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Coolest Frog Cake 44

by Lindsey
(Brandon, MS, USA)

Frog Cake

Frog Cake

This frog cake was a surprise for my daughter's seventh birthday. I used two cake mixes (but had a good bit of cake leftover). I am a major amateur. I barely microwave let alone bake, so if I can do it anyone can.

I used a round cake for the body, rectangles cut from a square cake for the legs, and cup cakes for the eyes and feet. I used two cans of frosting and a whole bottle of green food coloring! After the initial icing in dark green, I let the cake sit for several hours for the icing to firm up. That way when I went to do the eyes and warts, all the icing wouldn't smear together.

I used an air head piece of candy for the tongue. For the eyes and mouth I used ready made (and in their own decorator bag-thank goodness)cookie decorating icing. For the warts and border I lightened the shade of green by adding more white frosting.

My biggest challenge was using a decorator's bag and tips. I'm still not sure I did it right, but it worked. I used the star tip for the borders and the writing tip to draw circles for the warts. One great tip is to dip your frosting spatula in water when smoothing or spreading the icing. This way you don't tear up the cake or smear different colors together.

Have fun!

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Coolest Frog Cake 45

by Tracey P
(Howell, Michigan)

Red Eyed Tree Frog Cake

Red Eyed Tree Frog Cake

This frog cake is carved out of 2 layers of 1/4 sheet cakes. I had never heard of a red eyed tree frog before this project! I researched images on the internet and printed out the best angles that would help me carve his body.

I drew out what would be the bottom layer shape of the cake and carved the shape out of the first layer of cake. I put a thin layer of frosting over the cake and placed the second cake on top of the first. The second layer was a bit more challenging but with some patience and a lot of reference to my pictures I was able to carve out a perfect frog body.

I then froze the entire frog because crumb coating is much easier when the cake is frozen. I worked in sections starting at in the back with a thick layer of frosting and shaped and contoured the legs and back side working my way up to the head.

The eye balls are huge gumballs. Though this picture doesn't show it, I also frosted black slits on his eyes for the perfect effect! Enjoy!

Comments for Coolest Frog Cake 45

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Great cake!
by: Anonymous

ooh nice!

Beautiful cake!
by: Anonymous

I love this! Your carving is really exceptional!

by: dede

I'm a huge frog lover and this is totally awesome love love love it!!!!

by: Anonymous

How u came up with this idea is beyond all i can say its awesome

comprise b day party
by: Anonymous

I really wanted to make my daughter's dream come true for a frog. She is turning 12 and well we all know how lucky I am with her going with a theme like this. Please could I have the exact instructions since I have never made this before. The above was OK but still not sure what to do. thanks a lot n. p.

by: Tracey P

Im so sorry I didn't answer the above comments. When I submitted my cake entries I asked for it to notify my but it doesn't.

I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!11
by: Darilen N.


love the cake
by: nikki

Would like to have full recipe of cake. My son is turning 5 and he want a red eye tree frog party and this cake would be great for his party. thanks nikki

birthday party
by: Amanda E.

I'm making a cake for my best friend, she loves red eye tree frogs, so i really wanted to make a cake just like this, its such a good idea, and it actually looks real :D

I need full instructions cause i don't think that what is written above is enough for me. I need an ingredients list too.

I really love this cake, i hope that i can make it :D


Fondant not needed
by: Susan Finch

I was hoping someone had attempted this cake without fondant. My son hates that frosting and loves buttercream. Thank you! I'll be making this in three weeks.

Green-eyed tree frog cake
by: Shauna R.

Hey Miss Tracy P. from Howell, I'm Shauna R. from Okemos, MI. My son's birthday is the 31st of March and he LOVES green-eyed tree frogs and we are wondering if we could contract you to recreate this cake for his birthday? My email is, get intouch if you are interested! Thank you! Too cute btw! :)

by: Anonymous

I used your cake to model mine after and added a few extras. I stuck a red bendy straw into its mouth with a raisin on the end to look like it was eating a fly. I also put three rows of green jelly beans down its back. I also placed orange smarties onto the fingers and toes. I got lots of compliments on it. Thanks for the idea!

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Coolest Frog Cake 52

by Karen
(Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania, USA)

Homemade Frog Cake

Homemade Frog Cake

I got the idea for this frog cake on this website. My daughter is crazy over frogs. She has two pet tree frogs, so we thought a frog cake would be good. In the past, I've made a cake like a pond with lily pads and frog candles, but I'd never tried to make a frog.

I made a double cake batter and baked it in one 9" square pan, one 9" round pan, and two three inch glass bowls that have straight sides. I cut the square cake to make the legs.

I used regular butter cream frosting for the eyes, added some blue for the irises, and then mixed green, red and blue to get the grayish pupil color.

The rest of the icing went to green ... I frosted most of the cake in a lighter green, then added more coloring for some spots.

Finally, I used the Wilton sparkle gel stuff to make the smile and to write the words.

Voila! It was fun. My six-year-old helped make the batter, and my 10-year-old help put the thing together. Anne was delighted.

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