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Coolest Golf Cake 39

by Amber B.
(Orange County, CA)

Homemade Golf Cake

Homemade Golf Cake

I made this Golf Cake for my brother's 30th birthday and it was super easy!

It is made of 2 9 inch rounds and 2 8 inch rounds. The golf guy and flags were purchased from Wilton's and are plastic. The golf bag and little golf balls around the front are wax and also purchased from Wilton's. The sand trap is graham crackers that were put in the food processor. The all over icing is cream cheese icing that is tinted forest green and the grass is Wilton's Kelly Green decorating icing. You can also use royal icing' I just find it easier to buy it pre-made.

I stacked and iced all the cakes with the cream cheese icing. I then put on the sand trap and the golf guy. I put the Kelly green icing in a bag with a grass tip (Wiltons #233) and made the grass around the sand trap and golfer. Around the bottom I used Wilton's white decorating icing and piped it with a small star tip.

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Golf Cake 39
by: KC

Hi, I live in OC too, was wondering if you take orders for this cake. I am having a surprise party for my better half sometime November during thanksgiving week or if you have other selection for Golf cake.
Hope to hear back from you.

Just saw this
by: Amber b.

Sorry KC I just saw this. I don't sell my cakes. I hope you found something.

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Coolest Golf Cart Birthday Cake 24

by Karen

Homemade Golf Cart Birthday Cake

Homemade Golf Cart Birthday Cake

My 8 year old son inspired this fun creation. He is in a summer golf session and wanted this Golf Cart Birthday Cake for his birthday.

I got my inspiration for this cake from a Wilton cake book. I used a small rectangle cake pan. I cut out the middle part of the cake to represent the floor of the golf cart. I covered with buttercream icing and then cut in pieces of fondant. I used Popsicle sticks to hold up the roof of the cart. The roof was made out of graham crackers ( 1 sheet if I remember correctly ) and then covered with fondant.

The steering wheel was a metal flower nail covered with buttercream. Golf clubs were Popsicle sticks with fondant at the ends! Wheels were made of Oreo cookies with fondant and silver balls. Silver fenders were made of fondant and I used edible dust painted on with my fingers to create the chrome look.

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what book
by: Anonymous

which Wilton book is it.

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Coolest Golf Birthday Cake 33

by Victoria J.
(Thomasville, NC)

Homemade Golf Birthday Cake

Homemade Golf Birthday Cake

I made marshmallow fondant to cover this Golf Birthday Cake (recipe can be found online and I have my own that is made a different way for some parts). I colored the grass green. I wanted the grass for the golf ball to be smooth like the golf course.

For the ball, I used a half of a ball pan from Wilton. I cut a straw in half and inserted both pieces into the square cake after fondant was applied and put the half ball on top. The straws were support so the weight of the ball would not sink into the cake later. The holes of the ball were made with a pencil eraser that was cleaned before doing the holes. I used some golf items we had at the house, and the flag is made from a straw with construction paper.

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Golf Ball Cake 13

by Dawn

Golf Ball Cake

Golf Ball Cake

I made this Golf Ball cake for my golf enthusiast husband's birthday.

I used the Wilton sports ball pan and a 10x10 square pan. I used white cake mixes and followed the instructions for baking.

I then used white frosting for the ball, I let it sit for a few hours to harden a little before I put the dimples in the ball, it made it a little easier to add the dimples.

I tinted frosting green and then frosted the sides of the square cake smooth. I set the ball cake on top of the square cake and then using tip #233 I frosted the rest of the cake to look like grass. I also frosted around the bottom of the square cake where it touched the platter.

HUGE hit, as most of the family are into golf too!

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by: Felicia

Hello..I love this design!! How did you make the dimples???

re: dimples
by: Dawn

I just used the handle end of a wooden spoon, just don't press too hard or it will go all the way to the cake and you'll be able to see cake.

Love it!
by: Lindsay

I have been looking at many cakes trying to find what would be easy and fun for a grooms cake and this is what my fiance has been going on about. Thank you. It will be great.

Great job
by: Patty

Just wanted to say Great Job!

I was looking for a golf theme cake for my Dad this year. Last year I made him a golf course cake so I wanted to try something different. Think I'll use your idea.

Thanks again!

by: katie

could you tell me the recipe you used please
& also how many people did this serve?

thank you

Grandkids' Challenge
by: Fran

My two visiting grandchildren (5 & 3) wanted to make a special cake for grandpop's birthday: "How about a golf cake?!" Yikes...I went right to the internet for ideas. Your cake looks just perfect. I will purchase the Wilton sports pan at Michael's and we'll have a fun day preparing for the "surprise party"..."Shh, don't tell grandpop!"

golf cake
by: Anonymous

hi, can you tell me step by step how you did this, was it a sponge cake? how did you make the frosting and how did you make it look like grass? how did you make the ball?

by: pam

That must have been very time consuming to add all the dimples... I wonder if there is an easier way? Great cake by the way. I am making one for a wedding shower and was looking for ideas, yours is the top of the list!

color of grass
by: Anonymous

what color green dye did you use?

by: Kathryn

Happy birthday

Great job
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to say great job on this cake. I've been trying to find a golf ball cake for ages, for my dads 50th. He loved it thanks!

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Coolest Golf Birthday Cake 34

by Tanya D.

Homemade Golf Birthday Cake

Homemade Golf Birthday Cake

Homemade Golf Birthday Cake
Homemade Golf Birthday Cake

I made this Golf Birthday Cake for my golf mad hubbie. It is all chocolate with chocolate ganash filling.

The grass is made with meringue butting icing and the ball is covered in fondant icing and the tees are made from fondant icing too. He was 41 and was very pleased.

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