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Homemade Mickey Mouse 3rd Birthday Cake

by Wendy Arnold

This is the cake I made for my son's 3rd bithday party.First time I had made an character cake,got the idea to draw face just from a picture.After being layed-off from my job,I had to cut corners and I just used simple things around the house and it made my cake perfect.My son and family loved it!I used two 8-1.5 in.pans(made 15 servings).A regular sized glass to cut out the ears,cardboard lined with aluminum foil.Took a piece of card stock (which is thick and better to work with)and drawed an outline of Mickey's face(flesh part),cut it out with scissors to lay on cake and make the outline just with frosting and remove.The white part of eyes is powered sugar,tongue is with red sprinkles.The black part of eyes,nose,and mouth is frosting which I used black food coloring with 1c.of white frosting .Flesh part of face I used 1c.frosting with food coloring:8 d.yellow-6 one at a time).To fill in with the black and flesh colored part of cake,I just used a sandwich sized bag.Filled it up with frosting to one corner,took scissors very carefully and cut two very small triangle shape on the corner I was going to use.Twist the top of bag until frosting comes thru the opening and it makes simple tear drop shape.Start filling in to complete.Use another plastic bag cut small hole at corner to write your words and make balloons,especially the line for mouth and around the eyes.Place any party favors around the cake that you would like.Candle is sitting on some left over frosting to keep it from falling.This was very simple,I really enjoyed making this cake and it was inexpensive!!Hope you try my household items that really works!!

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MM Cake
by: Mary Flores

Well, Wendy, looks like to me you have found a new career. The cake is beautiful. Why don't you post on FB "Order your child's birthday cake right here" or something like that. I wonder if that's allowed. Check into it. Miss you Wendy.

good job
by: scott

very cool,good job,i like it

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Homemade Band Cake

by Connie V.
(Brookfield, WI)

Front of the cake

Front of the cake

Front of the cake
Back of the cake
Top of the cake

I actually got this idea from another cake online and tailored it to meet the desires of my daughter. She is in band and so I wanted to make her a custom-made band cake. I used a full sheet cake for the bottom and sprayed it green for the football field. I added lines and field markings. I used 3 12" circle pans for the top. The first layer which lays directly on the full sheet cake is for the "band uniform". I used two of the 12" rounds and layered them. I frosted them white and wrote the name of the school and band on the side and tried to duplicate the front of the uniform. The top cake is a deep 12" round and made to be the hat. I frosted the bold school color and duplicated their band hat. On the top of that I placed 16 roses and wrote "Sweet Sixteen" on the top of the cake. I used dowels on the middle layered cake. I also used boards in between each cake (I trimmed the top board to fit the cake). I fisnished off the cake by placing 7 roses along the border of the middle cake and used a grass tip to cover the board. Then I wrote "Happy Birthday" in pink. I also used a striped border with school colors around the sheet cake. Then I place the school's name and musical notes on the side of the full sheet cake. HUGE JOB! Took over 12 hours! Fed over 100 band kids!

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