Cake by Evelyn F., Donaldson, PA

For this Fisher Price Little People cake I made a 1/2-sheet and a 1/4-sheet cake. I cut them both down and stacked them to form the tiers. I iced the entire cake green and then used a light brown to make the stone walkway leading up to the "Night at the Ball".

I purchased three separate toys to give as a gift to my best friends little girl and incorporated them onto the cake. I think it is was a terrific idea for a 1yr old. Very easy to do, most of the decoration was just placing the toys appropriately.

Cake by Wendy H., Lulworth, England

Fisher Price Little People birthday cake idea

I am what I like to call "cake impaired". So when it came time for my son’s 1st birthday, I knew I was in trouble. The theme we chose was called “Around Town”. I decided that instead of a construction type cake I wanted something with more of a town theme.

I used a “Wheels on the Bus” game board and little shops and Fisher Price Little People placed around to look like a town and placed the cake in the center. The idea was that the cake would be the roundabout in the center of town with a cobblestone street.

Just goes to show, sometimes all you need is a bit of creativity to get the look you want.

Fisher Price Little People birthday cake idea

Cake by Kim N., Buda, TX

Fisher Price Little People birthday cake idea

My son LOVES Fisher Price Little People, so I wanted to use that for his 2nd birthday.

I could not find a Little People cake anywhere so I designed my own. I used various LP vehicles and the LP characters. I made a "finish line" since we were having a race (like on the LP video). I also used small plastic trees, made a fish pond with blue icing, decorated the sides and top of the cake with green and made the top look like grass with the tip that you can make grass/hair with.

I used gray icing to make the road and put a black divided line on the road. I printed a sun and made it look like the sun that rises in the LP videos. Everyone just loved the Fisher Price Little People cake at his party and it was also a hit taste-wise as well!

Cake by Denise P.

Fisher Price Little People birthday cake idea

When my little boy was turning one, we decided on a Fisher Price Little People theme. I had a train cake pan so I decided to incorporate it into the idea.

I used a cookie sheet pan for the bottom of the cake. The train cars were made from loaf pans cut in half. The train is a Wilton pan. Before frosting the train engine, I cut out the window part big enough to fit in the Engineer, and then stuck him inside. I then frosted each piece individually in bright colors to match the Fisher Price Little People.

Fisher Price Little People birthday cake idea