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Coolest Garden Lover's Birthday Cake 46

by Scarlett
(Dry Branch, Georgia, US)

Homemade Garden Lover's Birthday Cake

Homemade Garden Lover's Birthday Cake

I started this Garden Lover's birthday cake with a 1/2 sheet cake and cut it in half and iced it with butter cream icing. I used 2 muffin tins to make the flower pots and iced them. I bought 2 candy flower roses on clearance at a cake decorating store and used those on top of the flower pots.

I made the dirt in the flower pots out of the same things I made the dirt road and garden dirt out of, crushed some Oreos and mixed them with brown sugar to make. I used a basket weave tip to make the fence around the bottom of the cake and then used various size tips to make the flowers and a leaf tip to make the vines. I took cardboard and folded it to make the bench and the little gazebo. I piped a pair of gloves and a spade beside a sign that read "Maw-Maw's garden" that I made out of a Popsicle stick and an index card that I cut with my scrap booking scissors.

This cake was made for a friend's mama who is suffering with Alzheimer's disease but really loves her garden and kinda uses that as her safe place. My friend said she was absolutely thrilled with her cake.

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Love it, very clever
by: Anonymous

Awesome, wish I could see more of the cake. Very nice job.

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Coolest Planter Cake 10

by Angela
(Johnston , Pembrokeshire , Wales)

Homemade Planter Cake

Homemade Planter Cake

This Planter cake is a really easy cake to make. Make a chocolate loaf tin cake for the base, cover it with chocolate butter cream then add chocolate fingers round the edge to give it the planter effect.

The flowers are made using colored regal icing and need very little skill. Take a pea size piece of icing and flatten it out using your thumb and finger to form a petal shape and roll it up to form a bud, continue to do this adding as many petals as you like to give the desired effect.

The leaves are regal icing again but cut out using a leaf cutter. Flowers and leaves are best made a day or two before to allow them to harden. The butterfly is made using a a butterfly cutter in the same way as your leaves. The little bee is also made from regal icing. Take a small piece of icing and form the body, use a tooth pick to make the holes for the eyes and drinking straw with a bit cut out of the end to make a smiley mouth.

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by: Anonymous

I love this cake it's so eye catching!! Not sure about it being that easy to make though i can guarentee mine wouldnt look like this if i attempted it ha ha ; ))

Delightful cake
by: Bernadette

Well done Angela this is a lovely looking cake !

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Coolest Gramma's Garden Cake 32

by Wendy
(Lebanon, ME)

Homemade  Gramma's Garden Cake

Homemade Gramma's Garden Cake

I made this Gramma's Garden Cake for my Mother-in-law who loves to grow a garden every year with my daughters.

The back part of the cake with the trees, is devil's food cake (a 9x13 inch cake cut in half and stacked) with an Oreo cookie filling and topped with butter cream frosting. I made the trees by dipping a large pretzel rod in melted chocolate, then sticking it in the hole of an upside down pinwheel cookie (those marshmallow cookies covered in chocolate).

I secured the pretzel using melted chocolate. Then I took another pinwheel cookie and used melted chocolate to "glue it to the bottom of the other cookie so the two cookie bottoms were together. I used a flower frosting tip and covered the cookies in butter cream frosting.

The garden part of the cake is dirt cake. I made the flowers, garden tools and butterflies with candy molds. I dipped strawberries in chocolate and stuck them in the dirt cake so only the leafy parts are sticking out to look like plants. Everyone loved it!

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