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Coolest Mini Pie Cupcakes

by Erica G.
(Everett, WA, USA)

Homemade Mini Pie Cupcakes

Homemade Mini Pie Cupcakes

Homemade Mini Pie Cupcakes
Homemade Mini Pie Cupcakes
Homemade Mini Pie Cupcakes

I was doing a search for Thanksgiving themed cupcakes my son and I could make to bring to my mom for the holiday. I came across some really cool ones with mini turkeys (a little to elaborate for me to do with 4 kids running under my feet!). We ended up not having enough time to make them for Thanksgiving but made these Homemade Mini Pie Cupcakes for a family friends Christmas party instead.

I made it with a dozen egg cake recipe I found online. I had recently been given a dozen eggs from my daughter's friend at school who's family keeps chickens in their back yard so I was looking for a recipe that used a lot of eggs.
12 dozen eggs, 1 pound of butter, 4 cups of sugar, 4 cups of flour.. plus I added some spices, cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, a bit of ginger.

The frosting is just a basic butter cream. I used 1 lb of salted butter, about 6-8 cups of powdered sugar and instead of milk to thin I used eggnog to give it more of a festive taste. I also added a bit of freshly grated nutmeg (all organic ingredients for the cake and the frosting).

The "berry pies" are made with pomegranate, blueberry, and blackberry flavored jelly belly beans. For the "pumpkin pie" coloring I tinted the frosting with orange and brown Wilton gel coloring, more orange than brown and for the crust color I used the same gel coloring more brown and a bit of orange. I just experimented with different tips for different looks. And for the shot of "whipped cream" I used a star tip with plain white frosting.

They were a lot of fun to make! Everybody loved them and they were super cute.

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by: Anonymous

how did you make the curst.? on top of the mini pie cupcakes

by: Erica G

For the crust I used the buttercream frosting.. I tinted it to the desired crust color with wiltons gel dye.. I used different tips for different effects.. A flat basketweave tip for one, a star tip and a plain round tip.. Just experiment for different looks :) hope that helped!

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Coolest Curry And Rice Cake 6

by Tracy
(Gravesend, Kent, UK)

Homemade Curry and Rice Cake with Beer

Homemade Curry and Rice Cake with Beer

I struggled to find an idea for my son's 19th birthday cake. Then it hit me - he loves curry so why not make a Curry and Rice cake version?

I made a normal sponge cake in a rectangular shallow tin, then cut it into chunks. I coloured some butter icing that strange orangey colour that curry seems to be, then coated each piece - tricky to not get your fingers covered as well, but relatively easy to do.

I then added some dessicated coconut to a normal serving bowl to represent rice and placed the 'curry chunks' on top.

I also made another sponge which I cut circles out of then stacked them up and shaped them to look like a bottle of beer. I placed a wooden skewer through the middle to hold it upright, then coated it all in brown butter icing. I added the neck piece to the bottle and the bottle top - both made from fondant icing and painted them yellow and silver respectively.

I used number cutters to cut the number 19 from the fondant. The name was painted on using black food colouring and a fine artist brush.

It was great because we didn't even need to cut the cake up - it was already in pieces.

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