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Lily Cake

by Anna

I was requested to make a cake for a family friend; however I was asked a day before her birthday so it was a big rush to create something. Her favourite flower is lilies so I found a picture of a lily and printed it four times.

I made chocolate transfers as I didn't have time to go through the whole ordeal of freezing buttercream, so I melted dark chocolate and traced the outlines of the lilies onto wax paper. The chocolate sets quickly so within five minutes it was hard. I didn't even have to put it in the fridge! I melted white chocolate and poure dit into the gaps, then left to set. For the stems I mixed green food dye into the chocolate before pouring, as well as mixing in yellow dye to form the pollen.

I had leftover white chocolate so I freehanded her name on paper and put everything in the fridge to harden. I baked a plain sponge cake and made some buttercream, which I dyed green as it is a nice summery colour. I iced the cake and peeled the lilies and letters from the paper. I stuck the transfers into the icing and to finish made a border out of white chocolate buttons.

It was a fairly easy cake to make and onyl took me a couple of hours!

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Leopard Seal Cake

by Tara
(Commack, NY)

I made this cake for my son's 4th birthday. After watching Happy Feet, he had an obsession with the leopard seal and requested a leopard seal cake.

I copied a photo of a leopard seal from a "sea life" book, put the outline under a piece of wax paper and traced the outline onto the wax paper with white writing icing. Once completed, I placed the wax paper outline in the fridge for a few minutes to firm up and then inverted it onto the top of the cake and pressed down lightly to transfer the image onto the top of the cake. Once on the cake, I just filled it in with buttercream.

The cake was a box mix, but the frosting was from scratch--a buttercream meant for piping. The tongue was red gel icing and the teeth were marshmallows. The "leopard" dots and the eye were chocolate chips.

Around the side of the cake I made 4 penguins and a "good luck" duck out of homemade marshmallow fondant (he also loves ducks). My son wondered what kind of duck lives in the Arctic :)

Comments for Leopard Seal Cake

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by: Anonymous

That's the coolest cake I've ever seen!

by: Jason

That is such a GREAT looking cake!!! boy are you good!

Cute figurines
by: Michele

The figurines along the side look cool, too bad there isn't a close up of them! Love the cake. Very creative.

Great Idea!!!
by: Anonymous

I was looking for something different for my son's birthday cake. I think I will be trying to make this, because my son loves all kinds of sea animals, and a leopard seal is definitely something unique! Thank you for sharing!

by: elissa

Loved the comment by your four year old about the duck on the cake. Must be a very smart child. Great creativity.

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Homemade Batman Cake

by Joy
(Central, Texas USA)

Coolest Batman Birthday Cake

Coolest Batman Birthday Cake

I used two 10 inch round cakes and 2 8 inch round cakes to build the layers. I covered the cake in gray icing with blue piped trim. I then created Batman Logos and the famous 'utility belt' out of fun foam sheets purchased at my local craft store. A Bat Mobile and Batman toy figure (attached to a gray piece of fun foam and then set on the cake so I didn't have to clean icing off of it!) topped off this beautiful cake for my son Noah's 6th birthday.
Hints: I always use a pound cake or other dense cake recipe so that stacked layers are more secure, and less likely to buckle when stacking layers. Also, use dowel rods or other wooden sticks to help support the layers. I actually used the round wooden handles from a 99 cent package of sponge brushes intead of buying a $3 dowel rod and having to cut it down. They were the perfect length!

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Homemade Browning Cake

by Christina M
(Macon, GA. U.S.A.)

I just made a devils chocolate cake and used vanilla icing. I purchased a sheet of zebra print sugar paper (it is edible) from Michael's and cut out all the black strips. I piped the browning symbol and outlined it. For a 3-d effect I piped Happy Birthday with black icing and went back over with a smaller tip with pink. It was fairly easy to make and my daughter loved it!

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