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Coolest Giraffe Cake 13

by Ayme Zortman
(Grand Junction, CO)

Giraffe Cake

Giraffe Cake

I made this giraffe cake for my son's 1st birthday. It was my first attempt at a cake this large. It turned out to be 3 1/2 feet tall. I used my son's giraffe toy as a guide. I took the toy measurements and multiplied them by 4 to get the size that I wanted.

Next we got plywood and cut the base and the body and cut 5 dowels (4 for the legs, 1 for the neck). We then screwed the dowels to the base and the body. Next I made rice krispy treats to shape the legs, neck and head. I made three 12 inch square cakes and carved them for the body.

Next everything got covered in buttercream and then the fondant. I put fondant on the legs and body first and did the neck separately.

TIP: Make sure the rice krispy treats have time to cool and harden before putting on the fondant or attaching the neck. When attaching the neck, make sure to place dowels in the body to support the neck. The tail, ears and things that come out of it's head are made from gum paste.

I have never taken a cake class. It's pretty much trial and error. It is very important to use a pliable fondant. I used satin ice. This cake was so fun make. I'm not sure how I'll out do it next year.

Giraffe Cake

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coolest cake ever
by: Spanner

that is the coolest cake have given so much inspiration to our very own giraffe cake.
However, ours so far has not turned out so good....... we will see!

A lot of talent !
by: Sam

I love your cake. Very creative ! My daughter-in-law loves giraffes and I have been looking for a really neat cake to try to make for her. I don't know if mine will turn out like yours, but I just might give it a shot.

I love it!
by: Natalie Bills

I just made this cake and it turned out so great. We are doing a jungle theme party today for my son's 1st birthday! I just love this cake so much and it was so fun to make! I love how it turned out! Thanks for the idea. My son also has that toy and I would have never thought to turn it into a cake!

by: Angie

wow this is seriously the coolest cake I've ever seen! My son is a HUGE giraffe lover and actually has that little giraffe that you modeled this cake after (he's named him spotty)
His 3rd birthday is coming up and I think he would pop from excitement if we made this cake for him!
Thank you for the tutorial!!

want it!
by: Anonymous

I want to make this cake for my son's first birthday and am trying to get a rough guesstimate of how much we're going to spend on his party. how much did it cost to make this?

by: Anonymous

I have been trying to figure out how to make a 3D giraffe cake for a few years. Each year, my daughter asks, and I get her to pick something else. This year, I think I will be able to try this and see how excited she is. Thanks for sharing your cake idea!

Giraffe cake 13
by: Emogene Turnipseed

Amazing. I wish that you had included pictures of the neck and head. I too was asked to make a giraffe cake.

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Coolest Giraffe Cake 15

by Macy S.

Homemade Giraffe Cake

Homemade Giraffe Cake

My son's favourite giraffe that never leaves his side (TY Pluffies Tip Top Giraffe) cake that I made for his third birthday.

Materials: 1 10" cake pan, 1 Betty Crocker cake mix, 1 jar white icing Betty Crocker, 1 pkg. Wilton white rolled fondant, Wilton frosting tip # 233, chocolate sprinkles, Wilton gel food colors leaf green, buttercup yellow, black, & brown, star shaped cookie cutter, Wilton alphabet cutouts, toothpicks, wax paper, powdered sugar.

Bake the cake and set aside. I took a picture of his giraffe and printed it out in black & white and traced it on to wax paper. Colored the fondant and rolled it out then cut out the giraffe , stars, & name. Iced the cake then laid the giraffe on. Using the #233 frosting tip I made "grass" around the cake and then threw some chocolate sprinkles on the sides ( to cover my not so great icing job). Laid one star down, put the toothpick in the middle, brushed a little water on to glue down the top star. Then brushed the back of each letter with water to glue down on each star. It was a hit.

I am totally a novice at cake making but each time it gets a little easier and its fun!

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by: Anonymous

This is also my Son's favorite toy. Thanks for the great Idea, You did a wonderful job.

so cool
by: Anonymous

This is my favorite toy and I'm turning 19 in less than a month. cutest thing ever. my boyfriend got me tiptop. he never leaves my side either, at least when I'm at home!

This is PERFECT!
by: Teresa

This darn toy giraffe is the exact reason I had to search for giraffe cakes! My daughter turns 1 in June, and Pink Giraffe (as TipTop Pink Giraffe is so aptly named) is going to be the theme, naturally. Nice to see how you did it, looks easy enough!

by: Anonymous

We also have the same giraffe, his name is Bob. I'm going to make this for her birthday next month. Thanks for the great idea!!!

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Coolest Baby Giraffe Cake 33

by Shawna S.
(Cross Junction, VA)

Homemade Baby Giraffe Cake

Homemade Baby Giraffe Cake

I made this Baby Giraffe Cake for a friend’s one year old granddaughter. It took a total of 12 hours to complete. I used four 9x13 pans, cupcakes for the legs, and a bowl shaped pan for the head. I cut the cakes in half and stacked them on top of each other. I frosted each layer before stacking. I then shaped the cake and frosted the entire thing with a thin layer to prepare it for fondant. I used a simple white cake mix and doubled it. I also used a homemade Marshmallow fondant I found online, and a simple butter cream icing of my own creation. Everything is edible.

I used light and dark brown for the coloring. The horns are held in by toothpicks and made entirely out of fondant (same as the ears). The ribbon around the neck is fondant, and I used a bell shaped cookie cutter to make it. To make the spots I used a small circular cap and simply cut out pieces. I then trimmed the pieces with the same tool.

I hope to make this cake again in the future to perfect it.

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