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German Chocolate Glazed Robot Cake with LED Eyes

by Holly
(Boston, MA.)

This cake was made using a recipe for a German Chocolate inside-out cake. The cake was made from scratch with cocoa. I made two 13x9 pans (evenly distributed the batter) and cut the shapes of the robot pieces out. There are two layers with a filling in the middle consisting of a caramelized evaporated milk with toasted coconut and pecans. Once the layers are constructed, a chocolate glaze is applied and then the pieces are chilled until the glaze hardens. Befor the glaze is applied, a chocolate coating like frosting is applied. So, there are a few layers with this cake! Once the glaze is hardened I painted the shell with pearl dust which I had made into a liquid by adding lemon juice (you can the pearl dust/powder in a store which sells baking accessories. The LED eyes are applied before the glaze is poured on the head. Two holes were made in the head after the layers were constructed and then glazed. A battery powers the LED lights.

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Homemade Christmas Tree Cake

by Sylvia Praveen
(Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Colorful Christmas Tree Cake

Colorful Christmas Tree Cake

I made this easy and fun to do Christmas cake in just a few hours. I baked a chocolate cake using a Chocolate cake mix, in a square cake pan. I let the cake to cool, cut the square cake into two triangles and placed the two triangles one below the other. I then cut the tip of the second triangle (placed below the first one) and placed it as the trunk, below the two pieces. This, gave me the shape of a Christmas tree. I frosted the tree with white butter cream frosting. Then I added a little cocoa powder to the butter cream frosting (to give it the brown color) and frosted the trunk. I decorated the tree with colored sugar sprinkles and edged the tree with cut cherries. The trunk was decorated with chocolate chips and silver balls. The cake came out very well and tasted good. This is a very simple, easy and colorful Christmas tree cake. I enjoyed making this cake!

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Homemade Chocolate Covered Strawberrie Birthday Cake

by Kasey and Chandelle
(London, Ontario, Canada)

My sisters favourite food is a chocolate covered strawberry, So My Other sister and I decided to make her a chocolate covered strawberry cake.

This cake took perseverence. It took 2 days, we had to learn how to make buttercreme icing ourselves, took 3 trips to the grocery store because we kept running out of icing sugar from our mistakes.

we baked 4 cakes. 2 slab cakes and 2 round cakes (the only pans that we had)

there is butter creme icing between all the layers.

Once all the cakes were piled onto eachother I used a knife to carve the shape of the strawberry.

Good layer of buttercreme around the cake

we rolled out red fondant and draped it over the cake.

Rolled brown fondant diagonally to make it look like it was "dipped in chocolate"

little yellow fondant dots were added for the seeds and green for the leaves.

Very fun cake to make, but Time consuming.

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Green and Yellow Curly Q Birthday Cake

by Anna

I had to make a cake for my nan's birthday, and I had no inspiration so I came onto this site and saw a curly q cake with red, green, blue and yellow decorations. However, my nan hates red and blue so I decided to just do a green and yellow cake.

I bought a pack of ready to roll fondant in green and yellow, rolled them both out and cut them into different sized strips. Then I curled them round straws for a couple of seconds, before sliding them onto a baking tray where they sat til hard.

Meanwhile I made a vanilla cake in a round tin and iced it in white butter icing. Then I stuck curls round the edge of the cake, and into a mound of frosting at the top. I iced happy b'day round the mound in green piping icing, and stuck yellow and green candles in to finish.

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