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Slinky Cake 1

by Lisa Goldman
(Mountain View, CA)

Slinky Cake

Slinky Cake

My husband collects slinkies so this was the perfect cake for him. But it'd also be good with some "retro" toys around it for someone born during its heyday. It was actually pretty simple to make.

I baked a regular cake recipe in a bundt pan. Then cut the cake in half to make two semi-circles. Spread some butter cream (I just made one recipe of butter cream) on one half then stick them together. Stand up on their cut ends. Ice with the remainder of the frosting. Get the frosting as smooth as possible then take a (clean!) comb and run it over to get the lines.

The hardest part was achieving a silver color without resorting to fondant (which nobody likes to actually eat!). First I put a few drops of black into my butter cream to achieve a gray color. Then after I had iced and combed the cake I left it for a few hours to form a bit of a crust. Then I took edible silver powder (intended for fondant) and brushed it lightly on top of the cake. I'm sure it's easier to brush on fondant and you probably get a stronger silver color but this worked well enough and still tasted very good.

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by: Anonymous

What a fun cake! I love it.

by: Monica

Awesome!! I am definitely going to try this one someday. It really looks great :)

If you have time, try and make Marshmallow Fondant.
You can find the recipe on the internet! It's great for covering cakes and it tastes good too! It's also softer than the fondant you buy in stores, so it doesn't really work well if you want to craft characters and stand up flowers etc. But at least people will eat it, 'cause it really tastes good!

Other Idea
by: Anonymous

This is another idea for this cake. If you've watched the Muppets you will probably know the slinky puppet. You could decorate it just like that, with a fur trim and two ping pong balls for eyes.

Love It!!
by: Courtney

I have been searching for a cake for my dad's 47th birthday - I just found it when I found your slinky cake. Thank you.

by: Anonymous

was that hard to make? if only I could eat it!

by: Anonymous

I have has success adding the silver powder to the icing. It takes a lot of it, but you can make your icing uniformly silver that way.

Great cake!

really slinky
by: shireen

Your ideas are great.. surely I will try it.

So cool
by: Alice Cullen

I am totally making this.

Slinky collector
by: Sue

I'm a Slinky collector too. I'd be interested in seeing your husbands collection. Can you send pics? I can provide an email.....

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Coolest Sequence Cake

by Whitney
(Minneapolis, MN)

New: Games > Sequence

New: Games > Sequence

I decided to make a Sequence cake for a good friend. We love to get together and play the Sequence game. I looked all over the interenet for ideas, but could not find any that had the Sequence game on on the cakes. That's why I'm posting this, to help others.

I first started w/ a 9x13" cake. I covered it w/ homemade buttercream frosting then grey fondant. Then I cut out individual cards; hearts, spades and diamonds from white fondant that I made. I decided not to cut out clubs bc they were too detailed. I used the sequence chips as a stencil for the blue and green chips. I spray painted the hearts and diamonds red and the spades black. The chips I made from white fondant and dyed the fondant blue and green.

I had so much fun making this cake. Just seeing the look on the persons face receiving the cake, makes it all worthwhile :)

Have fun and good luck!

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Coolest Spinning Twister Cake

by Jordana

Homemade Spinning Twister Cake

Homemade Spinning Twister Cake

Homemade Spinning Twister Cake
Homemade Spinning Twister Cake

The Spinner on this cake really works! We have 13 birthdays in my family in August, so every year, I make a fun cake for our party!

I took the spinner from a real Twister board and fastened it to a thin straw that stuck out of the cake, allowing it to spin. The circles are fruit roll-ups cut into circles with a cookie cutter. The lines are red "pull and peel" licorice strips. We are all Red Sox fans, so I replaced the regular socks and hands with a foam finger and Red Sox - both made out of gum paste.

Inside is yellow and chocolate cake with homemade butter cream icing between the layers and on the outside. (Can't work with Fondant in the summer - too hot and muggy!)

This Homemade Spinning Twister Cake was delicious and everyone loved the personalization of the Red Sox theme!

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Coolest Mr. Whoozit Cake

by Stevi A.
(Carrboro, NC)

Homemade  Mr. Whoozit Cake

Homemade Mr. Whoozit Cake

This Mr. Whoozit Cake was modeled after the "Mr. Whoozit" toy for my daughter's first birthday party. It is one large square cake with a smaller circular one on top. I used a cupcake top covered in red icing for the nose and cookie cutouts with fondant on top for the shapes around it.

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Love the Whoozit!
by: Megan

Great job Stevie! I'm looking for birthday cake ideas for my son's upcoming 1 yr. party. He loves his Whoozit. Great idea!

by: Amber

The cake is awesome!!! Can I ask how you decorated for the party?? My son's nickname (just between me, my hubby, and him) is Whoozit because it was the first book his daddy read to him while still in the womb. I'd like to do a Whoozit 1st b-day party... :-D

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