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Easter Bunny Basket Cake 8

by Nikki Docherty
(North Carolina)

Easter Bunny Basket

Easter Bunny Basket

The Easter basket cake was made from a white cake mix that I extended with extra flour, sugar, sour cream, etc. It was baked in two 9" round pans. The cakes were leveled for an even surface, then torted and filled to create a higher cake.

I began to hollow out some of the top layer of cake to create depth for the "basket", leaving about 2" around the edge. The icing color was created with Wilton's ivory icing color. This was used to fill, crumb coat, and ice the cake. I attempted to do a basket weave design on the sides with Wilton tip 4, but the icing got too soft and drooped.

I did a swirl border on the top and the bottom using Wilton tip 21. For Easter basket grass, I tinted some coconut a light green using a small amount of green food coloring and shaking it in a resealable bag with the coconut. I filled in the hollowed area with the "grass".

The flowers are Wilton cupcake pics and the bunny is a store bought chocolate bunny. The "eggs" are pastel malted milk balls.

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Cute Cake
by: Anonymous

Very simple and cute. Let your cake crust a little before you do your basket weave and let your icing be a little stiff but not too stiff and it won't slide. Overall nicely done. Bet it was good!

helpful hints
by: Anonymous

Very cute cake!
Thank you for telling us what tips you used and how you tinted the coconut. That was very helpful.

by: Anonymous

Awesome cake!! I was wondering where you found the chocolate bunny? Love it!

So cute!
by: KittKatt

This cake is adorable!

by: Ruth K

Such a lovely idea for an Easter cake. I am looking for ideas for an Easter/birthday cake and some of your tips have been very helpful.

basket weave
by: Jene

Where did you learn how to do the basket weave?
It looks complicated.

by: Anonymous

So cute! What a great job!

by: Anonymous

I love this sooooooo much!!!!!! I'm actually about to make this today for my family! i can't get over that bunny! where did you find such a cute chocolate bunny????? I LUV IT!

Im loving it
by: Anonymous

great cake very complicated !

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Coolest Easter Bunny Cupcakes 4

by Joanna
(Scotland, UK)

Homemade  Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Homemade Easter Bunny Cupcakes

I made these Easter Bunny Cupcakes for a family party and they went down really well with the kids and the adults! I looked on the internet for some ideas and then adapted them to suit. Firstly I made a batch of plain sponge cupcakes and then iced them with homemade butter icing. I then had great fun decorating them with help from my 2 year old.

We used smarties for the eyes and nose and a blob of black writing icing for the pupils on the eyes. The mouth and whiskers were drawn on using pink icing gel and then tiny mini marshmallows became the teeth. I cut large white marshmallows in half length ways and shaped them to make ears. One half of the marshmallow is sticky and so I dipped this into pink decorators sugar to make the inside of the bunny's ear. A little extra butter icing helped every thing to stay in place.

These were such fun to make and the only difficulty was stopping my son(and myself)from eating the sweets! Hopefully these will give you some ideas.

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Coolest M&M Easter Bunny Cake Idea 45

by Betty B.
(Nova Scotia,Canada)

Homemade M&M Easter Bunny Cake Idea

Homemade M&M Easter Bunny Cake Idea

I love making cakes for the kids and always try to come up with something new. I got the Homemade M&M Easter Bunny Cake Idea from the M&M Easter bunny commercials.

I baked a round two layer cake from a box mix. I frosted middle and cut off about 1/4 of one side and stood on edge. I frosted the whole thing with buttercream frosting. Next I made marshmallow fondant and colored it yellow to cover the cake. His eyes were more fondant and buttercream.His mouth and eyebrows chocolate buttercream.

For his arms I borrowed from Mr. Potato head. His ears were made from craft foam. Then it was time to accessorize, Easter basket and jelly bean eggs, a felt Easter egg bouquet, Easter basket grass and last but not least; I made him a little book that said "Easter Bunnies for Dummies".

Everyone loved it it was almost a shame to cut it up. I really enjoyed this one. Looking back I would recommend using something else for the grass as what I used ended up everywhere.

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