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Homemade Les Paul Electric Guitar Birthday Cake

by Meghan H.
(Gaines, Michigan )

This is the first guitar cake I made. It was for my fiance Todd who love's guitars and music. It's a double layer devils food cake with peanut butter filling. I made a stencil with wax paper that matched the style guitar he likes. I baked it in a 13" x 9" glass pan for the guitar body. Also used same pan for the neck. It was hard to crumb coat the cake since it was devils food. That seemed to be the hardest part for me I uses peanut butter cups for volume, tone, reverberations, and extra. Parts on body of guitar. Sprees for the parts that the strings attach to, and mini marshmellows for tuners. I hand piped on strings cause I coulnt find any candy that would. It turned out great for what I had I lost all my baking supplies when I moved I am happy with it and next time I will have
a icing knife or maybe try fondent instead. The amp and music sheet is just decorated rice crispy treats. It was getting late and I was tired I wish I made the amp look better at least everything tasted great. I made the cake filling with 1cup vanilla icing, 1 cup peanut butter, and 8 tap of milk. It was awesome. Hopefully.everyone likes the pictures and ideas.

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Homemade Lego Ninjago Birthday Cake

by Brandi Cade
(Columbia, SC)

I have two children with multiple food allergies so cool birthday cakes are left up to me to create. This year not only did my son want an Lego Ninjago cake, he wanted it made with rice krispy treats in the shape of legos with the Ninjago figures. So without finding too many options out there other than a Lego man figure built from rice crispy treats and seeing a few Lego block cakes, this is what I came up with. The Lego Ninjago training field.

To make this cake, I did made the krispy treats twice. The first one, I kept the same size as the pan and did that one in blue. To make the Lego part that stick up and allows another Lego to connect, I added a basic sandwich cookie, like an Oreo. The second pan of treats I cut into narrower rectangles and did the same thing with the cookies. I could have gotten 3 of the smaller rectangles, but for space and time, I opted to just use the 2 in this cake. Finally I built a few of the Ninjago figures that are part of training sets and placed them on top.

Can't wait to see his face when he finally sees his 6th birthday cake!

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Homemade Lego Cake

by Erin

I premade the spirals by cutting a strip of fondant and spiraling it around a straw. I also rolled out strips of fondant and made the swirls. I let these dry over night. The first thing I did for the cake was cut out store bought fondant into rectangles. After I made about 30 small rectangles, I made larger rectangles to look like the top of the lego. I randomly put on the thin rectangles and then placed the large rectangles on the top of the cake. Next I rolled out white fondant and covered the cake over the "legos". Once I smoothed the fondant I used scissors and cut out a triangle, keeping it attached so the legos would show. I rolled up the triangle to make it look peeled back. I used a straw to punch out circles for the prongs of the legos. After that I attached the swirls and spirals and placed the lego people on top.

This cake took about 10 hours total. Everyone loved the cake and thought the legos were real. This cake is also shown with candles in it.

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Homemade Basket Weave Cake

by Trish
(Bowie, MD)

This cake was inspired by a postage stamp I saw with violets spilling out of a basket.

A 8 x 3 round pan was used. Tips 5 and 97 were used to created the basket weave in alternating white and lavender. Royal icing violets and piped green buttercream icing was used to create the spilling flowers. The reverse shell border was used on the top and bottom to finish.

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Looks Gorgeous!
by: Amy C.

Congrats, Trish! It looks beautiful and I'm sure it tastes just as divine. Kudos!

Postage Stamp Cake
by: Rob

I know the lady who makes these cakes and she is so talented. Every cake she has made has been just amazing. I am sure you are gonna see a lot more of her work around. This is really a truly talented lady.

A Work of Art
by: Keisha B.

Yay Trish!! Folks, if you ever have the chance to get one of Trish's cakes, please take advantage. Not only are they beautiful, they taste good too!!

Works of Art!
by: Kathy C.

I had NO idea so much could be done with cakes until I saw what Trish does! She is unbelievably talented. She sees something and she creates it. It's too bad only one cake is shown here, because Trish simply makes delicious works of art!

by: Pam

The cakes Trish makes are wonderful. They look too good to eat, but then when you finally get the nerve to cut it, it tastes so good you have to make yourself stop. She has an amazing talent for looking at a picture and recreating it in cake form. Her cakes are the BEST!

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