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Coolest Superbowl Cake 135

by Kelly W.
(Paulsboro, NJ)

Homemade Superbowl Cake

Homemade Superbowl Cake

This Superbowl Cake was my second attempt at making a football themed cake. My husband was so impressed with his Eagles football cake, that he asked me to make one for the Superbowl last year.

This is a standard sheet cake pan of vanilla cake with a Wilton's First and Ten football cake pan of chocolate on top. I used a grass tip to do the field and did the logos sort-of free handed. I used a star tip to fill in the team names, logo and football and I did a small shell border across the top portion of the sheet cake.

As you can tell, I messed up on the yard line numbering and was too scared to try and fix it, but my husband thought it was endearing! He's so sweet!

Here's how I did the logo and team names: I printed out pictures from the internet, cropped them to the right size and made them black and white. Then I used gels to outline all the pictures and flipped them over onto the cake. At this point in time it became mostly freehand, as my gels ran due to me being heavy handed....oooops! Ta-da.

I really enjoyed making this cake. We had 1/2 of it for about 2 weeks and I sent the other 1/2 to work with my husband. I guess you can tell a lot of people canceled on us for our Superbowl party. Oh well, their loss, my 10LB gain! TeeHee!!

I can't wait to see what I come up with next time!

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Coolest Steelers Helmet Cake 61

by Lisa H.
(Rockford, Illinois)

Homemade Steelers Helmet Cake

Homemade Steelers Helmet Cake

I made this Steelers Helmet cake for my brother's birthday Superbowl party. He's been a huge Steeler's fan since he was a little boy.

For the shape of the helmet I used a Wilton's soccer ball pan for the top layer. I layered that on top of 2 8" round layers. Then I carved the shape. Black colored buttercream icing was used to crumb coat first then a thicker layer was applied. I smoothed with paper towel.

The face guard and Steelers emblem were made with gumpaste. I made the face guard a couple days before by laying a water pitcher on it's side forming it over that. I let it set for a couple days then when the time came I just attached it to the cake carefully, as it was very fragile. I made the Steelers emblem and added while it was still soft. Toothpicks were inserted to help keep it in place. Unfortunately the red coloring bled a little.

This cake was a huge hit at my brother's Superbowl party. The guys went crazy over it.

Comments for Coolest Steelers Helmet Cake 61

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by: Anonymous

That is AWESOME!!!!

by: Kecia

WOW you did a great job. I did a helmet cake but I used fondant. My problem was the face mask but I will try your idea next time. Thanks for sharing.

by: Diana-PA

I would pay you to make that... VERY nice!!!

How much $$$
by: DRH

Could you please tell me how much you would charge for a cake like that. If you could email me I would really appreciate it. I think your cakes are absolutely beautiful and I would love to make some of the cakes that you have shown in your photos. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!!! :-)


by: wilson

how much for one like that

by: Amber

Love this. I too would be interested in how much you would charge for this.

No charge! LOL!
by: LisaH.

Sorry guys, I've never charged for my cakes before and I haven't bought one in years. I don't have a clue what something like this would cost. I would say there's probably about $15 in it but because I'm pokey it took me about 8 hours to bake and design it. I usually just make cakes for my family and friends as a hobby. Thanks for the great comments though. I'm so flattered.

nice work
by: jennifer

it came out really nice i will try this myself. i used 4 8in rounds and carved the mess out of them after buying a 19.99 video from wish i would have saw this first.

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Coolest Super Bowl XLV Cake 120

by Tosha

Homemade Super Bowl XLV Cake

Homemade Super Bowl XLV Cake

This year's Super Bowl teams were the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburg Steeler's. The two teams shared the yellow gold color that made the Super Bowl XLV Cake design flow well.

The lower 8" round cake is chocolate, covered in yellow gold buttercream frosting, then covered in fondant. For the Steeler's logo, I used a round cookie cutter to cut out the shape, then placed a smaller round fondant circle inside to create the silver border. I used Duff's silver spray paint color.

The top layer is a 6" inch white cake, frosted with white buttercream frosting and covered with fondant. The Green Bay logo was placed on top of fondant and cut out.

The cheese pieces were formed in a circle fondant cutter and then cut into fourths. I poked holes in it to create the cheese look. I used fondant, but suggest next time to use gum paste because it was heavy on the wires which made placement challenging.

It was a big hit at the game!

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