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Coolest Easter Cake Ideas

Celebrate Easter by baking an unforgettable Easter cake that reflects your family's customs and beliefs or make one just for fun. Whether you embrace the commercial or traditional spirit of the holiday there are a variety of cake options to choose from.

Here's an awesome Easter Pinata cake tutorial created by the talented cake decorator Jenn from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio. (Remember to follow @coolestDIYcakes on Instagram!)

Take a look at Jenn's full Easter Cake tutorial.

Easter has a way of gathering family, friends, and communities together and it's the perfect opportunity to put your cake decorating skills on display for all to enjoy. No matter if you're planning a church event, a community egg hunt, or a family dinner, there's always room for cake. Scroll through our Easter cake images by clicking on the the categories above till you find the inspiration you need or start your search below with one of these Editor's Picks.

1. Traditional Easter Symbol Cakes

Easter symbolizes new life and these cakes capture that essence. For instance, the calla lily is a symbol of the resurrection. Gayle's calla lily cake not only portrays the beauty of this symbol, but also the fresh color palette of Spring. It's stunning. We understand why her family found it hard to slice the first piece.

Liz's butterfly cake wasn't made with Easter in mind, but it's a perfect fit for a traditional Easter celebration since butterflies are such a significant resurrection life symbol. This cake is easy to make and serves 50. The kids will especially love it.

Ideas for crosses and other Easter symbol cakes can be found here.

2. Easter Basket Cakes

No matter how you celebrate Easter you'll likely include some Easter baskets either filled with flowers, or candy, or the anticipation of prizes and surprises to be found by little ones. Ycer's Easter basket cake is a delicately molded one surrounded by edible flowers and topped with 3 pretty pastel eggs.

We love the clever handle Jennifer added to her Easter basket cake which includes edible Easter grass topped with speckled metallic finish M&Ms eggs.

3. Commercial Easter Cakes

The Easter bunny hopped into Easter festivities at some point in time and stole the hearts of children around the world. They now anxiously await his arrival and the treats that come with him.  Andrea used a cake pan to make an adorable studious cake version of the infamous bunny. He's so cute!

Priscilla's Easter egg cake could fit both a commercial or traditional Easter theme, but we put it here since Easter eggs are practically synonymous with their very commercialized delivery bunny. Priscilla's cake is so dainty and we love the colorful and precisely cut layered stars she embellished it with.

Feeling a fresh new surge of creativity?  We'd love to see your Easter cake designs. Be sure to share your final products here and inspire others with your ideas.


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Jenn's Easter Cake Step-by-Step Tutorial

This Easter candy pinata cake tutorial was prepared by Jenn. Here's Jenn's complete Step by Step Easter Cake Tutorial.