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Coolest Elephant Cake 8

by Rachel
(Brandon, MS)

Elephant Cake

Elephant Cake

For my son's 2nd birthday we took him to the zoo to celebrate and then had a zoo-themed party. I got the idea for this cake right off this website and changed it up just a little bit to suit my tastes.

I baked a chocolate cake in the Wilton teddy bear pan for this elephant cake. Once it was cooled I sliced off the ears. The elephant's ears, trunk, hat, and the tail of the balloon are all cut out of a giant chocolate chip cookie that I baked. (Just use the tube...less stress). Secure them all in place with a little bit of icing. The elephant was iced with canned vanilla frosting colored to my liking. I used a big star tip for all of it.

The balloon is a strawberry cake baked in a 9 in. cake pan and iced with a star tip in canned chocolate frosting. You can do the details on the balloon to suit your child's age/favorite colors, etc.

This was only the 2nd "fancy cake" I've ever made. I was happy that it turned out this well. I wasn't at all embarrassed to serve it at his party, which was what I was afraid of! The true test came when my son saw it. And yes, he did know it was an elephant. He doesn't say that word yet, but he began to make his elephant sound as soon as he caught a glimpse of the cake.

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Coolest Elephant Cake 9

by Danielle

Elephant Cake

Elephant Cake

This is the second time that I've made this elephant cake, both times for first birthdays. It is adorable and easy to make. I hope you enjoy preparing it for your loved one as much as I did.

You'll need:
2 round cakes (any size that suites your crowd)
Shredded Coconut
Candies for toenails,eyes,and mouth.
Decorating tube for making the tail and piping the ear(or use a cookie).
Food Coloring (for tinting coconut and frosting)

I used two cake mixes and the largest round spring form pan to make two round cakes.

Freeze the cake(you will only be cutting one of them) to make it easier to cut.

You will cut a 2-3 inch wide ring out of the frozen cake. The ring will be used to make the legs and trunk.

Cut the ring in thirds. Use 1/3 of the ring for the trunk. Cut the other 2/3 in half to make the legs. Use the now smaller round cake for the head and the large uncut cake as the body.

Tint your frosting and coconut the same color. Frost the cake and assemble the limbs. Cover with tinted coconut.

Place the candies for toenails, eyes,and mouth. Finally, pipe out the tail and ear for the finishing touch. Happy Celebrating!

Comments for Coolest Elephant Cake 9

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by: Anonymous

Just what I was looking for for my grandsons birthday.

by: Anonymous

I have lost my cut up cake book that I have used for over 40 years and this is the elephant that was in it. I remembered everything except how to do the ear (and what is an elephant with out an ear)! Thanks for having it posted.

by: katz

I'm making a going-away cake for a friend who loves elephants. This will be perfect.

Great! Thanks!
by: Vicky

I made this cake for my daughter when she was little & promised to make it for my youngest granddaughter, but I lost my recipe book somewhere over the years! I was very glad to find it here! I'm sure my daughter & granddaughter will both enjoy the cake! Thanks again!

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Coolest Elephant Cake 11

by Daisy
(Los Angeles)

Homemade Elephant Cake

Homemade Elephant Cake

My nephew specifically wanted a green elephant cake for his 4th birthday party. I didn't want my sister to have to spend a lot of money for a custom cake so I volunteered my amateur baking services.

I used the white chocolate variation from the White Almond Sour Cream Wedding cake (from and baked three 6" rounds for the head and ears, an 8" round for the body and a 8" square for the feet and trunk (you have to cut free form) and the rest of the batter as cupcake balloons.

I also melted white chocolate to free form the tusks and let it solidify. The chocolate fudge filling was made from instant pudding mix and I used heavy whipping cream and added confectioners sugar for additional sweetness and unsweetened cocoa powder for more chocolate flavor and put in some regular milk if the mixture was too stiff.

My only regret is not making my own frosting - I colored ready made frosting to save time but it tasted like store bought. It turned out pretty well and tasted great despite the store bought frosting (I highly recommend that recipe in

Comments for Coolest Elephant Cake 11

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by: Diane

Fabulous cake! Well done!!

Cake Questions
by: Anonymous

Hi, I was just wondering in you used only 1 8 inch square for both the feet and the trunk? Also, did you icing the trunk before putting in on the elephant? And sorry, one more question, with the white chocolate for the ears, did you melt that then put it on the cake to solidify, or did you put it in the fridge, then spread it on? I want to make an elephant cake for my son's first bday in November. I'm going to make him a banana cake, though. And I'm not too super creative or handy, but this looks like something I could do. I love to bake, I just need ideas. :)

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