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Coolest Elmo Birthday Cake 74

by Christi S.
(Coatesville IN USA)

I needed to serve 25 people and so I took 2 box mixes and made 2 sheet cakes out of cookie sheets. Use wax paper to line the bottoms of the pans before you pour and bake. This makes it so much easier to get them onto your platter.

I used a large sign and wrapped it 3 times with wrapping paper. I would use the white side of the paper so it doesn't look to busy with a print. I flipped the cooled cakes onto the cutting board or cardboard or whatever you use. Then ice them as 1 large cake.

I used a buttercream frosting recipe of: 1/2c. butter, 1/2c Crisco, 1tsp vanilla, beat til smooth, add 4c. of powdered sugar one cup at a time until well mixed then add 2Tbsp. milk to thin out a little. I added 7 drops of blue and iced the cakes as one.

It took 2 recipes of this icing to cover the cake and even out. Then I took a toothpick and outlined what I wanted to draw. I used the new Betty Crocker red, black, orange icing in aerosol cans that come with the tip and used the flower tip to ice the red. Then I took 3 donut holes, 2 for the eyes and 1 for nose. I then iced the nose with orange Betty Crocker icing and just used the black icing with the thin outline tip to ice the eyes.

Then I went around and added the details with the black icing. It took 4 cans of red icing, 1 of orange, 1 of black, and I made 2 recipes of the blue buttercream. This cake would have fed 50 people. I had over half a cake left. I found the icing at Kroger.

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Coolest Elmo Birthday Cake 69

by Andrew M.
(Lafayette, NJ)

Homemade Elmo Birthday Cake

Homemade Elmo Birthday Cake

I made this Elmo birthday cake using the Wilton Stand Up Cuddly Bear cake mold. I made the bear and the top square cake using one pound cake recipe and one yellow cake recipe mixed together. *Don't just use yellow cake, because the cake will not be solid enough to stay together**

The bottom rectangle cake was a chocolate cake. I cut off the ears and reshaped the head to look more like Elmo. The red "hair" on Elmo was white frosting pinched out with a Wilton tip and pulled until the frosting made a long drip that looks like hair.

Be careful to keep the icing VERY COOL or it will start to melt and become a mess. Also make sure you make at least 2 batches of icing before you start and dye it all the same. If you don't you will have many different red patches and it wont look as good. Trust me, I am talking from experience. The eyes were made with ping pong balls, and the nose was 1/2 of an egg shell that I colored with food coloring dye.

This cake was a lot of fun to make, and my friends son WENT CRAZY when he saw it for the first time. It was a lot of time and a lot of work, but the look on his face made it all worth it. I hope you have as much fun making it as I did.

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by: Anonymous

That cake was awsome! Good Job.

Great Idea!
by: Anonymous

Awesome Cake- I would love to take the Idea, but a little to difficult for me thanks for the great photo!

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