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Coolest Dallas Cowboys Star Football Cake 137

by Vince
(Glendale, AZ)

Homemade Dallas Cowboys Star Football Cake

Homemade Dallas Cowboys Star Football Cake

Homemade Dallas Cowboys Star Football Cake
Homemade Dallas Cowboys Star Football Cake

I used a 14 inch round pan for the base and a 12 inch round pan for the star. I used a template for the star and cut it out. After icing the base, I sprayed it with a full can of silver spray.

To get the white line in the star as precise as possible, I used the template of the star and a toothpick to trace the lines in the first layer of crumb-cover icing. I used a 16 star tip to decorate the star (did the white line first and then the blue). Before decorating the sides of the star, I placed the star onto the base and then decorated the sides white with the same 16 tip. I used a 21 star tip for the blue stars at the base of the cake.

The most challenging part of the cake was mixing the navy blue color for the star. I tried multiple colors and it eventually turned out great. Ultimately I think it was some combination of Wilton royal blue, black and violet. If I had more time I would have ordered Americolor navy over the internet, because I could not find it at the store.

The Homemade Dallas Cowboys Star Football Cake was for my 14 year old nephew. It was a pretty big cake and was made out of just under 3 cake mixes.

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Coolest Football Cake 37

by Crystal Bloodgood

Crystal's Patriot Football  Cake

Crystal's Patriot Football Cake

I made this Football cake for an '07 Superbowl party. My brother-in-law is a fan of the Patriots so I chose to use their helmet.

This is a three (9 in) layer round cake that I carved to look more like an official helmet. I used grey colored fondant for the base and I printed a picture of the logo to use as a template (the logo is made of colored fondant). The face guard is made of twislers that I reinforced with thin wire and toothpicks. I used a little pressure to create the dip where the ear hole would be.

Tips: I like to attach the details with water instead of icing because I believe you will get a better bond and you won't see gaps or bits of icing on the edges (this happens when you over estimate the amount of frosting/glue)
Roll your fondant on a smooth surface and don't use the underside as the top. The bottom isn't as smooth as the side that you used a roller (as you may be able to tell, there are small cracks on the top).

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Football Cake
by: Gborn1st

Your cake is awesome...I am attempting to make a helmet cake for my dad's birthday...I usually free hand everything...even painting of logos, but I want this cake to be perfect, so could you explain how you print the logo and use it as a template...because your logo is perfect

making the logo template
by: Crystal

I print a couple of appropriate sized logos (number depending on the amount of different colors/details). saving one copy as a reference, i cut the details out of the other copies usually by color. for this logo made three copies. one for the dark blue and one for the red and gray. the third copy was my reference and stencil for the white background. I use a small sharp blade to cut around the paper templates and into the fondant. I glue all my pieces together with water. not all patterns work well with this technique but it works for most designs. I prefer to use this because it isn't as permanent as piping directly onto the cake surface. If you mess up, you can start again without re-icing.

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Coolest Eagles Football Birthday Cake 123

by Kelly W.
(Wilmington, DE)

Homemade Eagles Football Birthday Cake

Homemade Eagles Football Birthday Cake

My husband is a HUGE Eagles fan, and since I've started learning the art of decorating cakes, he has been dying for me to make him a Eagles Football Birthday Cake. I finally made him one for his birthday this year! The cake was made using Wilton's First and Ten football cake pan. I used their recipe for basic yellow cake and white and chocolate butter-cream for the icings.

I used a star tip, number 18 to fill in the body of the football and also for the stripes on the ends. I used a writing tip, number 3 to outline the lettering and logo. I filled in with stars in white butter-cream for the lettering and made the green, gray and black icings myself, using Wilton's coloring gels. I also used white butter-cream as a base for tinting the colors (except for the black, if you start with chocolate butter-cream, it is MUCH easier to turn black.)

I am attempting a much more difficult cake for the Superbowl this year. I'm so excited to see how it turns out!

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by: TINA C.


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