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Homemade Pokémon Cake

by Catherine
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Pokéball cake

Pokéball cake

Pokéball cake
Pikachu cupcakes

This cake was for my son's 3rd birthday. He wanted a Pokémon cake. This was the first time I ever used fondant. I made a double layer chocolate cake and covered it with regular buttercream icing. I used some Wilton (white) fondant and rolled it out, then covered the cake. I covered half the circle with plastic wrap and for the other half I painted it red with Duff Goldman cake graffiti. Then I used some black icing to make a stripe down the middle. I cut a circle out of fondant using a drinking glass and put it in the middle, and then outlined the button with the black icing. I put the candle in the middle of the cake and put some Pokémon figurines I bought at Toys R Us on top. Although the decorations were not edible, my son was even more excited to get some new Pokémons.

I also made Pikachu cupcakes. I used coloured my icing yellow, then used a gel icing to make the nose and mouth. I used mini M&Ms for both the eyes and the cheeks, and used white icing on the eyes. Then I took candy corn and dipped the tips in melted chocolate for the ears. They were so cute!

My son was ecstatic, and everyone was really impressed with the cake. I had been really nervous about using fondant but it really was as easy as everyone says it is. The fondant was pretty tasteless but the cake more than made up for that. Next time I'll try to make the fondant from scratch.

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Homemade Pirate Ship 4th Birthday Cake

by Donna
(Erith, Kent, UK)

This was made for my gorgeous Niece for her 4th Birthday - she is a huge fan of 'Piratey' things and i though why not make her a cool pirate ship birthday cake.

I started off with two 9" sponge cakes cut into to crescents a piece. Then i stuck the four crescents together with chocolate butter cream and put a skewer through to keep all in place until icing was set.

I then spread the chocolate buttercream all over the cake (Boat) ;) making lines to look like planks on the boat.

The best bit about this is the decorating part! I used chocolate gold coins for treasure, maltesers (for cannon balls) and mini rolls for cannons (held in place with cocktail sticks)

I then printed out my text on plain paper (for the sails) and cut sail shapes, placing them onto kebab sticks and placing them into the top of the cake.

The figures are Playmobile characters that i bought online and i just covered a cake board with blue wrapping paper to be 'The Sea'

It was quite a messy experience as there is a lot of chocolate buttercream involved in making this cake and quite tricky to ice given the shape of it!

I think the end result was well worth all the effort and I hope my niece loves it as much as i enjoyed making it!

Go on - give it a whirl! x

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