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Coolest Fire Engine Cake 38

by MNG
(Sydney, Australia)

Homemade Fire Engine Cake

Homemade Fire Engine Cake

I made this fire engine cake for my son's 3rd birthday with the help of my sisters for decorating and it was a real hit! I used a basic chocolate butter cake recipe to bake 2 loaf tin cakes. I then followed the family fun video ( cut out the shape of the cake and got ideas for the decorating from looking at this site.

It's really important to get red colour paste to ensure that you get the right shade of red, the liquid colouring will only give you a pink however much you use and tastes horrible! I used Wilton No Taste Red colour, which you can get online from cake decorating suppliers.

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Coolest Fire Engine Birthday Cake 33

by Bill W.
(Tonganoxie, KS)

Homemade Fire Engine Birthday Cake

Homemade Fire Engine Birthday Cake

This fire engine birthday cake was the second cake I made from the movie Cars. It was made for my son's 3rd birthday. He wanted "Red" the fire engine. It was a chocolate cake covered in marshmallow fondant.

I used almond bark for the ladder and side panels of the truck. The wheels were wooden wheels purchased at Hobby Lobby. I used the wheels with dowel rod axles to support the cake board and lift the cake off of the ground.

The other fixtures on the truck were made from fondant and gum paste. I used silver luster dust for the metallic surfaces.

Comments for Coolest Fire Engine Birthday Cake 33

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for bday
by: Anonymous

can u pls tell me exactly how u made this. step by step

WOW-tell me more....
by: Anonymous

Hi I would love to see some more photos and more details about how you made this master piece.
Its fantastic.

by: Anonymous

Please give more detailed instructions on how you made this cake. It is awesome!

by: Rachael

Fantastic cake. Can't wait to see next years edition to the cake photo library. You are very talented.

by: Stephanie

Can you please sent detailed instructions on how you made this cake.
My son's birthday is coming up and I would like to attempt this one. It is the only one that I have seen that I truly love!!!
You have amazing talent!

love it
by: mary

I love ur cake are u a professional or do u do it for fun, in any way u have true true talent! what type of frosting would u recommend for any type of project? I'm a newbie but love to learn

Red Birthday Cake - Instructions
by: Michelle from South Africa

Wow, what a lovely birthday cake. We will be celebrating my son's 4th Birthday in July and he has asked for a Fire Engine Birthday!

I started looking on the net for a suitable birthday cake as my husband and I always make his cakes for him. As my son absolutely adores CARS, your cake just stood out for me. I think I will score big mommy points if I am able to pull this cake off for him :-).

Are you able to tell me how you did it?

Well done on a spectacular cake!



by: Anonymous

If possible I would like step by step directions for this cake. The fondant and outside i believe i can handle, but what did you find to be the best way to form the cake, and what is it sitting on to be raised. You did an awesome job!!

by: Anonymous

Could you please send me more detailed instructions? LOVED this fire truck. My grandson will be so happy.

by: Kia

What a fantastic cake! You are very talented! I would love to try this out for my son's birthday. Would you mind sending me some detailed instructions?

red the fire engine
by: Anonymous

absolutely superb!!! Would appreciate step by step instructions if possible. My grandson asked for red the fire engine for his birthday, doming soon. I am desperate, and your cake is the BEST!

by: Anonymous

my son's 3rd birthday invites just went out for a "red the fire engine" birthday party too! where do you live? he would LOVE to have this cake for his birthday!!!
Otherwise, can you share directions for his auntie to attempt making it?

we are in st. Louis, if by chance you are too - LET'S talk!


Red Fire Engine
by: Cubs

My son's 3rd birthday is coming up and he wants a fire truck cake. Since he loves Cars, I though this cake would be awesome!
You did an excellent job. Would you be able to email instructions as this is my first foray in fondant.

by: lily

i would love to make this cake, will you be able to email me instructions?

by: Marina

Hi! That's an absolutely FABULOUS CAKE!!!!! How did you do it?!! My son's 3rd birthday is coming up and he's absolutely CRAZY about firetrucks, and also about Cars. I wanted to make him a firetruck cake, but yours would make him sooo happy!! Can you send me more detailed instructions on how you did it? I'm in Argentina!!!!!!
I would appreciate that so much!!

Thanks and congratulations! Impressive cake!! =)


That is awesome!
by: Rosie

My 4 year old would love this cake! Could you add here the instructions? Thanks so much!

Who wouldn't LOVE this cake?!?!?!?
by: Uniquely Yours

I've noticed many have requested the directions...has anyone received them?! I would LOVE them as well! THANK YOU!

by: Gwaltz

This cake is awesome! Would it be possible to get the directions? I would love to be able to make this for a friend's son's birthday!
Thank you!

Please share step-by-step directions
by: Em

Hi! Can you please send me the directions for making this cake? I need them before Wednesday, if possible. My email is PLEASE AND THANK YOU!! Lovely cake.

by: Clint

Hi my nephew just saw this cake and it is brillent...and he has aked if i can do this for his birthday in a weeks time.
Is there any chance of been able to get a step by step instuctions on how you do it??

Many thanks

by: Norma

Hi! I am so impressed by the cake, it is sooo beautiful, I would like the instructions just like everyone else, it is an amazing cake that my nephew would love for his 5th birthday.

Thank you so much

Instructions, please!!!
by: Linda B

Like everyone else here on this board, has anyone gotten the instructions by chance...If so, can someone please email it to me at Thanks!!

by: Kari

Not sure if you gave out directions or not on how you created this cake. Wasn't sure if you used a sheet cake or loaf pan. Was just asked to make "Red" so just seeing if anyone had instructions.

Love the cake
by: Anonymous

HI!I would love to have the instructions if anyone could help me please...thanks Marla

Fire Engine Cake
by: Jenny Pegg

This cake is awesome. My grandson is having his 6th birthday early Nov & his Mum is giving him a firefighter party. As it is tradition in our family for the Grandmother to make the birthday cake I would really appreciate your recipe & instructions.
Thank you, Jenny

Love it!
by: Tina

I have to make a 3d fire truck for a boy's 2 birthday and would love if you can give directions on how u did it!?

Love Love Love this cake!
by: Elise

This is an amazing cake! Can you please email me your instructions on how to create this master piece? thank you :)

Birthday cake
by: Jodie

It's my sons birthday in oct and he would love a fire truck cake. Can you email me the recipes and the instructions please.

by: Anonymous

Did the directions for this cake? I'm not much of a baker but would love to try!

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Coolest Fire Engine Cake 28

by Leslie
(Cleburne, Texas)

Fire Engine Cake

Fire Engine Cake

I made this fire engine cake for my son's 3rd birthday. I used 2 loaf pans for the fire engine and cake that is holding the candle. I cut one of the loaf pan cakes in half.

I put 1/2 of the cake on top of the other loaf pan and iced it red for the engine. The other half of the cake has the candle. The fireman is made using Wilton's small 3D bear pan. The fire hose is red liquorice string with a piece of iridescent ribbon. The ladders are made out of cookies.

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