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Homemade Pooh Bear Birthday Cake

by Suvini
(Sri Lanka)

Hi, I am not a professional cake maker, but I am a DIY type person and really enjoy creating things. I have make couple of cakes for my family members and this one was done for my nephew’s 1st year Birthday.

Actually, doing a Pooh Bear cake was my idea as the Birthday boy was too small to make his own choice 

To do this I didn’t have a shaped cake pan to bake the cake, and buying one for just one cake did not look like a great idea. So I made a 1 ½” tall rectangular vanilla cake and cut the Pooh Bear from it. Then I downloaded the Pooh bear’s picture from the internet and got it enlarged. Afterward, drew the picture on the cake with the help of edible food colouring.

I started decorating it from the Red shirt, using Red colour butter icing and then moved on to the body and face of the Pooh Bear. Orangish Yellow colour was made by adding dash of Red food colouring in to the Sunflower Yellow colouring.

To decorate the top of the cake, I used the Star Nozzle and sides were done using the Basket Weave Nozzle (but not the Basket Weaving design). Outlines of the legs, eyes, nose and mouth was done in Black by using the Writing Nozzle.

Finally did some little Blue flowers and Green stems in the background of the cake to add more colours and to give the cake a little bit of boyish look 

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Homemade Princess Castle Cake

by Sarah Ash
(Minneapolis, MN)

I made this cake for my niece's 5th birthday. She had requested a "Princess" cake and this is what I came up with.
The cake itself is a 9-inch, two-layer strawberry cake from scratch with vanilla butter cream frosting. The cake recipe I used was for three layers but instead, I made two layers and used the additional batter to make a few cupcakes.
After frosting the cake, I used strawberry filled marshmallows around the outside base and piped pink stars on top of each marshmallow. The towers are purple cake ice cream cones topped with sugar cones that I painted with warm corn syrup then rolled in pink decorating sugar. They held together nicely with frosting (I put extra frosting on the inside of the cones and the kids loved them in addition to the cake!). Two of the towers are raised by cupcakes I cut down and hollowed out. I used toothpicks to secure them to the cake. I found a tiara with earrings in the dollar section at Toys-R-Us and used them as decorations on top. The birthday girl adored her cake and she had herself a princess tiara and earrings to wear after we ate!

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Homemade Pooh Bear & Friends Truck Cake.

by Rosalie R. Duazo
(Zamboanga City)

I made this cake on my son's 6th Birthday Last July 19, 2012. He always ask for a train cake. So I come up to this Idea and putting on his Pooh Bears toys.
To start with the cake, I bake a 8x9 square sponge cake, then shape it to a train, but it turns out to look like a truck instead.
For the icing, I use boiled icing and colored it in aqua blue, green, pink and baby blue. I place it on my big round plate and start icing them. After icing the cake, i put on some balloons plastic, shape in round and star. Position the pooh bear toys and happy birthday decor.
My son just can't wait to put on the marshmallow so add another blocks for me to write his name and of course i almost forget e'orhe the horse.
After decorating it, my son told me - This was the Best Birthday cake I've ever had and then he hug and kisses me.

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