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Coolest Halloween Ghost Cake 7

by Mimi
(North Carolina)

Not So Scary Ghosts!

Not So Scary Ghosts!

This Halloween ghost cake was so easy! I started out with a yellow cake mix (shhhh! don't tell!). I customized the box mix by tinting half of the batter a frightening shade of "witchy skin" green, and the remaining batter purple. Next, I filled muffin tins lined with Halloween themed cupcake paper liners with half of each color. The end of a paintbrush worked great for swirling the colors together.

I was very pleased with the way the colors baked, and they actually showed through the lighter colors of the paper liners.

One recipe of buttercream icing was enough for 24 cupcakes. I tinted part orange, part purple, and reserved several tablespoons to tint green. Tip #18 was used to create the star design icing. The ghosts are the marshmallow peeps you can buy at any grocery store. Use a couple of stars around the base of each ghost to hold them in place, and add a premade royal icing garnish if desired. I finished these fellows off with a shock of bright green hair made with tip #233. I have to admit in all honesty, the hair was the idea of my 10 year old granddaughter, Breanna, and it really gave the ghosts so much personality.

I couldn't believe what a hit they made!

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Coolest Ghost Cake 10

by Terrie R.
(Ottawa, Canada)

Homemade Ghosts Cake

Homemade Ghosts Cake

I always like to make a cake for each holiday. Last year, for Halloween I made this ghost cake with ghosts going for a walk.

I used a boxed cake mix and even canned icing. The border of the cake is made from candy corn, so each different area was separated. On the left side I have a graveyard. I used ground up chocolate cookies for dirt and I used Milano cookies as tombstones and black gel icing to write on them.

I used ground up candy covered chocolates for the dirt on the path. To make the ghosts, I melted white chocolate and put it in a piping bag. I didn't use any special tip, I just cut a hole in the bag and squeezed the chocolate into a blob, until it looked like a ghost.

On the right side is a pumpkin patch. I used a number 233 tip to make grass and placed the candy pumpkins on the grass.

My niece and nephew loved it.

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I absolutely Love this cake
by: Anonymous

You did such an amazing job on this Cake. It's awesome..
I wish I had the time and patience to do this. I've done a few cakes myself, however I tend to get a little frustrated, especially when doing detailed for because my hand tends to cramp up.

Love your cake.

The cake looks superb
by: Deanna

I'm going to have that cake for my birthday. The
cake looks mouthwatering,and has lots of icing,
I love icing.

by: patrick

the cake was awesome and cool ! AT THE SAME TIME!

by: Anonymous

I am going to attempt to make this cake for my daughters!

by: Anonymous

I googled ghost cakes and this came up. My son is having a ghost party and wants this cake. Love it!

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Coolest Halloween Ghost Cake 13

by Amanda G.

Homemade Halloween Ghost Cake

Homemade Halloween Ghost Cake

For this Halloween Ghost Cake I used 32 cupcakes and I used 2 boxes of yellow cake and 2 things of icing you may need it depends on size and how many people. Then once all the cupcakes have cooled then you ice each one of them then you make the shape of your ghost. I added another coat of white icing on top after I put them together.

Then I took black icing and drew the eyes and the mouth. In the middle I also wrote BOO! in black icing. The platform is a cardboard box, flatten it, I had to duct tape mine because it wouldn't stay straight. Then I wrapped it in foil and walla! you have a base board. This all took about an hour or two to get it done, kinda time consuming but I thought it was worth it.

I hope you like it.

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by: Anonymous

wow,thats a graet idea i will have to try it..

by: Brandi B

Wow, I finally found it! You are like famous or something, just remember where u came from! LOL

Max birthday
by: Anonymous

Max is going to try this idea for his party. thanks

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Coolest Ghost and Pumpkin Cake 11

by Nakia
(Pasco, WA)

Homemade Ghost and Pumpkin Cake

Homemade Ghost and Pumpkin Cake

I made this Ghost and Pumpkin Cake for my sons' 8th birthday which had a Halloween theme. The bottom was made using two bunt cakes (both colored orange) that I put on top of each other with frosting and dowels between them to create the "pumpkin" shape. I then frosted it orange.

I made the ghost with fondant. I used a Styrofoam column and half ball that I then laid the fondant over creating my "ghost." I used frosting to create the ghost face, vines and leaves, and the Jack-o-lanterns' face. I let my son draw the face he wanted on a piece of paper and then used that drawing to create the face on the pumpkin.

I used leaves I purchased at our local dollar store around the base to finish it off. This cake was a huge hit!

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Awesome cake
by: Anonymous

Very cool!

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