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Coolest Easter Cake 13

by Lydia
(New Zealand)

Coolest Easter Cake

Coolest Easter Cake

As impressive as it may look, this cake was very easy and satisfying to make.

1. slightly round the edges of your cake.

2. cover it with a crumb coat (this is a thin layerof icing which gathers the crumbs and prevents them from coming throught in the finished layer of icing in the cake) then chill untill the icing is firm.

3. then, using the same or different stiff icing (I used chocolate buttercream) place into a piping bag fitted with a star nozzle and pipe around the sides of the cake using this method.......
-one vertical line stretching from the top to the bottom edge
-shorter evenly spaced horizontal lines crossing overtop of the first line
-another vertical line the same as the one before, directly next to the ends of the horizontal lines.
-in the spaces next to the horizontal lines and the vertical, pipe similar horizontal lines to fill in the gaps, if it starts to look right then it'll all turn out right.

4. I used a chocolate sugar cookie dough, cut out a strip and layed it over the same sized pan in which i had baked the cake (the pan must be steady, I propped it up using some heat resistent mugs), and bake.

5. I decorated some easter eggs, toasted some coconut, made some fondant flowers and assembled the cake with the chocolate cookie piercing both opposite sides of the cake.

6. I also made some green icing last minute to use as vines and leaves, i would reccommend using a royal icing as it is more reliable, though I simply went with the icing suagr and water approach-easy.

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Coolest Easter Cake 18

by Laura

Homemade  Easter Cake

Homemade Easter Cake

This Easter Cake was the first cake I ever made and it was really easy. I cheated a little and used a packet cake mix (chocolate) baked into two 9" sandwich tins. I used chocolate flavor frosting to cover and fill the cake.

The fencing around the cake was done with kitkats (2 multipacks did the job!) The frosting around the edge of the cake helped hold them in place. I didn't have any but if you can use some ribbon to tie around the middle to add some decoration (but also to hold the kitkats in place). This could also work with chocolate fingers.

I used Dr Oetker green sugar crunch sprinkles to make the 'grass' effect. The flowers are edible cake decorations but these wouldn't be too difficult to make out of rolled icing. Chocolate mini eggs helped create the finished 'Easter egg hunt' scene.

Everyone was really impressed that I had made this cake myself and it took minimal effort- I'd say the trickiest bit was the kitkat fencing.

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Coolest Easter Egg Lamb Cake 15

by Lisa G.
(The Woodlands, Texas)

Homemade Easter Egg Lamb Cake

Homemade Easter Egg Lamb Cake

Homemade Easter Egg Lamb Cake
Homemade Easter Egg Lamb Cake

I searched high and low to find a really cool, kid- friendly, Easter Lamb Cake for a special client's annual Easter Egg Hunt Party. This Easter Egg Lamb cake is what I created based on my vision of "I'm cute and delicious, go ahead and eat me!"

The rear of cake is butter vanilla, the front is chocolate fudge, the egg cake is strawberry. The head, neck and ears are crispy treats doweled into a 4" Styrofoam column. I wanted to make certain the head did not move in transporting to site. The styro column was 1/4" higher than body of cake, then head was doweled onto column to create the height - it did not fail me.

Ears were attached with smaller dowels, actually really sturdy toothpicks. Everything covered in swirls of delicious butter cream icing. Fondant butterflies, flowers, jellybeans and plastic eggs filled with candy corn were added to complete the edible centerpiece.

Everyone was very pleased. I hope this inspires you next Easter!

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