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Coolest Bag of Potato Chips Cake

by Jessie L.
(Tampa, FL)

Homemade Bag of Potato Chips Cake

Homemade Bag of Potato Chips Cake

This Bag of Potato Chips Cake was made for my boss who LOVES chips. It is french vanilla cake and covered in marshmallow fondant. The "chips" are also mmf cut into circles and shaped to look like chips.

To get the right color of the chips, I dyed the mmf with a tiny bit of brown and yellow. I hollowed out an opening at the top to make the bag appear open and covered the inside of the hole with gray mmf. I then placed about 50 "chips" to make it seem as they are spilling out.

I then cut and shaped the mmf into the logo and red ribbons. I painted on the words "guaranteed fresh date", "potato chips","net wt" and "big grab" with Wilton's icing coloring paste. The expiration date on the bag was my boss's birth date.

It was a very large cake so it was funny to make it a 1 1/2 oz. bag of chips. To achieve the shiny look, I painted on butter flavored spray Pam with a paint brush or you can just spray it on, but it's much nicer to paint it on (I didn't paint in on over the painted words in fear the it would smear them). It was a big hit!

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by: Jeannie

Wow! That cake looks amazing! Your creativity and details are awesome!! Great job! I'll be sure to hire you when I need a cake done! ;)

Great cake!
by: Terri G, Calgary, AB

You did a wonderful job! Your detail is excellent - don't know if I can possibly emulate. I have a friend that listed potato chips as her fave food, so I'm going to make a similar one for her b-day (Ruffles, though). Thanks for the intro to MMF - never heard of it before and I cannot stand the taste of regular fondant (and it's costly!). I always use buttercream and this has opened up a whole new world of cake decorating for me!

by: Ashley


by: alltwilightstuffrocks

I can't believe my eyes! It looks like a real bag of potato chips! I am only 10 years old. I have a girl gourmet cake maker and I make one little cake every single day around 4:30 each day. I have never seen anything like this before. Do you take requests? I have one request: can you make a cake that is food-broccoli with cheese? please?! that is my favorite thing to eat ever(and spaghetti)!

Lays Cake
by: Anonymous

I just had a request to make a cake resembling a bags of chips for a friends birthday...I didn't know where to start!!! Thanks for the photo and directions! A life saver!

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Cocoa Potato Cakes 1

by Sarah Metz
(Sodus, Michigan)

Individual cakes that look like potatoes!

Individual cakes that look like potatoes!

I had some free time one day and decided to try out a recipe that had been lying around the house.

The cake batter (vanilla egg-white-based) is squeezed out in ovals on a cookie sheet and baked, then cooled. For each "potato", two oval cakes are held together with raspberry jam, then wrapped in almond paste (finely ground almonds, powdered sugar, and water). After shaping the almond paste to look like a lumpy potato, each cake is rolled in cocoa powder. The potato "eyes" are made by poking little pieces of slivered blanched almonds into the paste.

I gave a couple of these cakes to my cousin for her eighteenth birthday, and I took a few to my class at college (a culinary class). Not only were my fellow culinary students impressed, but the chef instructor was too! I even got an immediate marriage proposal out of one of the guys! I plan to enter a few of these cakes in the county fair this year.

These cakes can take a lot of time and patience to make, especially if you're one to "mess up" a few times before pulling through (like me), but the results are worth it!

Comments for Cocoa Potato Cakes 1

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by: Anonymous

These are so unique! They really look like potatoes! They would be great for a farm theme party or something like that!

Love them
by: Anonymous

Really creative!!

Great stuff!
by: Andrea

Nice work! Very unique, indeed!

by: Melanie

I love coming to this site for ideas and just for fun...these potatoes have got to be the most unique/creative I've seen so far. Great job.

by: Anonymous

omg the first time i saw these i thought it was a joke and they were real potatoes! haha those are too cool!

