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Coolest Ipswich Football Cake 30

by Lori F.
(Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England)

Homemade Ipswich Football  Cake

Homemade Ipswich Football Cake

My friend asked me to make an Ipswich football cake painted like the badge of his dad's favorite football team, Ipswich Town.

The badge is quite long and I didn't have a cake pan long enough for it so I ended up having to make 3 square sponge cakes, two for the layers and an extra to cut in half and stack at the end. I filled the cakes with strawberry jam and also coated the top to help the icing stick.

I rolled out some royal icing and carefully placed it over the top and smoothed it around the edges, then came the hard part.

I mixed up some food colouring to get the right shades and began painting the icing as carefully as possible, any small mistakes were corrected by slicing a tiny piece out with a scalpel and filling it in with some fresh icing and smoothing it over with a knife. The words were written on using an icing piping bag.

Thankfully the cake turned out to be a success and was a brilliant match to the actual soccer badge.

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Ipswich Town - The Pride Of Suffolk
by: Dianne, Suffolk, England

Hi Lori

Imagine my surprise when I was cruising this site for cake ideas when I came across a cake of the greatest football team in the world !!!!! LOL. It's just great - well done you.

by: Leeanne (Glasgow)

Hi! I just wanted to say your cake is amazing, my husband is a massive Ipswich Town fan and no doubt I will be attempting something very similar on his next birthday. It looks fab, hope mine turns out as well

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Coolest Girls Football Cake 76

by Ally
(Rotherham, South Yorkshire)

Homemade Girls Football Cake

Homemade Girls Football Cake

I made this cake for a football-mad little girl's eighth birthday party.

The round cake is chocolate fudge cake and the ball is plain all-in-one sponge cake filled with butter-cream. I covered the base with green fondant to look like a pitch (even though it turned out a little bit dark). Paige loves pink so instead of a black and white ball, I coated it with pink and white hexagons and pentagons.

The roses were simple to make. I just cut circles out of pink fondant and flattened the edges and layered them over each other, curling the edges slightly.

I cut the butterflies with butterfly cutters and laid them over a thin rolling pin to dry overnight. I added these to the cake, along with the rest of the flowers, to give it a girly look. I then brushed vodka over the whole cake before finishing it all off with pearl spray.

I was really pleased with the outcome of this Girls Football Cake and Paige loved her cake and didn't want her mum to cut it.

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Coolest Bengals Helmet Cake 64

by Tiffanie
(Hilliard, Ohio)

Homemade Bengals Helmet Cake

Homemade Bengals Helmet Cake

The Bengals Helmet cake is made for my son's 9th birthday. He likes football and is into the Bengals. It was very easy to make.

I used 9in round cake pans. Made a double layer then cut out a piece to look like a helmet. I dyed white icing orange and spread that on first. Then I chilled it to let the icing setup. I used chocolate icing dyed black and piped that on using a round tip. I used corn starch to smooth out the bumps in the black icing. I dipped my finger in the corn starch then lightly tapped the bumps down.

At first it looks white but it will disappear shortly. The face guard is made of pipe cleaners that I had. The cake was smaller so I ended up also making a plain sheet cake so we had enough cake to go around. Really easy to make it took no time at all.

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by: Michelle

:) My husband would love this cake. In fact I think I will steal your idea for his birthday! :) Very nice cake!!

I just made one, too
by: Anonymous

I just made one, it looks WAY cooler than this! I made it for my husband....he is from Ohio,

cool cake!
by: Anonymous

This is just what I have been looking for! My stepson is on varsity team in high school and I wanted to do something different for his birthday! This is perfect!!

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Coolest Chiefs Helmet Cake 80

by Tanya H.
(Springfield, MO)

Homemade Chiefs Helmet Cake

Homemade Chiefs Helmet Cake

I used the Wilton's Football Helmet Pan for this Chiefs Helmet Cake . Flat iced the sides and other areas needed with light blue. Used a grass tip with green icing for the border. Outlined the face mask using tip 12 white, along with the Arrowhead, smoothing the arrow with an angled spatula.

Then I used a piping gel pattern transfer of the KC Chiefs emblem, retraced transfer and helmet outline with Black Glitter Piping Gel,tip 2, from Wilton. Piped in tip 18 stars in red.

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by: Tiger15

That is amazing!

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Kansas City Chiefs Football Cake

by Kisha H.
(Fayetteville, NC)

I made this cake for my husband's birthday. The bottom is a half sheet red velvet cake and the top is the Wilton's Football cake pan (also red velvet cake). I used the ready made Wilton's decorating buttercream and used the Wilton icing colors to get the colors I needed. I used parchment paper and piping gel as the stencil for the KC Chiefs symbol and I used the star tip #16 to add the colors. This cake was a great suprise, everyone loved it!!!

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