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Coolest Frog Cake Ever 99

by Lisa
(Montclair, CA USA)

Homemade  Frog Cake

Homemade Frog Cake

My frog cake was for a good friend of mine's mother. She has collected frogs for many years just as I have myself, so this cake was a lot of fun for me. I used the Wilton butterfly pan and 1/2 of the soccer 3D pan. I went online and Googled frog cakes to get some sort of a pattern to use and went from there.

I used black candy for the eyelashes and cut a fruit roll up in a spiral for the tongue. I used cupcakes for the little flowers on the sides and used the fruit roll up that's in a bar shape to make cat tails or pussy willows next to the flowers. I also added some candy rocks along the side to give it the pond feature. As you can see I used the blue foil on the board to make it look like water. As a little extra I made the inside of the white cake green just for fun.

Everyone loved this cake!!

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by: Kim

Best Frog cake! Love the multi dimensions using the cup cakes too!!Awesome

by: Eric

This is the BEST Frog cake I have ever seen!! GOOD JOB!!

by: Mike

This is such a cool cake!!

by: preston

I really like how u have the different dimensions! Great Idea!!!

by: Lisa


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Coolest Froggie Birthday Cake 68

by Erin

Homemade Froggie Birthday Cake

Homemade Froggie Birthday Cake

Thanks to the posting by Tarra M.,Caldwell, ID (frog 06)for her Froggie Birthday Cake. I followed her instructions to the letter and Voila! A frog cake emerged.

My cupcake eyes were the only part that didn't work easily for me but this was the first character cake I EVER made and my 2 year old daughter LOVED it!

Use a single cake mix (I used a light cake), 9in circle cake pan and 8in square and 2 cupcakes without liners (all using just the one cake mix).

Using the square cake, cut 2 L shapes out for legs, round off the tops and feet. Use the circle cake as is and attach the cupcakes (for eyes) and feet with toothpicks (or 1/2 skewer sticks).

I used the Wilton recipe for buttercream frosting, portioning out amounts for the different colors. I used my cookie press with a star-tip to decorate, starting with the dark green, leaving spots for lighter green spots. I used a pink line for the smile.

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Froggie Cupcakes

by Justine

I made these cupcakes for my daughter's first birthday party. Her name is Lily, so frogs and lilypads are a pretty common theme for her. I used:
- Green icing for the head
- 1 large marshmallow (per cupcake) cut in half for the eyes
- Small tube of glossy black icing
- Stawberry fruit roll-ups

Make the cupcakes as usual and make sure they're cool before applying the icing.
Cut the marshmallows in half (this is pretty sticky, so be warned)
Cut the fruit roll-ups into strips
Before the icing is dry, place the marshmallows onto the cupcakes and put dots on them for the pupils.
Try to get the "tongues" underneath the icing
Let them sit overnight to make sure the "eyes" settle nicely into the cupcake

Everyone thought they were pretty cute and they were easy to make! They don't look professional, but they were fun to make!

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Coolest Froggie 1st Birthday Cake 84

by Amanda
(Queensland, Australia)

Homemade Froggie 1st Birthday Cake

Homemade Froggie 1st Birthday Cake

I made this homemade froggie 1st birthday cake for my nephew's first birthday. The reason why we chose a frog for the cake was because he was born 7 weeks early and his first stuffed toy which was a frog was bigger than what he was.

The cake was made using 3 chocolate cakes baked in pudding tins and then shaped to size. I used fondant for the entire body, including eyes, legs and arms.

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Frog Cake on Giant Cookie 38

by Tiffany Ivanovsky
(The Woodlands, TX)

Frog Cake

Frog Cake

I made this frog cake from Wilton's Teddy Bear cake pan. We were having a Webkinz party and I was making it to look like the Birthday girl's favorite Webkinz.

I centered it on a giant two layer cookie from Sam's Club. I made a lilly pad out of frosting and put the frog on it. I also added a 'tag' to the back in the shape of a Webkiz tag.

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Very Cool!
by: Anonymous

Very cool birthday cake! What a lucky kid to have such an awesome cake. Would be a great leap day birthday cake. Aslo a great way to combine cake and cookie cake options... the kids must have loved this one!!!

Well done.

a good cake
by: Anonymous

i like that cake and well done

cool cake
by: kassidy

hey that is a cool cake you got there i love it i wish i had one just like it!

by: Sierra

I wish I had That cake.

by: sierra

I wish I had one of these cakes!

by: kiki

i need one of these cakes.
well done

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