For my daughters 1st birthday party!

I wanted to do something special, I always purchase all family birthday cakes from local Woolworths but thought after finding this FANTASTIC site – “I could do that!”

The cake was made from a packet mix (Maderia) purchased from local cake decorating shop. I actually baked the cake on the wednesday (baked 3 cakes – just incase…lucky!) and didnt decorate until Saturday…..was a little worried, but it was still fresh and tasted delicious.

I had hired the Wilton No.1 cake tin also from the local cake decorating shop…..absolutely fantastic! It even came with instructions as to how to grease the tin with flour (something I have never done, but will continue to do now)

When I was ready to decorate, I covered the entire cake in mock cream this made the fondant stick to the cake. I rolled out the fondant thinly and placed over the cake. My first attept at this was a disaster, I wasnt fast enough and the fondant cracked. Luckily for me I had baked another 2 cakes just incase…..fortunately I didnt use the 3rd but was able to just decorate this with royal icing on the day of my daughters actual birthday.

The butterflies were also made of fondant, I coloured and cut using cookie cutters. These were done approximately 2 weeks prior and left in air tight container in pantry. Made it so much easier to have had these already done! I also used the remaining butterflies to decorate cupcakes to tie in the pink butterfly theme of the party.

To stick the butterflies to the top of the cake, i just dipped my finger in a bowl of water and spread onto back of butterfly and held lightly to make stick.

I used royal icing to pipe around the raised area on top of the cake and then around the edges to hide any flaws.

The candle was placed at the top by piping a little royal icing and putting candle on immediately be it set……would you believe it was my husbands idea! thanks honey!

For a first-time-cake-decorator, I was very happy how it turned out….even if it did take 2 cakes and nearly 6 hours to do!!! Everyone at the party was very impressed, as I dont have a very good cooking/baking record.