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Coolest Gormiti Fire Mountain Cake

by Rina

HomemadeGormiti Fire Mountain Volcano cake

HomemadeGormiti Fire Mountain Volcano cake

A friend's son is into Gormitis so I looked them up on the internet and decided to do Fire Mountain, the Lords of Lava's fortress.

I made 4x20cm chocolate sponges and 2x15cm ones. I also made 6 large chocolate muffins. I sandwiched the sponges with real chocolate gnashe and layered them all together into a column. I then covered the whole cake in chocolate buttercream and then set it in the fridge to set.

I made 3 kilos of MMF which I coloured grey. In between times I made 3 figures out of MMF with gum tragacanth added, for strength. I used raw spaghetti where I had to give extra support to the figures and to the lava formations on top of the volcano.

I made the towers and lookout out of the muffins, layered up and then covered in icing. I made rocks out of the MMF too. The whole cake was covered in MMF coloured grey. I added the details and eyes and mouth with red MMF fondant. I made a scroll out of left-over MMF fondant and wrote the birthday message on that.

The Gormiti Fire Mountain cake was received with rapture and I received a thank you email with a picture of the birthday boy with his remaining cake, and there was not a lot left!

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Awesome Gormiti Cake!
by: Robyn

As a fellow mom of Gormiti lovers, my son's were in awe of your Fire mountain cake. Awesome job! Wish I were as talented!

by: Ashleigh

Well done you! Would love to try this but not be able to do anything so fantastic! Great job!

Just Perfect
by: Irene

It is perfect!!! I will try to make it for my nephew.
Can you give us the recipe for the filling?

by: Joanna

Absolutely brilliant! I love it, I was gonna do an Ice age style cake for my son's birthday but I think I may have a go at these.

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Coolest Mighty Beanz Cake 2

by Yianna
(Athens, Greece)

Homemade Mighty Beanz Cake

Homemade Mighty Beanz Cake

My kid wanted a Mighty Beanz cake for his birthday this year and this is what I came up with. I must admit I didn't know what to do at first. I was going to put an empty bottle full of jelly beans on the top but I came across this excellent Beanz case at the toyshop! It was very easy to make and once I had it in my head I started creating.

All it was, was normal chocolate cakes covered in cream cheese icing! I put jam and cream between the two cakes. I used some of the Mighty Beans we had and a Mighty Beanz case on the top, a few sprinkles and sweets to make it colorful and it was ready!

The children at the party thought it was wonderful and couldn't wait to eat it all up! Of course they all wanted a piece that had an actual bean on it so it all went really fast!!

For the cake I used:

225g plain flour
350g caster sugar
85g cocoa powder
1½ tsp baking powder
1½ tsp bicarbonate of soda
2 eggs
250ml oz milk
125ml oz vegetable oil
2 tsp vanilla extract
250ml boiling water

For the icing I used:

cream cheese and icing sugar!

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Coolest Game of Uno Cake

by Janet C.

Homemade Game of Uno Cake

Homemade Game of Uno Cake

I was asked to make this Game of Uno Cake for the mother of one of my friend's who loves playing the game of Uno. First I made 2 10" round sponge cakes, let them cool and then put one half onto a 12" round cake board, put jam and butter cream on one side, then added the other cake on top.

I then rolled out a kilo of white fondant to which I covered the board and cake in one go. I added ribbon around the outside and used a crimper tool to make the decoration around the top edge. For the bottom I used a shell tool to decorate the edge. These tools I bought from my local sugarcraft centre.

I then traced around the shape of the card, traced it onto thinly rolled out petal paste, and used a craft knife to cut out the shape. I then used the same process to get the patterns of each card, still using petal paste in different colours to which I coloured with petal dust. I used alphabet and number cutters for the decoration. I then rolled out a sausage of fondant and laid it onto the top of the cake to the shape I wanted to lay out the cards.

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