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Coolest Dragon Cake 35

by Michael W.

Homemade Dragon Cake

Homemade Dragon Cake

I made this dragon cake for one of the girls where I used to work. The base is a 14" hexagon white cake, covered with buttercream flavored with bubblegum oil. The dragon was made with a metal 4 qt. mixing bowl, placed on the bottom cake and cut/sculpted into the shape I wanted.

Then I covered it with buttercream and Satin Ice. All the pieces to make it complete were made from Satin Ice and allowed to dry then glued into place with egg-white glue. The color was brushed on petal dust. The bottom cake was then covered with green buttercream to look like grass.

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by: Kelly

Very cool1
What is satin ice?

by: beth

what is satin ice? where do I get it? how hard to work with?? thanks, I haven't even tried fondant yet>

What is Satin Ice
by: Michael W

Satin Ice is a brand of fondant, I find it easier to work with and has a better taste than others I have tried

by: amanda

Where can you buy satin frosting?
Would you make a cake for my step daughter. I'll pay you and how far are you? Newark, OH

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Coolest Chinese Dragon Cake 82

by MaryKay
(Arlington, Virginia)

Homemade Chinese Dragon Cake

Homemade Chinese Dragon Cake

Homemade Chinese Dragon Cake
Homemade Chinese Dragon Cake
Homemade Chinese Dragon Cake

My 12-year-old daughter and I decorated this Chinese dragon cake for a Chinese New Year's party. We cut two bundt cakes to form the body. Coated with red butter-cream icing, then added red candy-melt scales. Before applying the scales, we painted each one with gold luster dust using a drop of clear liquor mixed with the luster powder.

The snout is made from two Twinkies. Tongue, legs, and tail are fondant. Fire is made from melting yellow and orange candy melts. It's all fully edible. It was a lot of fun to make.

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Great Cake!!!
by: Geraldine

What a beautiful cake. Can you tell me what you used for the teeth?

Dragon Teeth
by: MaryKay

The teeth are made from white buttercream icing using a # 3 tip. But you could also try white candies or fondant if you wanted.

Size of the cake
by: Yasmin

How big was the cake in length and width , its a brillant cake.

Lovely cake!
by: Anonymous

Beautiful! What did you use to mold the candy melt scales? Did you use water and iridescent powder for the gold, or a special liquid?

Vodka with Luster Dust
by: Anonymous

I don't know the exact length of the cake. I think the length of the board is about 36 inches. The candy melt scales were not molded. I used them right out of the bag -- flat side up. I mixed luster dust with a few drops of vodka, as I hear that it (or clear vanilla) works better than water.

Candy melts
by: Anonymous

How many bags of candy melts did you need to use?

Awome head
by: Anonymous

Wow the head is awsome I wish I could make something like that

Two Bags of Melts for Dragon Cake
by: Anonymous

@ May 15: I think it was about two bags of candy melts. Maybe a bit less.

I Love This
by: Sue

Can you tell me what your used for the eyes and nostrils?


Amazing Cake!
by: Ruth

I love that you used the candy melts just as they come. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

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Dragon Cake

by Sharyn
(Bathurst NSW Australia)

a friend of mine wanted a saint George dragon cake, I wasn't sure I could pull it off, but it turned out well!

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