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Coolest Playstation 3 Console Cake 40

by Freya
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Homemade Playstation 3 Console Cake

Homemade Playstation 3 Console Cake

My partner is a playstation freak so it made sense to make him a Playstation 3 Console Cake. I was originally going to make one of the hand controllers but as it was my first ever celebration cake I thought that I had better start out simple and work my way up the cake making difficulty ladder.

I got the cake recipe from a local shop that sells supplies and makes makes themselves. Huge recipe but great weight for one of these cakes. The crumb layer is dark chocolate ganache. I found it was a good trick to freeze the cake before cutting off all the unwanted edges and carving out the part where the disc goes into the console. I used chocolate fondant (store bought) to add the black gel colouring to as it makes it easier to go black black.

I used silver powder painted on by dipping paintbrush into vodka and then into the silver dust. I made a cardboard stencil for the playstation logo. I made the power plug and USB cords out of fondant and made them first before I did the rest of the cake so that they had time to harden. I didn't add anything else to them as they didn't need to stand up so didn't need hardening anymore than it normally does.

I was quite chuffed with myself for my first cake.
Hope this inspires any beginners that you can do it!

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Coolest Wii Cake 49

by Amber

Homemade Wii Cake

Homemade Wii Cake

Thanks to the previous contributors to this simply awesome website, I found fun ideas for a Wii cake for my son's 5th birthday. My cake resembles a few of the cool Wii cakes posted here but has the added "Mii" (my son's Mii) on the Wii console.

The cake was a homemade butter cake with a raspberry jam and cream cheese filling made using a recipe from Canadian Living Magazine. I baked the cake in a 9x13 pan, split it, put raspberry jelly on one half, cream cheese icing on the other and put the two halves together. I then cut off two sections from the short side of the cake for the remotes and crumb coated all three pieces. I covered the 3 pieces with homemade marshmallow fondant. I cut out the round buttons on the remotes with the size 1A round Wilton tip and did all the iced details using butter cream with a size 2 tip. The black icing stained the fondant around it a bit (don't know how to prevent that - maybe next time I'll wait for the fondant to up dry a bit before putting the details on).

Thanks for setting up this website - it is my number 1 "go to" site for ideas!

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Coolest Wii Birthday Cake Design 36

by Maggie
(Philadelphia, PA)

Homemade Wii Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Wii Birthday Cake Design

This Wii Birthday Cake Design was my first cake made with marshmallow fondant. I made two square cakes, and layered them, then made a couple more square cakes to carve the remotes and joy stick remote, made the fondant and covered it.

I looked at my son's actual Wii to make all the details. The disc is just one of those Free AOL CD's we had laying around, turned upside down to look like an actual game. The wire's for the remotes, is rolled fondant.

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Coolest Xbox 360 Birthday Cake 34

by Jaime
(Bradenton Fl)

Homemade Xbox 360 Birthday Cake

Homemade Xbox 360 Birthday Cake

I made this Xbox 360 Birthday Cake for a friend's son's birthday. Pretty easy to do. Really just carved out the basic shape of the xbox console then covered in fondant and spray painted black (could leave white as well). The game is just a thick rolled out piece of fondant that was hand painted with food coloring the controller was also just carved out of cake and covered with fondant and sprayed with food color and my sister did the controls.

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by: Anonymous

What an awesome job! God has given you true talent. Keep up the good work.

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Coolest XBOX 360 Birthday Cake 26

by Paul
(Windsor ON, Canada)

Homemade XBOX 360 Birthday Cake

Homemade XBOX 360 Birthday Cake

I make cakes as a hobby, mainly for family members. My sister baked the cake for me, and I decorated it. This was my first attempt at a XBOX 360 Birthday Cake and I was pretty happy with it. I'm sure the next one will be much better. Thanks for looking.

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Fantastic x-box
by: Susan D.

This is a fantastic cake, if you make another one don't change a thing. How did you make the controller? Is that cake or rice crispie treat? Very nicely done!

by: Anonymous

Very good and realistic. Amazing. DONT CHANGE A THING!!! People would pay for that, you might have a business in the making! Great job!

X box cake
by: Anonymous

What kind of icing did you use? DO you have the recipe? Awesome JOB!

by: erika

Wow, you did an amazing job. My sister and are going to attempt to make one for her sons birthday. Any tips or advise?

by: Anonymous

uhm just curious,
how much would it cost 4 u 2 make a cake like this???

lovin it
by: Anonymous

thats a brill cake, how much would u charge for that cake with the game black ops on it as well please let me know thanx

birthday cake
by: karen

IAM from brooklyn and my son he is 16yrs old and his life is that famous game and i luv that x-box 360 game cake for him but his birthday is not until October but you guys did a awesome cake great job five*****

by: Anonymous

that is so cool! i want a black one for my son.

by: Hannah Bragg

I think this is amazing. i made a iphone cake a few months back and it actually turned out amazing. im 17, and really hope to make this as a career. this is amazing though!!

by: Sheena

I wish u lived n Indy!!!!!!

by: Steph

My boyfriend wants me to make him an xbox cake for his birthday, hopefully I can pull it off as well as you did!

by: Lorraine M

Hi I have always wanted to one of these so I hope you don't mind I am going to copy yours hope it turns out as fantastic and realistic as yours.

it is so much nice I like it
by: sam

It's so much nice I like it

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