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Coolest Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

by Shirley Standridge
(Little Rock, AR)

I made this cake for my little great-niece on her 2nd birthday, along with matching decor cupcakes.

The first layer of the cake is 2 boxes of Pillsbury white cakes mix. I baked 1 1/2 of the batter in a 10" round Wilton cake pan. The other half of cake batter was used to bake in a half of the Wilton Sports ball pan for the top of the cake. The 2nd layer I used 1 box of Pillsbury chocolate cake mix baked in one 8" double layer Wilton cake pan.

I made Wilton's butter cream frosting to frost the bottom layer of the cake. I then colored some butter cream frosting pink to frost the second layer. I used black fondant to cover the top(hat). I then cut a slit on each side of the cake for the ears. I purchased the large York peppermint patties and inserted toothpicks carefully up through the patties leaving about half of the toothpick to help hold the ears in place. My niece wanted Minnie mouse ribbon around the bottom of the cake and for the bow between the ears. I cut the Mouse silhouettes out of black fondant. The little pink bows were made free-handed. The polka dots, large and smaller are made of white fondant as are the little pink flowers with black fondant dot centers. The 2 was cut free-handed out of the pink fondant. The writing on the cake is tinted pink butter cream frosting.

It was a huge hit! Everyone loved it!

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Homemade Mater (Cars) Birthday Cake

by armychic




My four year old wanted a Mater cake. I don't like store bought cakes so after looking at a few ideas on the net this is what i did I used a 13x 9 sheet cake but i baked it in a lasagna style pan so it was thick - this was 1 and a half cake mixes i used the other half of the mix to fill a loaf pan and that became maters cab. the bumpers on the trucks are chocolate covered pretzels. His teeth are marshmallows, and i used marshmallow fluff for the windows. I added in all sorts of coloring to get the rusty color of the truck. His eyes are sweet tarts. Everyone loved the cake people from other parties stopped bib to look at it.
Oh to glue it together i used jam with a gelatin mix and let it cool overnight it tastes good and sticks like glue!!!! assembly and decorating time took about 2 hrs.

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Basket Birthday Cake

by Rajashri Manoj
(Bangalore, India)

I made this cake for my mom's birthday. I baked 2 chocolate sponge cakes, sliced them in half and soaked them with fruit juice. Then I sandwiched them with fresh cream icing both chocolate and plain vanilla icing. I iced the top of the cake with vanilla icing and the sides with chocolate.I sprinkled some grated dark chocolate on the side walls of the cake. For the flowers, I had made them previously with egg white and icing sugar (made into a dough with sodium CMC, rolled it out and cut them using small cookie cutters). I made chocolate leaves and hearts. For the handle I took a length of electrical wire and bent it into the shape and wound it thoroughly with satin ribbon and tied it with a bow on the top and pushed it into the side of the cake. Voila!!! and my cake was ready. My mom and family were so pleased with it.

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by: REMA

A very beautiful cake indeed ,made with lots of chocolate and lots and lots of LOVE FOR MOM.

Cake in Basket
by: GKP


That cake looks wonderful and very tempting. Can you send me a cake like that for my Birthday. I am sure it will taste even more wonderful than its appearance and looks.

Looks Good Enough to Eat!! ;)
by: Anonymous

The cake looks absolutely fantastic and appetizing!
also looks like a time consuming task. Any shortcuts to make things simpler, for us lazy people???

Looks Good Enough To Eat!!!
by: mallic

Looks absolutely delicious! and so pretty!

(any sortcuts you might have to share, for us lazy people??)

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