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The Coolest Elmo Cake 51

by Faith

 Elmo Cake

Elmo Cake

I had to bake an Elmo cake for my son's second birthday because he was so crazy, I mean crazy about Elmo. He knows how to sing the songs, and always scream "Elmoooooooooooo" whenever he gets a chance to watch the show. I did lots of research online to find the perfect cake idea but everything I found was so boring.

I was about to give up the idea when one day, I was sitting on the dining table as I was looking at my son's booster seat made by The First Years. The chair is sky blue and black. And I thought that it would be nice to create a round cake and cover it with that shade of blue, insert Elmo's head around it, with Elmo's head on top. This was simply how I achieved the picture you see.

I baked a round 12x2 inch chocolate cake with heavy whipped vanilla cream in the center. I covered around the cake with a sky blue frosting, and covered the top with white vanilla frosting. I then inserted Elmo's head around the cake, leaving space for his name. The I baked Elmo's head using Elmo's head pan from Wilton. When the head was cool, i cut the head from the side all the way across to reduced the height of the head so that the cake is not too large or too high. I placed the head carefully on top of the frosted round cake avoiding the chocolate cake crumbs from messing up the top of the white frosting. It was then I started decorating.

The cake was not only tasty, but all the kids couldn't wait to get a piece of Elmo's beautiful head.

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Elmo's around the side
by: Ethan's Mommy

This is my favorite of all the Elmo cakes I've seen. Great job! How did you put the Elmo's around the cake (on the blue)? Is it icing? I'm going to attempt this for my son's 2nd birthday so if you have any other tips, please share! Thanks for your inspiration!

Exactly what i want
by: Donnivans mommy

This cake is exactly what i was thinking about but since i don't usually bake cakes i had no idea how to start, so glad i found this! Now im off to try and hope it turns out this great.

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Coolest Elmo Sphere Cake 58

by Kari
(Fort Wayne, IN)

Elmo Sphere Cake

Elmo Sphere Cake

This was my first character cake, didn't expect it to even turn out but I was pleasantly surprised. I just cooked two dome cakes with a Pyrex glass bowl. I used 2 boxes of cake mix and put 3cups in each bowl and then made cupcakes with the leftovers.

I then put them together and gave them a crumb coat and placed it in the freezer for 45min. Then gave it it's final coat and pricked it with a fork to give it the fuzz affect. I was going to cut a wedge out for his mouth but thought it might topple over so I just drew that in.

I used cupcakes for his nose and eyes. Just had to shape them. Cut the cupcake down to about an inch thick for his nose and kind of shaped it like a teardrop. And for his eyes I basically removed the "muffin top" part and then rounded the edges. I made sure to ice the eyes and nose as much as I could (at least get the parts that are going to be touching the red) so that I didn't smear red all over.

Then just kept it in the fridge until ready to eat so the icing wouldn't melt off. I did use store bought icing which did melt off an hour after we cut into the cake. Make sure to use a lot of toothpicks for the eyes and nose. I think I used 3 for the nose and 2 on each eyeball and 2 to connect the eyeballs to each other.

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