Very Unique
by: Sanda

All I can say is Wow! Nicely done.. I am gonna try this now. I just love it!! Thanx for entering this for us cake enthusiasts who are always searching for new ideas.

wow! cute!
by: Anonymous

My husband has some friends that are from Ireland, and they are always teasing back and forth. When we went to Idaho we brought them back an "Idaho Spud". I think once I show this to my husband - this will be our next joke. Thank you for your inspiration!!!
Shannon Corbin, Vancouver, WA

by: Anonymous

i love potatoes and I loved the cake

good job
by: suzy

Nice... I really like your potatoes very unique.Bet it tastes good.

by: Anonymous

wow,very creative!!!

so realistick!
by: Anonymous

that looks just like potatoes!!im English by the way !

by: betty

These look just like potatoes!I'm seriously going to try this!thanx for the recipe

April Fools
by: Scoobysbelle

Every year I make the kids a special 'April Fools' dinner...this is my next feat!! I have made pink & blue cupcakes that doubled as meatloaf w/mashed potatoes, tortilla pizzas which doubled as fruit rollups, jellies, & melted white chocolate, I have a great fish stick recipe that doubles as a wafer cookie rolled in peanut butter & cookie potatoes! I LOVE IT!!

What kind of batter did you use?
by: Anonymous

Did you use an angel food type batter? If possible, I would love to have the recipe you used to make these. I am not a very accomplished baker so I am not sure what kind of batter could be squeezed onto a cookie sheet. I would however like to try my hand at making these, they look remarkably like real potatoes!

by: Anonymous

This is a very creative cake and also very unique!


I would love to have this recipe for my friend's 60th birthday in a few weeks! Thanks
by: Trista

I would love to have this recipe for my dad's 60th birthday! If you could send it to me I would greatly appreciate it!

Recipe/ instructions
by: Yaz


My best friend is a Potato farmer, its his birthday in 3 days and I would REALLY appreciate it if you could please send me the recipe and cooking instructions for your BRILLIANT potato looking cakes

Thank you so much

by: mama

I would love this recipe! I love Idaho and I love potatoes and now they can be dessert too!

can I have the recipe??
by: Anonymous

WOW those look incredible!! I would absolutely love it if you could send me the recipe!!!

by: michele

It' amazing! Really pretty n nice! good job! I would absolutely love it if you could send me the recipe!!!

thx anyway :)

Good Work!
by: Anonymous

Great work on making cake potatoes! :) And to the other people out there... use your own imagination!

What a Great Idea!!
by: Brown Eyes

Please, please-I would love to have to recipe to make these amazing potato cakes for my co-workers at school. Won't they be shocked to see that they really are cakes. Thanks a bunch!

AMAZING Potatoes
by: Debra

These are the coolest looking potatoes that I have ever seen. I would love to try making these for a family gathering. Is there anyway that I can get the recipe?

Love the Potatoe Cakes
by: Debra

This is the GREATEST idea of doing a Idaho potato. Please can you tell me step by step and the ingredients for the Cocoa Potato Cakes? I am interested in doing this for a Wedding shower for this weekend.

Thanks so much

by: Anonymous


by: Anonymous

I would love the recipe too please
thank you!

by: Anonymous

ROh please can I have the recipe for the cake and the almond paste covering it! This is the most creative cake I have seen in years. My compliments to the chef!

by: Traci

Love love love it!!!! Can you please send me the recipe!!!

by: Anonymous

Did anyone ever get this cake recipe? I would love to have it ASAP! Thanks!

by: Sherina

I cannot believe those are cakes......that is creativity to the max...I hope I can be that creative when I do my cakes....great job!

by: Sarah

Hey, y'all! All this time and so many compliments. Thank you! I never realized that I had any comments!

Anyway, for those requesting a recipe, there is none! Just find a favorite eggwhite-based cake recipe and almond paste recipe (find a reliable *rated* one online) and follow the general directions above. Just jump in and give it a try! Be CREATIVE... you can figure it out!

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Homemade Twinkie and Hoho Cake

by Rebecca
(Loveland, CO)

Twinkie and HoHo cake

Twinkie and HoHo cake

I started by making a base circle with about a dozen twinkies. I cut the back of every other one at an angle to make it a tight circle. Then one by one I dipped them in melted white chocolate and placed them back in there spot while still warm. Then I layered hoho's the same way on top of the twinkies, by cutting the back at an angle to make the circle tight. Next I did another layer of twinkie halves, also dipped in the white chocolate. I took a deformed twinkie and put it down the middle of the cake to fill the hole for stability. Then I cut a few hohos in half showing the inside swirl. I placed them in between the top layer of twinkies facing up to show the swirl. And one on top all secured with toothpicks. Then I drizzled some of the white chocolate over the entire cake and grated a piece of dark chocolate on top of that.

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