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Coolest Giraffe Cake 14

by Carole

Homemade Giraffe Cake

Homemade Giraffe Cake

This giraffe cake was made for my granddaughter on her 6th birthday. It was made using the wonderful cake decorating book by Lindy Smith. What an inspiration this cake decorator is!

Using sugarpaste to cover the board I used diluted paste colours to paint the board using creams through to golden brown. I made the head and body from two shaped cakes split with jam and filled buttercream. Covered them in a cream coloured sugarpaste and added the various bits and pieces, ears, legs, tail etc.

The markings on the body were made by using a darker (than the body colour) sugarpaste and then painted with a brown paste colour. A fun cake to make and enjoyed by my granddaughter!

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by: Linda G.

This is adorable! Great job! Truly the coolest Giraffe cake!

Coolest giraffe cake 14
by: Gill

What a fab cake..was looking for a friend for her grandsons birthday..might be making this one! well done..its great!

Great cake
by: Gill

Love it! Watt a fiendly lotte giraffe!

by: Becky

This is brilliant! Just made it for my son's first birthday cake. Our looks a bit more rustic but still lovely! Thanks

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Coolest Giraffe Cake 18

by Shelly W
(Calgary, AB)

Homemade Giraffe Cake

Homemade Giraffe Cake

I made this giraffe cake for my daughter. The cake is gluten free and lactose free and Melman was created using a Rice Krispie base, coat hanger for his neck and lollipop sticks to reinforce his legs. His feet are pecans. I molded his body first and allowed it to dry and then created his eyes and shaped his teeth and tongue. I used embroidery thread for his eye lashes and the tip on his tail.

When I was incorporating the color into the fondant, I found a bit of vegetable shortening on my hands first made it easier to work with fondant and I got less color streaks. Melman's 'spots' were added last and attached with tinted royal icing.

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by: Anonymous

This cake is so cool. Well done! Can you explain a bit more how you made the giraffe? does the fondant just roll around the coat hanger? And what is the rice krispie filling??

by: Anonymous

wow! this cake is amazing!! can you explain how you made it a bit more?

Too Cool
by: Pat

The cake is outstanding the baker is a true artist. I have an interesting photo of the Shelly at my wife's 50th

More information PLEASE??
by: Stacey

Can you explain how you made this amazing cake, just a bit more detail would be great! I'd like to attempt this for my son's 1st birthday & I'm not very creative!

by: Anonymous

This is amazing! I want it!! How can I get it!?

coolest ever!
by: Anonymous

This is awesome! How did you make this?

by: K.C.

I love giraffes, so this is like the COOLEST thing EVA!!!! So awesome. Wow.

by: Anonymous

when you say rice crispy base, ( this is how I picture making it) make rice crispy treats and then shape a ball for the belly, shove some lolly pop sticks in it for legs,and for the neck did you cut a wire (the hanger) and stick that into the crispy ball? then put the rice treats around the neck and legs, and after that roll the fondant around it? need more info. but this is the only way it makes sense for me so I'll try anyway.. Awesome Cake!

by: placeocakes

My children LOVE Melman!!! You did an amazing job. He is so adorable!!!

by: Ellie Proudlock

That is absolutely fab! Its the best cake I have ever seen!

Impossible to re-create!!
by: Anonymous

Impossible! I have made now 46 birthday cakes of every description and this was impossible. I could not get the rice krispie mixture to stick to the coat hangar, the weight of the neck broke the cake, the legs would not hold the cake, etc. etc.

It's going in the garbage after two DAYS of work.

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Coolest Giraffe Cake 16

by Audre M.
(Racine, WI)

Homemade Giraffe Cake 16

Homemade Giraffe Cake 16

I baked this giraffe cake for my daughter's 8th birthday. She was in love with giraffes. First I scanned her invitation that had a giraffe on it. I then blew it up on my greetings program.

I made two 9 X 13 cakes. Put them side by side. I put the giraffe template on top of the cake and cut around it. Freeze the cake, it makes cutting it easier. I frosted with frosting from grocery store. For the spots I got fondant. Put them in balls and rolled the little balls out. That made the variety of spot sizes.

This was a fairly easy cake to make compared to my past entries.

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Coolest Giraffe Birthday Cake 20

by Missy H.
(Bismarck, ND, USA)

Homemade  Giraffe Birthday Cake

Homemade Giraffe Birthday Cake

This Giraffe Birthday Cake was made for my cousin's daughter Maya for her 3rd birthday. I used a small ball pan for the head and a pampered chef small batter bowl and small round for the body. The legs were made with two small pampered chef prep bowls cut to size. I used skewers to hold the cakes together.

The snout, tummy, and hooves were covered with marshmallow fondant. Button candies for the nostrils and small chocolate covered peanuts for the eyes. The horns, ears, and roses were also made with MMF.

Comments for Coolest Giraffe Birthday Cake 20

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by: Anonymous

Love it!

by: Anonymous

I love your cake. It is so cute. You said you used MM fondant to cover the snout and things but what did you use to make it look furry?

Great cake!
by: M

This looks awesome! So inspirational. I'm going to try this for my daughter's birthday. Would you be willing to give any more description? How many cake recipes did you use exactly? Any added info would help me. Thank you!

Maybe some helpful info for others
by: Geri

I love this cake and have done one about a year ago that was very similar. I used about 5-6 8" cakes for the body. The head was made from rice krispy treats (I had to transport this cake a long ways away) so it wouldn't be top heavy. The fur I made with a Wilton tip 233 (grass tip) snout, ears, eyes, bow, and horns were made from fondant! I hope that helps those who needed a little more information on how this could be made!

great job!
by: Jes

What an awesome cake! would you be willing to share some more info on how you made it? I would love to try this! Thanks!

by: Anonymous


thank u
by: Anonymous

i love giraffeicorns very much. a giraffeicorn is a mix between a giraffe and a unicorn which i can tell is what your cake is thank you very much, but you forgot the unicorn horn.

by: Missy

my husband and I thought it was turning out to look more like a cow, but thanks so much for making fun of it...what genuine kind character you must have.

so so cute
by: kk

i love this but how did you make it look so CUTE!!!!!!!!!

by: Dawn

I was looking to have one of these made for my twin sister for our 40th birthday. I was wondering about how much it would cost to have one made. Our birthday is July 15th and I would need to find someone that can make on in the Rapid City, SD area. My twin likes Giraffes and I thought surprising her with her own cake would be great.

by: Angela

How did you make the snout? or did you just carve out the ball cake? It wasn't too heavy to sit on top?

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Giraffe Cake 11

by Amanda
(Berkley, Ma)

Giraffe Cake

Giraffe Cake

We decided for my son's second birthday to have a Jungle Theme. I found the Wilton Animal crackers pan which takes one regular store bought cake mix for this lion cake.

Once the Giraffe cake was cooked I covered with bright yellow icing and star tipped the entire thing with yellow and brown. To make the spots I used a soda cap prior to star tipping to mark out where I wanted the spots to be. This did take some time but he liked it so it was all worth it!

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Coolest Giraffe Baby Shower Cake 25

by Juan P.
(Lexington, KY)

Homemade Giraffe Baby Shower Cake

Homemade Giraffe Baby Shower Cake

This is a homemade giraffe baby shower cake for a baby shower. I used 9-in round for the bottom tier, and 6-in round for the top tier. The bottom tier is yellow colored fondant, I made the green and brown colors from the left over yellow. The top tier is white fondant with brown giraffe print. The topper was made from fondant and I used dowels to support the neck. The grass tip was used to make the hair.

Thanks for looking.


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