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Frogs & Hearts Cupcakes

by L. Barrett
(Sydney, NSW)

My friend asked me to make her twins some cupcakes for their 3rd birthday. I had previously made reindeer cupcakes for an earlier Christmas party (sorry I didn't take a photo!).

One of the children is a boy and one is a girl so I wanted to come up with something which would make the cupcakes individual for each child.

I made the cupcakes using a basic cupcake recipe which I found on I cut off the top bit of the cupcakes which had risen too high so they would all be even. I tasted one of the bits I had cut off and it was delicious.

125g butter
1 tsp vanilla essence
3/4 cup caster sugar
2 eggs
1&1/2 cups SR flour
1/2 cup milk

For the boys side I made hard icing sugar with pure icing sugar and blue food colouring. I then placed a chocolate Freddo frog in the center of each and used sprinkles in the shapes of leaves around the rest of the cupcakes. For the cupcake with the number 3 I used fondant icing (you can find it in the icing sugar section of the supermarket) and added blue food colouring. I made the number 3 from uncoloured fondant icing.

For the girls side I used fondant icing and added red food colouring. From memory I may have used a can of coke to cut the circles. I used heart shaped cookie cutters to make the hearts and used sprinkles in the shapes of hearts around the rest of the cupcakes.

I also used fondant icing and sprinkles to write their names on each end of the cake platter.

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Coolest Happy Frogs Cake 81

by Amie L.
(Santa Rosa, CA)

Homemade  Happy Frogs Cake

Homemade Happy Frogs Cake

I made this Happy Frogs Cake for my papas 75th birthday. He was so surprised. It was a big hit. I got the idea for this cake from pictures on best frog cake pictures.

I used 2 9" round cakes for the base with chocolate frosting that I mixed with green frosting to make look like a swamp and for the frogs I used the mini bear cake pan. I cut off the bottom of the bears and turned them around then used ears for eyes to frost. I used a star tip with icing bag.

The base is chocolate frosting and the frogs are white frosting with green food coloring. I used 2 boxes of chocolate cake mix but you can use whatever kind of cake you like, like wise with the frosting, can be what ever you want. I found that it was easier for me to decorate the base of frogs and sides that are next to each other before I put on cake but make sure you leave a space where you can pick up the frogs to put in place on base.

then once frogs are in place finish putting the icing on heads then I added little Lilly pads all around edge with a writing tip. I also put the eyes, nose and mouth on with the writing tip. Hope you enjoy, this one was fun to make.

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