Cake by Gloria A., Burleson, TX

The Elmo cake was for my first grandson, Michael, on his third birthday. It was an 11” x 17” cake pan and it takes 2 cake mixes for this size pan. I prefer Duncan Hines cake mixes and always sit the oven temperature at 315 degrees so that the cake center will rise flat and even with the sides. I also put wax paper back into the original pan and cover very well and freeze the cakes. They are easier to ice if frozen.

I found the picture of the Elmo I wanted to use and enlarged the picture, traced it on wax or parchment paper and laid it gently on top of the iced cake tracing with a toothpick. I made the googly eyes, big orange nose, and mouth out of colored fondant. Using a #5 round tip and thinned icing I filled in Elmo with small circular motions until covered.

Elmo Cake Photo

I outlined Elmo and added the details in with a black #3 round tip. The top and bottom borders are a “C” circular border using a medium start tip. Last add the writing with a #3 round tip and then the candles.

Cake by Carol H., Davisville, WV

Elmo Cake Photo

I traced the image onto a piece of waxed paper & used it as a stencil to trace the image onto the iced Elmo cake.

Cake by Angie I., Slidell, LA

Elmo Cake Photo

This Elmo cake is for a 2 year old’s birthday. Its star tipped all over and the ice cream is a tip 12. The fringe around the border is from the grass/hair tip.

I pipe some, switch the tip to another color (without cleaning it) and it creates a cool blend of colors.

Cake by Charlene O., Stuart, FL

Elmo Cake Photo

My little boy was turning 1 and loved Elmo so I came up with this really simple way to create an Elmo cake. I used a 10-inch round cake pan and made a chocolate Devil’s food cake out of a box and used store bought red white and black icing to do the rest.

I just cut out the area around the eyes to make the eye’s more pronounced and then iced the Elmo cake with the red icing except for the eye area. I then drew the mouth on with black icing and filled it in. I put the white icing on for the eyes and used the black icing to trace around it to do the pupils.

For the yellow nose I took some yellow icing, let it dry and become tacky, then kind of rolled it into a ball shape and placed it on top of the Elmo cake. I was surprised at how simple it was but cute too.

Cake by Erika C., Winchester, CA

Elmo Cake Photo

This Elmo cake was for my son’s first b-day and yes he loves ELMO!! I used the Wilton Elmo cake pan and like some else suggested on this webpage, I used a bigger star tip then suggested. For the base, I used a cookie sheet just so I had somewhere to write Happy Birthday.

Cake by Sarah J., Richmond, VA

Elmo Cake Photo

I made an Elmo cake for my son’s 2nd birthday! I used the Wilton cake pan and got an icing dye kit from the baking store. I baked the cake the night before I iced it and put it in the freezer, it was much easier to ice that way. I didn’t use all of the colors that Wilton called for on the pan, but the directions are real easy to follow.

The Elmo cake took about an hour and a half to decorate but it was worth it! To smooth out the icing around the edges and over the birthday present, I dipped a knife in water and spread it over the icing (without shaking off the excess water). It dries quickly and makes it look much more smooth!

Cake by Maureen G., E. Fallowfield, PA

Elmo Cake Photo

This Elmo cake was my very first decorated cake. I used the Wilton cake pan, and baked one box of yellow cake according to the directions. I made buttercream icing, and tinted it in various colors. I used Wilton tip #3 and #16 to decorate the entire surface. It was extremely time consuming, especially since it was my first attempt. Not bad for my first try.

Cake by Lily K., Springfield, VA

Elmo Cake Photo

My 3-year-old son insisted that his sister needed an Elmo cake for her 1st birthday. It’s from a 9-inch and 6-inch round cake, covered with fondant icing. Make the flowers using an extra small flower cutter (glue it on the Elmo cake).

The Elmo is from the Wilton stand up bear cake pan. Cut the nose of the bear and everything else to make it smooth. Then cut the right and left sides to make it oval. Make the eyes, nose, and mouth from fondant icing. Cut the left arm of the bear, and replace it with a Butterfinger.

Cover the whole thing up with buttercream icing, red color. A border of orchids was made from fondant icing using orchid mold, but you can just pipe buttercream along the border.

Cake by Summer R., Jefferson, NC

Elmo Cake Photo

I bought an Elmo cake pan by Wilton, I bought white icing, and mixed a dark red food coloring in to get the perfect color for Elmo’s face. I then used white icing to make the eyes, and white icing mixed with black food coloring to make the eye balls, and mouth.

I also mixed white icing with orange food coloring for the perfect color orange nose. I used a plastic baggie, and poked a hole in the corner using cake tips to make little dots for Elmo’s hair. This cake is really simple, and fun. Hope you enjoy. Be careful, the red icing can stain.

Cake by Michelle C., Sanford, FL

Elmo Cake Photo

The Elmo cake was made for my son’s 2nd birthday.

My Aunt and Mom are very talented but have not had any formal training.

All they did to make the cake was found a picture to go from and then worked there magic.

I thought I would submit the photo just to help other people find ideas on how to make an Elmo cake.

Elmo Cake Photo

Cake by Erika G., Milford, MA

Elmo Cake Photo

My daughter was very into Elmo, so for her second birthday, I did an Elmo theme. I bought a cake pan to make balls and put the ball together for Elmo’s head. I cut off part of the back so it would lay flat securely. I made an 8×11 cake and trimmed it to make Elmo’s body. I then used some scraps to put together the gift box.

The cake and frosting was all store bought and I tinted the frosting the colors I needed using gel food coloring from a craft store. My daughter loved her cake!

Cake by A. Wong, Sydney, Australia

Elmo Cake Photo

This Elmo cake is the first cake I have ever decorated, so it was quite an accomplishment for me. I made it for my son’s 2nd birthday., I started with a round cake and cut off a triangular shape off the two sides to create Elmo’s shaped face. Then scooped out a bit of cake to create his smile (this will give it a more 3D effect).

I filled in his mouth and face with buttercream. I applied it roughly for the face to have a furry effect. I then used 2 large marshmallows and Smarties for Elmo’s eyes and a Monte Carlo biscuit for his nose.