I baked my white vanilla cake then made my butter cream icing. I sculpted rice crispy for the hat and face. I colored my fondant. I covered in fondant and used floral wire for his whiskers.  I used skewers to attach the hat to the head. The rim of the hat was made of gum paste. I cut out a circle and let Dry over night. I took black edible marker and made the black marks on his hat.

His fingers are balls of fondant as well as his nose And eyes. The most fun was getting all my pieces and parts put together and seeing my creation come to life. I couldn’t wait till the customer would see it.

I was very excited about the outcome. I was even more excited to see the customer’s face once I delivered it. I love that feeling where I know I made someone’s day special. My five year old wanted him all for himself. He actually thought this was a real live cat in the hat from the movies. I had to tell him over and over not to touch him.

I hope one day to have my own bakery where I can put a smile on someone’s face. It’s so rewarding to bake sweet memories!

Coolest Green Eggs and Ham Birthday Cake

After looking at so many great cakes off this site, I became very ambitious and decided to make a Dr Seuss Birthday cake for my youngest 3rd birthday. Thinking that it wouldn’t be enough cake, I also make a sheet cake of the cover of Green Eggs and Ham.

  • Coolest Green Eggs and Ham Birthday Cake

I used a 11 x 15 sheet pan. I decorated looking at the cover of the book. Let’s just say “ Drawing” in icing isn’t as easy of a task as you might think! I thought it passed muster, and all the guest thought it was cute.

Cat in the Hat Cake with a Real Goldfish

I am so glad to have at least a little talent to be able to make cakes for my family. I made these cakes for our grandson Bentley’s first birthday, the Yo-Gabba Gabba cake was his smash cake and the Dr Seuss Birthday cake was the one for everybody else. 

  • Cat in the Hat Cake with a Real Goldfish

I had been planning his birthday cake from the day he was born so in my head I had made it 100 times. I was so happy when I got finished and everyone loved it and yes, that’s a real gold fish in the bowl and he is still alive, 3 months later.

The Yo Gabba Gabba cake only lasted about 20-30 seconds, Bentley was scared of all the singing and the attention so needless to say 7 hours and 12-9 in round cakes and 3 batches of butter cream later, he pushed it on the floor. I am already thinking of his next birthday cake, maybe he will he joy it more by the time he is 2.

Delectable Dr Seuss Cake

For this Dr Seuss Birthday cake I used a 10″ round (3 layers) and decorated it with butter cream. For the tree tops, I used tip 233 making a swirl pattern in pastel colors to look like the trees in The Lorax.

  • Delectable Dr. Seuss Cake

I used foam pieces covered in paper to create the  Dr. Seuss books which worked as a support to hold the hat. The hat and fish bowl were made with rice kripsie treats covered in marshmallow fondant. Then I used Wilton black coloring to add detail to the hat. The fish, Thing 1, Thing 2, and the green eggs and ham were all made with modeling chocolate.

I found this cake to be easier to make than I had expected. Everyone loved it and the best part…everything but the books were edible. Enjoy making your own Dr Seuss Birthday Cake!

The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That Birthday Cake!

My daughter Lilly was totally obsessed with the PBS Kids show “The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!” just before her second birthday in 2012. I researched and found I could find plenty of decorations on the theme and decided to go with it.


I had recently began making cakes for my chil Dren in stead of buying them at the big box retail stores. I love the chil Drens’ reactions to the cakes their momma makes for them. Its creating a memory not just a party!  

I dcided to attempt and original design using the cats’ hat! I purchased the largest cake box I could find, a sheet of foam poster board, and some red metallic cello wrapping paper. I then cut the board to fit hte box and wrapped it in the red metallic paper. I used a sheet cake pan and baked two cakes out of it. I laid them side by side and cut and trimmed to fit the board, leavng aporx. an inch around the perimeter of the cake.  

I iced the cake in white Wiltons tub icing tinted with aqua to match the teal in the cat in the hat book cover. Then for thehat I baked using 4″ round cake pans and cut each cake in half. I then arranged the cakes standing on end in layers and stuck straws through them down into the cake for stability, cutting the strwas flush at top.

For the brim I used a 8″ pan and cut it down to size. I then used the reds and whites as in the cats hat and finished off with black decorators icing to mimic the Drawings in the book and show! Everyone loved it. I am so proud of this cake!  It could also be a great library type function cake or an event cake for a schools Dr Suess Birthday party.  I hope you all enjoy this design!  * *To finish the cake off, I added some piping around the edges and printed the logo off on photo paper and attached to toohpick and inserted into the cake before cutting.

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