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Giant Subway Sandwich Cake

This giant Subway sandwich cake was made for my brother in law who owns and operates a Subway shop.

Giant Subway Sandwich Cake

I took on this project when I was still a beginning decorator, so of course this cake took an insane amount of time and effort to create. If I made the same cake now, I could probably do it so quickly and easily. ;D

The bottom bun and filling are composed of 3 layers of sheet cake, and the top bun is 2 layers of sheet cake, all carved to the desired shape. The top bun is a separate cake added with dowel supports beneath. Both are covered in fondant and hand painted (made before I had an airbrush).

The meat, cheese, and olives are made of fondant, and the lettuce is shredded coconut dyed green.

My local Subway lent me a couple sandwich wrappers to place the cake on. When all said and done, the cake was about six times the size of an actual sub!

The cake was a huge hit at the party!

Giant Subway Sandwich Cake


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