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Coolest Fireman Helmet Cake 4

by Robyn
(Vancouver, WA)

Fireman Helmet Cake

Fireman Helmet Cake

By making this Fireman helmet cake I bought a two pound tub of red fondant and used almost a full pound. I used boxed cake mix from the store for each layer but added an extra egg and spoon size scoop of sour cream to give it more body.

You can bake the cake itself in any size pan you see fit, I used an 11x15 sheet. while the cake is still warm out of the oven, use a plastic firemen helmet which fire stations give away most of the time when you take a tour. Wrap the inside with clear wrap (this will make it easier to get out).

What your basically going to do is grab chunks of the warm cake and press into the helmet to form the shape. I did three layers for the helmet and it is very messy when you involve the frosting.

Once you have all of your cake pressed into the helmet place in a larger bowl and use a towel for added support. I put it in the freezer for about 6-7 hours.

The shield I drew from scratch with a basic design and layed over a pitcher with wax paper.

Roll thin ropes of fondant to help with shaping underneath top layer of fondant. Then just layer and smooth. The brim of the helmet is fondant covered cardboard to support being on top of the bottom cake.

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by: Heather

This is sooo awesome one of the guys at my station has a birthday coming up and i have so gotta try this! Glad I found it... will let you know how it turns out!

by: Anonymous

Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for!!!

by: Anonymous

How did it not fall once it was thawed out all the way?

by: Anonymous

I put icing in and around mine, and then sat it on a flat sheet cake, then I put the fondant on it while it was still frozen, worked out great!

by: Anonymous

Gonna make this for my fiance, he's a volunteer firefighter and its just what I was looking for. Thank you so much.

Thanks for the great ideas.
by: Anonymous

I was going to stack cakes and sculpt but this is a much better idea. Thanks for sharing.

Stupid Staples advertizement!!!
by: Anonymous

Really cool looking cake, I would of loved to see how to do it if Staples would remove their ad off the front of your directions....There's no x to even click off of it! Stupid advertizement!

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Coolest FDNY Helmet Cake 6

by Justine B.
(Farmingdale, NY)

Coolest FDNY Helmet Cake

Coolest FDNY Helmet Cake

This FDNY helmet cake was made for my husband's birthday/end of 1st year probation with the FDNY.
The base is a sheet cake covered in fondant to resemble his bunker coat and the helmet is a close replica of his actual gear.

The domed portion of the helmet was made from four layers (one 10" and three 8") and then carved to the proper shape and then covered in white fondant. (I always make my own marshmallow fondant. It tastes best and is much more cost effective) The brim of the helmet was made out of gumpaste. The vines for the rosebud embellishment was done with the back end of a paint brush while the flowers themselves were done with small flower stencils.

The house patch and the eagle were also made out of gumpaste. The entire cake was then hand painted (mix powdered food coloring with either lemon extract or vodka). The color of reflective portions of the coat and helmet were obtained by mixing powdered yellow food color with lime green luster dust. The golden effect on the eagle was also done in lusterdust.

It was a big hit at the party and most of the guests walked past it not realizing it was actually cake.

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Awesome cake
by: Jen

What a great cake...Great job

Great Job
by: "Smokey" Al Fireman

That is a very Cool looking Cake! I know it took some tome to do but it looks great.

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Coolest Fire Fighter Cake 7

by Lisa

Homemade Fire Fighter Cake

Homemade Fire Fighter Cake

I made this fire fighter cake for the cake walk at school. The little boys just loved it. I used the Wilton cake pan, then I outlined the entire cake with a small writing tip and gray icing. I then made 2 batches of icing, separating the icing into different bowls so I could color the icing different colors.

I used a star tip for the entire body. For the fire on sides of cake I took the remaining icing from the yellow and red placed it into a decorating bag and squeezed out the icing with upward motion. The colors blended to make the fire look real.

The face coloring was one dip of a tooth pick into the pink,brown and yellow coloring less is more so start off with a little and mix well remember the icing gets darker as it drys out. I used a store bought cake mix and add applesauce instead of oil to make it moist.

Taking a big star tip and icing I made the shell ruffle around the bottom to cover the flaws as well as outlining the entire cake again with a larger writing tip. This will make it stand out and pop like 3D.

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cake pan
by: johnboy

thats a great cake can you pls tell me where you got the cake pan from, thanks

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