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Coolest Duck and Frog Baby Shower Cake 42

by Sandy Rollins
(Sewanee, TN)

Baby  > Other

Baby > Other

This was my first try at making animals. I used gum paste for the animals, and used royal icing for the letters and the dragon flies. The dots and sign are made from fondant, and the cake is iced with buttercream. I learned that making animals from fondant is much easier than gum paste because it does not dry out as quickly. The girl I made it for loved the cake so much, she almost didn't cut it at the shower. The cake is yellow with buttercream filling. I got the idea from the cakes by sam website where it was originally made for a girl. We changed the colors and style a little bit to make it more suitable for a boy. The animals and letters have to dry for several days so make sure you plan ahead. Using the colorflow technique for the letters makes them look full and bubbly, but remember that they are very fragile. I had to make several because of cracking. The ducks are simple 2 balls of gum paste. The one on bottom is pulled to a point for the tail, and the head is just attached on top with water. The bonnet is 2 flattened balls of gumpaste attached the same way. The frogs are made in a similar manner, just rolling 2 balls of gum paste and pulling the cheeks and legs with your fingers and attaching two ropes of gum paste to the front for the front legs. Making animals is very easy once you get the hang of it. Try really makes your cake stand out.

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Coolest Frog Cake 54

by Sarah W.
(Bright, Australia)

Homemade Freddo Frog Cake

Homemade Freddo Frog Cake

My son has the most enormous smile on his face constantly and has earnt himself the nickname "Freddo" for it!

I traced a Freddo Frog outline of the face, and following an idea from this site cut the frog cake out accordingly, then followed the face line on baking paper using dark chocolate. When it set, it was then easy to peel off!

The cake is in 3 pieces: the face, the shoulder (yellow t-shirt) and the 'thumbs up' which all joined together and I free-handed dark chocolate around the joins to make the shape. I also used butter icing FYI.

Once I laid the dark chocolate facial features on, I added non-coloured butter icing to highlight Freddo's eyes, although on reflection, it would be better to put the icing straight on the cake and lay the eyes on top, to save wiping icing from the dark chocolate after!

I coloured a board underneath the cake with dark sparkly paper which I think adds to the effect of making Freddo stand out, and then added in a little garden by using mini cupcakes. The leaves are spearmint leaves (3 to a cupcake) and the flowers are from a normal size muffin pan. For the petals, I cut the legs off frog lollies into petal shapes. The stems are not edible: they are green pipe cleaners.

Thanks, I hope this helps! I have had a lot of fun making it!

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