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Coolest Garbage Truck Birthday Cake 13

by Annmarie
(Edison, NJ)

Homemade Garbage Truck Birthday Cake

Homemade Garbage Truck Birthday Cake

I made this Garbage Truck Birthday Cake for a friend of mine who is a garbage man. I searched EVERYWHERE for an orange toy garbage truck because the town he works in has Orange garbage trucks. I wanted it to look authentic. The truck even made real garbage truck noises. I also purchased a mini garbage can online.

I made the garbage bags out of real garbage bags that I just cut into small squares, filled with tissues and tied with bread ties. The recycle bin was a small plastic box that I filled with cut up newspapers that I tied up with a string.

I made 2 9x13 chocolate cakes and filled them with chocolate mousse and iced them in vanilla butter cream. I airbrushed the cake green and blue and added plastic roaches and gummy worms on the sides of the cake. I airbrushed the corner of the cake black to look like a road and set the garbage truck on it. I took a small piece of paper and made a sign for the truck that said Edison, which is the town he works in.

I made a tree for the other corner of the cake by taking grape stems and dipping them into chocolate and then into into rice krispies that I dyed green to look like leaves. I added "grass" with a grass tip and piped the happy birthday in chocolate. He loved his cake and everyone that saw it really got a kick out of it. Theme cakes are my favorite cake to decorate because you can just let your imagination run wild!

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by: Anonymous

Where did you get your garbage truck? What brand is it? - Thanks

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Coolest Garbage Truck Birthday Cake 11

Homemade Garbage Truck Birthday Cake

Homemade Garbage Truck Birthday Cake

My 4 year old asked for a Garbage Truck Birthday Party this year. I've always wanted to do a 3-D cake and this turned out to be the perfect opportunity with this Garbage Truck Birthday Cake. This was also my first time working with fondant - I was pretty anxious about it, but it ended up working out really well.

I used 3 9 inch rectangular cakes, one for the bottom and then the other two made up the rest. They were divided and used as the body of the truck and the cab. I froze them overnight to make them easier to shape. I shaved the front for the windshield and also shaved off the back for the dump part. I frosted the pieces together and then frosted the entire thing. Chilled it for 30 minutes and then went to work with the fondant.

I made marshmallow fondant from a recipe I found online - it was quick and much easier than I had anticipated. I used chocolate covered donuts for the wheels, Oreo sippers for the exhaust pipes and pieces of fondant for the remaining elements. I then frosted the foil with chocolate frosting and covered with chopped Oreo's and silver sugar.

The party is tomorrow and now I just have to keep my 4 year old away from it - he doesn't want to eat it, he wants to play with it!

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Coolest Garbage Truck Birthday Cake 7

by Ashley
(Oceanside, CA)

Homemade Garbage Truck Birthday Cake

Homemade Garbage Truck Birthday Cake

Like most 4 year old boys, ours is obsessed with Garbage trucks. He insisted the Garbage Truck Birthday Cake be a green front loader. So, I researched pictures on the web and came up with a rough drawing.

The cake recipe was from Bon Appetit for Chocolate Stout Cake. Absolutely divine, and yes, I did have a few hesitations about making my 4 year old's birthday cake using 2 bottles of Guinness, but I figured after cooking, it should be fine!

I prepared one 11x15 cake for the main body and used pieces of an 8 inch round for the back and dumpster. Using greased parchment to line the pans allowed for easy removal.

Froze both cakes before cutting and used home made shortening frosting with Wilton's paste food coloring. I usually prefer buttercream, but being June and that we don't have AC, not a good idea for decorating. (Discovered that last year!) The black Wilton's paste resulted in a decent black color, but a definite off flavor.

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Trash Truck Cake!
by: Anonymous

Ashley...I LOVE your trash truck cake! My son is OBSESSED with them & I would LOVE to make a trash truck cake for him but I am not that talented:-( I live in CARLSBAD---would you be willing to make another one?? I would pay you, not a problem.


Great Turnout!
by: Annette

Thanks for your picture and tips. My grandson is also obsessed with garbage trucks (his name is Hayden too!). With your tips, I was able to give him a garbage truck cake for his birthday party.

Trash trucks 24/7
by: Diane

It is so good to know my 2 year old grandson is not the only toddler "trashman" around. Thanks for the cake tips. We will probably make a similar cake for his next birthday.

by: Becky

My soon to be four year old wants a orange trash truck cake for his birthday(one to match the huge one I painted on his wall & and Daddy's at work). So my husband plans on using some of your directions to put together a rear-loader trash truck for our little guy at the end of this month. Thanks for the ideas!

truck cake
by: Anonymous

can you please send me directions. for this cake. OMG! my son loves it. his birthday is next week and he want me to make it.

by: Anonymous

could you please send me instructions, attempting this for my grandson

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