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Coolest Elmo Cake 56

by Rebecca
(Red Cliffs Victoria Australia)

Elmo Cake

Elmo Cake

This Elmo cake was make out of 2 banana cakes and sugar paste. Baby Elmo was also made out of sugar paste.

This cake was made for my son's 1st birthday, he loves Elmo but i didn't want to make an Elmo face cake. So I found a cute picture of baby Elmo and copied the features to make him out of sugar paste.

To make baby Elmo I started by colouring my sugar paste red (you can also buy red sugar paste). I rolled a ball for his belly, 2 sausage shapes for his legs and 2 smaller sausage shapes for his arms, attached them to the ball and shaped until it looked like the picture. For his head I made another smaller ball and shaped it again to look like Elmo's head.

I used a corn holder (one you use to eat corn on the cob) pushed it into Elmo's head then pushed the other end into the body, shaped it a little more the added his face features all made out of sugar paste. I then softly wrapped Elmo with plastic wrap to keep him fresh.

The cakes were both banana cake with rolled sugar paste icing. I covered both cakes with the sugar paste and then placed the smaller one on top of the large cake. The smaller cake is offset to the back to allow room for the candle.

The cakes were stuck together with a sugar syrup.
Once the cakes were assembled I then cut out the shapes with cookie cutters and made the little presents then attached them to the cakes with a little bit of water.

Once finished I placed Elmo onto of the cake!
Very easy to make but looks great.

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Love it!
by: Sunny

I loved your idea! right now I'm trying to make a similar one for my son's 1st birthday! :) wish me luck!

wonderful cake
by: Michelle

What a lovely Elmo cake which works so well. You've done a brilliant job :) Well done

Love it!
by: Anonymous

I love your cake. It is amazing. I wish I could find a cake like that for my brother who is turning 1

I love your elmo cake
by: Brianna

I love your elm cake i wish I could be such a great art test like you. I really like your cake and i think my sister that my sister that is turning 1is also going to love it

by: Anonymous

looks good but im disappointed u didn't give much info on how to make it

Coolest Elmo Cake 56
by: Patty

You did a wonderful job on the cake. What a lovely cake for a 2 year old. I'm sure that your daughter was one happy little girl. Great job!!!

what colours did u use
by: bettyann greenall

I am doing a cake very similiar to that one. What colours did u use for everything, or did u just put very little food colouring in the fondant to get such a light colour. Can u please email me at Thanks so much. ON the screen cant really see the exact colours.

Wonderful -- 1 Question
by: Sue

Love the Elmo, you did a fantastic job on him.
I would just like to ask how you did the trim on the cakes?

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Coolest Elmo 2nd Birthday Cake 107

by Bernice

Homemade Elmo 2nd Birthday Cake

Homemade Elmo 2nd Birthday Cake

Our 2 year old daughter loves Elmo and I was looking for easy ideas as we were shifting to a bigger apartment on her birthday weekend and this is my first time even icing a cake. When I browsed and found this site, I was quite thrilled. I got all my ideas for this Elmo 2nd Birthday Cake from this site only. Great site, by the way!!

I made a 9*13 orange eggless cake as we had some guests who don't eat eggs. I used a butter cream icing to ice the cake and kept it in the fridge to set. I also made the eyes on a plate and made it set in the fridge. I made a dark chocolate icing for Elmo's mouth and pupils as I didn't have time to buy black icing. I took a picture of Elmo from the web, printed it out, placed it on the iced cake and traced the outline with a toothpick.

I placed the eyes on the cake. For the nose, I used an orange color Easter egg candy. I used red color icing along with star tip 27 for the body. Since I had made the outline with brown icing, I just had to fill it in. I also used sprinkles on the cake to give an effect.

The cake was a great hit! My daughter absolutely loved it. Thanks to this site for the great ideas.

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Coolest Elmo Cake 72

by Gloria
(Eugene, OR)

Homemade Elmo Cake

Homemade Elmo Cake

This Elmo cake is a double layer, round, chocolate cake. I made coconut filling in between the layers. To frost I used buttercream frosting and mixed in beet juice red color to start then added the no taste red paste.

I made the frosting the day before and let the color set. After frosting the cake, I covered with red tinted coconut. I bought the eyes and face online but could have done them easily with frosting.

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Coolest Elmo Cake 61

by Angela
(Rockford, IL, USA)

Here is our Elmo cake that we used for my son's 4th birthday. Used marshmallows for the eyes and m&m's for the eyes and nose, underneath the orange M&M's are those gummy orange pieces.

We covered it in white frosting and then I used strawberry frosting and darkened it up with food coloring and sprinkled with red sprinkles. Used Black frosting for the mouth.

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